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Dia-Ionx and Arthro-iONX Pet Supplement Recall

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  1. kawthar ismail

    Its wonderful how you are so on top of these recalls. So appreciated thank you.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I have help from many others. Very blessed to get this information so quickly.

  2. Julie

    Got a mail notification from Vetionx- after my cat consumed almost 7 bottles of the recalled lot of Arthro-ionx! Not urgent enough or fast enough and to top it off they only thing they refunded me for knowing that all eight bottles had been contaminated was the five she had not used yet- only “unopened bottles” Believing this was helping her and putting it in food I never thought to smell the bottle. One had very little smell, the other five had a nail polish ordor. I was told there was not supposed to be a smell to it at all and that it would be a while before I got reimbursed because they had to take care of so many recalls. Still don’t know if I got it I will have to check. In the meantime I found NHV natural products, also vet recommended with far fewer ingredients! I got Okd Timers and their Turmeric for severe arthritis (given twice a day at therapeutic doses) and within two months of their Tripsy for kidneys, my cats kidney values back up to the normal range.!

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