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Review of Pet Food in 2017

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  1. V

    The surest and safest way to solve this problem (obviously the corporations making the pet food,feed will not stop their dirty ways –all in the name of greed), though it’s a harsh and stark method: all pet consumers should BOYCOTT any pet foods, treats etc. regardless of brands permanently -by not buying them at all- AND start cooking & making their own pet food for their dog, cat etc. . MAYBE, if all consumers stop buying their pet foods/feeds etc; these corporations, FDA, AAFCO, Government, etc; will finally listen and quickly take the appropriate corrections and actions to permanently fix all the problems, along with stiffer regulations put permanently into place. . Remember, if people don’t buy the pet foods/feeds etc; those companies lose much money and hopefully go out of business… . Unfortunately, it’s all about greed NOT health well being of animals or being truthful and transparent with the consumer.
    So, hit these corporations etc; where it counts and hurts– cutting off the almighty dollar they would make from their tainted toxic (poisonous and often times deadly) products they call dog/cat etc; food/feed etc.! I’ve been cooking for my babies (dog, cat) for years ,and to date, still do. I also make sure they get organic vitamins specific for their species, as well. I give them enzymes also. The only thing I (if need) purchase from pet stores etc; are pet supplies -jacket/sweaters/leads etc; nothing food or treat wise, at all. Their toys are soft (safe) type stuffed animals (w/o the stuffing), balls etc. No greenies, raw hides, pig ears etc….none of that junk.

    1. Sharon Bilotta-Testa

      Even if half of us pet owners stop buying ALL commercial pet food these companies DO NOT give a damn! They have so many other products P&G Mars Colgate to name a few plus the other half of pet owners cannot afford nor have the correct info or time to make homemade pet food so these giant industries will only lose a tiny bit of profit

    2. ron

      The answer is to fine the pet food companies millions of dollars. The fda isnt doing their job at all. Dont know why they exist at all.

  2. Doug

    On behalf of our pets, thank you for your tireless work!

  3. May Gordon

    Thank you so much, Susan.

  4. Debbie Larson

    Thank you sooooo much Susan for your huge effort & being one of the smartest advocates of pets out there! 💕 💞

  5. Jane

    What a year! Thank you for all that you do to keep us informed and keep the industry honest, Susan!
    Did they ever find out who was behind the threats you received?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      It is my opinion that the threats are related to the Mars pet food plant – but who exactly, no we don’t know. What was done to me is nothing compared to what others have experienced.

      1. Sharon Bilotta-Testa

        As much as we ALL agree with you Susan you, I, and all us pet owners are fighting a losing battle at least you and several others have made us relies exactly what really goes into commercial pet food and that’s half the battle how many of us NOW know that ALL dry food(Kibble) no matter how much it costs or how claims are just bull now know pretty sure its over a million so that means if a million of us stop buying at least the kibble that’s a pretty big loss for the pet food industry we can only just keep fighting this battle and maybe just maybe it WILL make a GIGANTIC impact on these greedy good for nothing industries!

  6. June Denicola

    Human grade pet food is available–but not easy to get. However as an alternative till the greedy pet food manufactuers step up to the plate we as consumers are left with small alternatives. Making our own is another option but risky. Either way my hope and strong belief are for healthy choices for our beloved pets.Let’s keep moving forward to a sustainable healthy future for all. Thank you Susan. This is an uphill battle.

    1. coopers mom

      Making your own pet food is scary at first but once you jump in and start its a breeze and anything even half way balanced is better than dry kibble…. Dr. Judy Morgan D.V.M will help you through the process and much more….she has a face book page that she does a live show every morning…check her out.

    2. Diane Martinson

      Hello June, would you know of some human grade canned cat food brands other than Hounds and Gatos I could check out, Hounds has too much phosphorus for my cat. Thanks, Diane

  7. Andi

    Thank you Susan! Can’t tell you how much I (and other pet parents who love their dogs and cats like children) appreciate your commitment to their health and to the truth. Sometimes it seems like the world is nothing but greed and deception. But you give people hope. Raw has saved my dog’s life and even inspired me to think about my own food choices. Wishing you a safe and happy 2018!!

  8. Kathleen Vaughn

    Now I understand why my cats wouldn’t even touch the Evanger’s cat food! One of my cats, Jack would normally taste everything, but not this one. One sniff and he said “uh-uh!”

  9. barbara m

    For those that wonder why the FDA is so slow to get toxic pet food products off the shelves…The federal recall process for about 80% of the nation’s HUMAN food and drugs is so slow it can take up to 10 months to get unsafe products off all store shelves – even when people are getting sick and dying, says a report by the Department of Health and Human Services’  inspector general office.
    So, if the FDA is having trouble removing millions of human products from the marketplace, you can imagine that it will take a bit longer for them to get around to the pet food sector. Human products are often contaminated with salmonella and listeria, just as pet foods are. But the FDA is grossly underfunded and until Congress can make changes, things will no doubt continue as is.
    The best we can do is follow Susan’s recall lists, buy only human grade pet food, or make your own.

  10. Barbara Vroman

    Thank you, Susan, for continuing to fight for our beloved pets.

  11. Lizs

    Are there any cat food brands in regular grocery stores that are healthy? If not, what are the healthy brands and where can I get them? Are they available at places like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s? My cat has only 1 tooth left so very small dry food Kibbles (which I think I am hearing is all bad anyway…kibbles?) or wet food is preferable. She currently eats Purina Cat Chow Naturals dry and has wet food too (various brands). This is all new to me.

    My previous cat, Opie, who I loved oh so deeply, was robust and healthy and then one day got really sick. She was gone in a few weeks. Who knows if it may have been related to her diet.
    Thank you,

  12. Joyce Rembert

    Is Rachael Ray, dog and cat good

    1. ron


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