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The following links are websites recommended by (in no particular order)…


Dr. Karen Becker,


Little Big Cat, Dr. Jean Hofve DVM


The Wholistic Vet, Dr. Laurie Coger DVM


Dr. Patrick Mahaney


Dogtor J (dietary control of seizures),


Dr. Michael Fox,


Dr. Meg Smart,, Dr. Lisa Pierson DVM


Catherine Lane Canine Nutritionist and Chartered Herbalist, June Stoyer


Mollie Morrissette,


Rodney Habib,


Gracie’s Mission (education and financial support for alternative medical treatments for pets)


Cat Faeries (education and healthy products for cats)


IBD Kitties (feline IBD education and information)


Mary Kay Elloian (attorney, The Legal Edition) (how to rent pet friendly apartments)