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AAFCO’s Attempt to Control

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  1. Nora

    Keep fighting Susan. I hope they don’t just change the labels on pet food to make the ingredients listed more consumer/pet acceptable and never change the ingredients. It would b a blatant lie if that happened. I hate the marketing ploys of some pet food manufacturers.

  2. Sandra Wachtstetter

    Oh Susan, thank you for your continued work on behalf of pet guardians and their pets. i feel so helpless regarding the “big” business and how little they care – it’s all about the almighty dollar.

  3. Carrie Pearlmutter

    Excellent response, Susan. It would be interesting to see how board members completed the Conflict of Interest Policy form found on AAFCO’s website: You can’t help but wonder what exactly was disclosed in these forms (assuming they were completed) and why other board members aren’t concerned that the actions of Stan Cook, for example, could jeopardize AAFCO’s nonprofit status with the IRS.

  4. Linda

    Apparently, you are making them wiggle. Please don’t give up!….as if you could. So proud of you!

  5. Woofielover

    Ugh, what a disgusting and deplorable organization. This act of removing you simply SCREAMS guilt, complicity, collusion and more. I will be sharing this far and wide. Consumers need to know what this contemptible organization is, who’s involved and exactly what they’re all about. Clearly, as they prove time and again, they are guilty of crimes against consumers, are in repeated violation of the laws and act despicably and for their own self-interests. How you manage to keep your cool and persist is confounding though I and many others are grateful that you do.

  6. stormidnight

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” Regardless of who first said it, it’s true.

    1. Wendy

      Mahatma Gandhi said it.

  7. Dan & Eileen Durand

    I’ll be increasing my donation to Obviously Susan’s voice needs to be even louder.
    I’ve learned to only spend money with those that support truth and cooperate with Susan’s transparency requests. I don’t want to lose that.

  8. landsharkinnc

    You GO GIRL!!! Awesome response — tells them exactly where YOU stand in opposition to their ‘position’ —

  9. Adriana

    What a bunch of scummy people! Well detailed and articulated letter…as always, we thank you so much for your endless energy and relentless effort to advocate for us, and stand behind you 100%!

  10. Jeri

    Susan, I am appalled, but not surprised. Will you take extra steps if they do not comply? They cannot be allowed to get away with this.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I don’t know yet. I have to consult with a few individuals first.

  11. Donna Chicone

    Susan you are amazing. You have them all very uncomfortable with the truth about pet food literally. You are handling this entire experience with the utmost professionalism. I support you endlessly. Thank you for all you do for us as pet parents and for our beloved dogs.

  12. Stephanie Beth

    The 1st Amendment has been assaulted yet again. Instead of engaging an open dialogue punished is meted out for disagreeing and voicing your opinion.

    Unfortunately when one does not ‘toe the line’ or agree the result is an all out attack and attempts to silence the dissenting voice.

    It’s a pity, but par for the course these days.

    Susan, as you know there is an extremely large and fiercely loyal group of pet parents who support everything you do, stand and fight for…you speak for all of us.

  13. Paula

    You clearly cannot work with them to fix issues they don’t want to fix. Is there a different approach? Or is there truly no regulatory agency that cares? Guessing the answer to the second question is no. Thanks for everything you do.

    Sadly even many pet owners don’t care/don’t get it. I met with a client and she mentioned she fed the Evangers crap that killed dogs – the stuff with euthanized horse meat (?) which was recalled – I didn’t word it quite that way. I shared info with her and she didn’t want to hear. She said she is comfortable with it.

  14. Ten Year Follower

    In the process of doing a lot of errands at many big box chain stores, I am floored by the number of maximize sized bags of kibble, manufactured by questionable companies, going out the door! Even in this age of internet, self-education, a historical rise in cancer among pets, and social media. Most people just can’t get their head wrapped around “pet food” being anything but “food” designed for a pet. Incredible. So you would THINK that AAFCO really doesn’t have anything to worry about wouldn’t you. Actually. All they have to do, is go shopping every single day!!

    And yet, something must be happening after all.

    The issue of AAFCO deleting Susan’s membership can be addressed on so many levels. But here’s the thing. At some point in time, this country and the people in it, decided that truth doesn’t matter. Before you throw a ham bone my way (yet again) for making a particular assumption, the reality applies to multiple facets of our society. (Not just the most obvious). And once truth is gone, there isn’t much left. Except for the “wild west” and “food fights!”

    But there are a few people left, very few, who refuse to cave in. They ARE considered the “trouble makers.” And personalities who must be eliminated at any cost. They are a threat to convenience and self-interest. And most of all, to group-think. These people (who work with truth) are becoming so rare, that even when they refuse to be cowered, or silenced, they can only be pushed aside. And maligned. What Susan really needs is legal representation, to protect (in the public forum) her reputation. I know of no other person, so adamant about following a code of honor, personal ethics, and best business practices! Her “opinion” (as she so self-depreciatingly defines it) does NOT amount to some whimsical feeling which she woke up with one morning! Her opinion is rooted in facts and history. Because she knows (oh so well) the consequences of it not being rooted in facts.

    And that’s what’s so very threatening to the powers that be. If it wasn’t, her involvement would be ignored. But there is no one (published) who knows regulation and the law, concerning (intended) consumer protection and pet food, as does Susan. She is willing to fight with facts and research and evidence. And because AAFCO can NOT, they will do what every other entity in the media does in this day. Which is to call the other side out for unfounded reasoning. In truth, what Susan has been accused of, is exactly what the opposition is guilty of.

    So very sad, when critical analysis, is lost to fear and inconvenience. What a useless bunch of hypocrites. Who (when the light has been shown on them) are scurrying to bury themselves in lies, all over again. And now that they have brought attention onto themselves yet again, we can see the lies for what they really are.

    1. Wendy

      Bravo. Well stated. Absolutely agree. AAFCO is counting on the intellectual laziness and apathy or naive trust of the public to operate without accountability — since such behavior, and the peddling of “alternative facts” has been so effective at the national level. Although it may seem unrelated, the cases against sexual predators currently in the news hold a lesson for us all: speak up, unite, support each other, and don’t give up!

    2. Batzion

      Exactly. AAFCO knows its fraud and corruption renders it void of having legs to stand on, so it is attacking Susan personally as a form of distraction.

    3. Keller

      Perfectly stated. Thank you.

  15. Anne Murray

    KEEP PUSHING THE DOORS OPEN! TRANSPARENCY will give us the TRUTH!!!!!! Big Corporations and GOVERMENT OFFICIALS have such a conflict of interest and by no means in the interest of consumers and their animals/pets. SHAMEFUL and DISGUSTING and the worst is they don’t know right from wrong anymore.

  16. terrence ward


  17. Marilyn Evans


  18. Bob Milnover

    Is this surprising? Are there sufficient reasons to believe that AAFCO is anything but a corrupt cover organization that is often concerned only with profits over living animals? And comprised of individuals who are themselves morally debased?

  19. Julie

    A bunch of scumbags engaging in pervasive scumbaggery.

  20. Wendy

    Excellent response, Susan. I hope it achieves the outcome you seek. How do we get our elected representatives to hold the AAFCO “bad actors” accountable??

  21. Anthony Hepton.

    Susan, You have been treated unfairly and there should be recourse for the manner in which AAFCO officials have behaved. There is a Memorandum of Understanding between US FDA and AAFCO. This agreement has an effective period of performance until 10/01/2019. It is renewed periodically. The liaison for FDA is Dr David Edwards who can be contacted at
    The AAFCO official publication states “The most important aspect of feed regulation is to provide protection for the consumer as well as the regulated industry”
    Apparently the “Regulated Industry” has full representation, but the “Consumer” is being denied equal representation. It is time for the FDA overseers to step in and remedy this inequity. I urge your supporters to send messages to Dr Edwards to express the seriousness of the current situation.

  22. Sandra Murphey

    All very intelligent and appreciative comments from your fan club. There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t been said, and no more appreciation for you Susan, than already shown. I do have some concern for you, and hope that you have protection, because many whistleblowers are shut down, even after being shut out. We all want you to continue your fight against this scum, and will share your words far and wide, so that even those pet food consumers that say to me “Don’t tell me; I don’t want to know!” will not be able to avoid knowing at some level, that they are harming their beloved pets, by ignoring The Truth About Pet Food.

  23. Teresa

    So sorry, Susan, that you have to continually go through hell with these horrible people while trying yo save our pets from serious disease and death while educating the public about what is really going on.
    Seems like the news media would be happy to investigate your story. As evidenced recently in the news, it only takes one story to have the whole case break wide open. This could be the same.foe the industry’s many secrets.
    With your revealing letter to the AAFCO’s top officials, plastered front and center in a magazine (pet magazines for example), or on a major news station, it would be far reaching to many people who would definitely care but haven’t heard the truth yet about what is really going on in the pet food industry..
    God knows you have tirelessly worked for years and devoted your life to getting transparency from the pet food makers so we can make better decisions to keep our pets healthy. Therefore, it’s way past time you get the support you need from everyone and everywhere possible so these bullies can’t continue to break laws at the expense.of our pet’s health and lives. Thank you for your continued tireless work. Please make sure you stay safe.too!🐱🐾🐾🐾🐾🐱😼

    1. Keller

      Push Consumers’ Reports to investigate.

  24. Denise Strait

    Thank you for everything you do for our pets. I trust and respect your opinion/advice 100%.

  25. Dianne & Pets

    I am worried about your safety at this point. I also follow the issues of GMO food, pesticide use and EMF radiation. The story is the same for all of them. Discredit the whistle blower and pull out all the smoke and mirrors and buy the politicians.. It is easier for people to believe the status quo since it involves no action on their part. People are stressed. Stressed people have a harder time motivating themselves.

  26. Allisa Z.

    Wow. Bless your heart for all the work that you do in this area. I had to idea of the things that took place with the pet food industry until I started doing research on food for cats with kidney issues. I came across your website and was shocked at what the industry gets away with. I get so upset and frustrated reading your posts. I just don’t know how you can stand to do it, but thankful that you do. Good luck to you.

  27. Chris

    Who has oversight over AAFCO for consumers to contact so we are represented there? I take it Susan was the only consumer advocate and the rest of the AAFCO panel is state officials? Don’t those state officials work for the public? Ironically, this is on AAFCO’s site
    “Interested parties representing wider organizations can apply to be selected as non-voting AAFCO committee advisors. Non-voting committee advisors identify issues and interests potentially affected by regulations based on the AAFCO Models. Although AAFCO promotes the inclusion of consumer advocates as committee advisors, industry representatives still far outnumber consumer advocates. Consumers who wish to become advocates should contact: AAFCO Headquarters by phone at 217-356-4221 or by email at

    1. Anthony Hepton.

      If you think contacting AAFCO representatives will make a difference, just remember who it was that removed Susan from her advisory position. FDA has given authority to AAFCO, so I would think that only FDA could modify the responsibilities of AAFCO. They may be reluctant to do that as they claim that AAFCO relieves them of the burden of dealing with ingredient requirements and interactions with State officials.

  28. joan johnston

    Disgusting People. Thank you Susan for telling us the truth about pet food even though it makes you a target.

  29. Laurie Raymond

    Bravo to you for your willingness to keep speaking truth to power. So they want all members to be “stakeholders” do they? In every other venue where stakeholders are assembled to address conflicts between government, industry, the private sector and organized consumers, the consumers are considered to be stakeholders. But I wonder if it isn’t time to create an organization of pet food retailers and holistic veterinarians so as to be less easily dismissed? If we retailers were organized enough to demand, for instance, transparency from manufacturers as to the meat wholesalers and brokers each purchase ingredients from directly, they would have to change their stonewalling. Then, those invisible companies would become another factor to research and as such an item upon which manufacturers would use competitively. It would add another dimension of verifiability to claims.

  30. LMK

    Susan thank you for your continued persistence in exposing these “idiots” to the pet consumer that care what they purchase and expect labeling to be truthful. I wish I knew a venue to provide more transparency to the public of the extent of corruption within these agencies and that pet food companies are in “bed” with the very agencies that they are regulated but what else is new as its part of governmental business today to have no scruples whatsoever in the way they conduct business. Thank you.

  31. Terri Christenson Janson

    I am behind you Susan 100%. They are scared. I have no respect for AAFCO. I however has a HUGE respect for you Susan. Bravo

  32. Laura

    Susan, have you ever tried to submit articles to news sites like The Guardian, or connect with authors for sites like the New York Times or Huffington Post to write articles about this? I feel like, barring gigantic lawsuits, massive media attention on AAFCO, the FDA, and industry will be the ONLY thing to make them change. We NEED to shine a huge hot spotlight on these corrupt bastards and get the millions of pet lovers in America to blast their phones and email inboxes until they have no choice but to cave in under the pressure.

  33. Jacqueline Corrigan

    Thank you so very much for all that you do! As one of the comments above said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you……Then you win!

  34. Iva Kimmelman

    Well that is a real shame. Having you on the board was very important. Now there is no one on our side to keep watch.

  35. Anne-Li

    This is just more proof of how import your work is. Although I know too well how deterring and discouraging this sort of attack can be, I encourage you to push forward and not give up.
    Thank you for all your good work, dear Susan.
    With best wishes from Sweden.

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