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We had Significant Success in Washington DC

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  1. Duncan

    Well done! Thanks to all your hard work and effort, we may see a positive change!

  2. Pacific Sun

    10 years down the pike, from our first conversations about bogus kibble, really …. your stance, your belief, your understanding, has never been any different. But PROVING that understanding has been a different challenge. From your Washington DC encounter (and results) you’ve now legitimized what you’ve always understood. We are so proud of you! Using every piece of information and facts discovered along the way; using it so strategically and purposefully. Agencies and Legislators have come to realize that you’re discussing facts, not just the wish-list of “emotional crybabies.” Sadly it took the death of a beloved pet, and the ensuing discovery process to make a solid point. But I am confident that the sacrifice will not be wasted.

    There is no other Advocate for Consumer’s rights in this area of the PFI, than yourself Susan. People owe the best welfare of their pets, all to you. Thank you!

    (Your article was written just perfectly by the way. So ON point!!)

  3. Annie

    Thank you all for this. What Pacific Sun said! I could not put it more eloquently.

  4. landsharkinnc

    AWESOME! Congratulations and know that we are ALL here to put our names and voices where they are needed — just let us know when, where, how and we’ll be there for you! If not in ‘body’, certainly in spirit!

  5. Mervett Hedges

    Such wonderful and exciting news. Thank you…..Thank you….Thank you!!!!!!!

  6. Debie Olivier

    Awesome! You guys are just awesome! Thank you all.

  7. Patricia Gierut

    Thank You!!

  8. Diane beaglemom

    Amazing- so excited at the possibility of finally clearing knowing the truth of what is in the food and holding these companies accountable. Congratulations and thank you and your team for your diligence and hard work. You are appreciated!

  9. jan blanco

    just freakin’ AWESOME!!! I am thrilled for us all!

  10. Mary Lynn Bartram

    What a fight ! You have put together an awesome team there. This is very encouraging news. Very good suggestions for classifying between feed and food and grade. This would be an awesome start to get this on labels and hopefully start consumers asking what is the difference. So many people have no idea the garbage they are feeding their animals and it needs to change. Thank you for all you do and keep us updated as to what we can do to support and help you in this fight .

  11. jeroice

    a blessing..great news

  12. lesliek

    Great work !!!

  13. Thank you Susan, and your wonderful team in fighting for transparency, with the people who can make a difference with the pet food manufacturers. There’s going to be resistance, and delay tactics, but the first important step has been taken for all pet food consumers to be aware of, if they hadn’t been before. I’ve posted on my social media accounts, and hope everyone does.

  14. Sherrill

    Way to Go. This is good news. We had Significant Success in Washington DC. Thank You for all you do to help keep our furry friends safe and healthy.

  15. Penny Martin

    Thank you so much! There is hope!!

  16. Michelle


  17. judith zimbalist

    Thank you for all your hard work and devotion to the cause. We support and respect you.

  18. Sandra Short

    Thank you so much, Susan!!! What a great team the 3 of you. There really is hope.

  19. JeffW

    I read your discussion with interest and the quest is surely a sound one. However, its concerning that there were no Republican senators on your meeting list. Why?
    Surely you must understand that you will need allies from the party in power, otherwise tour quest will become folly. If you made these choices conciousely, then shame on you…if not, I’d be pleased to attempt to arrange the proper contacts.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Senator Pat Roberts is Republican (Kansas). All members of the Senate Agriculture Committee – both Democrat and Republican were asked if they would meet with us. Only Senator Roberts office and Senator Stabenow office responded. Senator Durbin has for years been the lone voice standing up for pet food consumers. We felt – and still do – this is a bipartisan issue. No need for ‘shame’.

    2. Susan Hayes

      “Shame” is on *you*, JeffW, for not knowing or, better yet — finding out — that Roberts is a Republican before you wrote this! Keep the politics out of these discussions!

  20. Anita

    Amazing progress. I will be ready to help with letters, emails, and phone calls.

  21. Batzion

    Susan, you have the fearlessness and tenacity of Joan of Arc, and the same goes for Dr. Becker and your “lawyer friend.” Ready to help when needed. Thank you so much! You know, this Washington journey you’re on would make a great documentary. So proud of you.

  22. Suzanne - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    Congratulations, and a big THANK YOU, Susan and Dr. Becker, on behalf of my pets and future pets, for your continued optimism and tenacity in trying to get transparency and honesty in the pet food industry. I have just started making meals for my cats as I feel it’s going to be a long time before I can trust even the high-quality pet foods that I usually buy to have human grade ingredients. However, with your advocacy, I know that there will come a day, where human grade ingredients is the norm and not the exception.

  23. Nancy W

    Yay!!! You rock!!! Thank you all.

  24. So exciting! Thanks to you and your absolute determination to stand by all pet owners and pets, we can finally imagine the day coming when this will be resolved. Thank you, thank you, thank you to your and your awesome team.

  25. Suzanne

    What great news! You all are awesome! Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

  26. Cynthia

    Thank you!

  27. Jan

    That is superb news! Thank you ever so much for fighting for us. Your efforts are appreciated more than words can say.

  28. Teresa

    God bless you all! YOU did it! This is a HUGE milestone and YOU have worked so hard for all.of us. Have tears of relief in my eyes that FINALLY our vices have been heard and it is ALL because of your hard work, Susan and the determination not to be bullies into silence.
    YOU and Dr. Becker and your lawyer are angels. Finally we can know what our angels are eating to be make better choices to ensure they remain healthy! Thank you sounds so small, so GOD BLESS YOU!

  29. Jeri

    So proud of your efforts and success, Susan! It’s often thankless work, I know. You have to often feel like you are in the Lion’s Den, but this is a ray of light so bask in it! I love Dr. Becker and her relentless efforts to improve health care for our pets. May the Lord bless and richly reward your efforts. This is exciting news indeed!

  30. Mirsades

    This is beyond wonderful news. I am excited that finally, we will know the true ingredients in the pet “food?” that we are feeding our beloved pets. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough for all you have done. Things have progressed this far because of your determination and the love you have for the “ones that cannot speak,” our precious furbabies. So thank you a hundred times for everything you are doing.

  31. Susan Hayes

    Thank you so much, Susan, for your persistence and dedication! You are so appreciated!

  32. Deziz World

    This IS wonderful news and we’re for sure celebrating. The early deaths of so many that came before us may very well have been due to bad feed. Y, I was eating what is considered to be top notch pet food when I got deathly ill. Thankfully, we found your site, and my human researched like crazy till she found the best option available since I’m not quite ready for a plate of raw. Thank you for all you do for all of us, human and animal.

    Dezi and Raena with our mommy A

  33. Lisa Marie

    Wow, that’s one very giant leap forward – bravo to you and the team, excellent news! 🙂

  34. Bob Schultz

    Thanks so much for your dedication and hard work. Please keep us posted regarding who and when to contact. I will be emailing Senator Durbin to thank him for meeting with you.

  35. Aimee

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Batzion

      Once again, it’s China. Thanks for posting this article.

  36. Trish

    You are AWESOME! I stand and applaud all of you for your concern, effort and action!!

  37. Tim

    Thank you, Susan and team! This is an excellent step forward. Please keep up the great work!

  38. Chris Javier

    Thank for your work and efforts in this. Really good work in D.C. with your team also, let us know what you need us to do as those requests arrive, we’re here to support you in any way we can.

  39. Rob Capel

    BRAVO!! Susan. Years of hard work and toil are starting to pay off. Keep the energy level up. I live in Canada so won’t have a direct effect but what happens in the U.S. eventually gets here.

  40. Mary Sue

    Thanks to the team.

  41. Paula

    Thank you to all for the wonderful work you all do. We love our pets and we all want to feed them quality food, we just don’t know how to begin? It seems like a never ending battle against all these “big” companies. I can’t understand how these companies get away with these horrible products and our won food sources are at jeopardy also. What people won’t do for money? Anyway, thank you again for taking the time and fighting for us and our pets.

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