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The FDA Betrayed Us

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  1. Stephanie

    Unfortunately the FDA’s action or lack thereof is not surprising.

  2. Susan F

    Just proves that Lobbyists have more $$$ & power than consumers.

    1. Sara Winchester

      Very true. Also, just as it has doctors on its payroll reviewing drugs for approval whether they work for big pharma or not, I’m certain there’s also individuals who work in some capacity for the pet food industry on the payroll. Conflict of interest, independent research and neutrality doesn’t seem an issue for the FDA.

  3. LMK

    Susan not surprised you need to have written documentation on absolutely everything and I mean everything; time and dates of conversation over phone, it is preferable if possible email back to that person what was said during the telephone conversation and if possible and attend any meeting with two people; one as a witness to the conversation. I worked with the feds in a regulatory agency and each individual may and often does give a different answer. The guy in the field often wants to assist but the “click” (inner big cheese group will often not support the field guy). It is wearing and tiresome to document every damn thing but you must and move up the food chain…..public awareness is your key to success everyone has a dog or cat family member….almost….get publicity…..I appreciate all of your efforts and FDA is corrupt….follow the money…

    1. Reverend Jane Eagle

      It could be worthwhile to surreptitiously record every meeting. This is not a court; it is not illegal to record conversations with people…especially those with “memory” problems.

    2. tallen

      This is absolutely correct! When dealing with the Gov you must document everything, no matter how inconvenient or insignificant. It will make all the difference in the long run.

  4. Brenda Rion

    Thank you for fighting for us consumers, Susan. You are an honest person, and it is typical that honest people expect others also to be honest. The FDA has not been enforcing the laws in regard to pet food for years, as you well know, and neither they nor any other regulatory agency will be carrying our their assigned missions for years now. The damage is going to be horrendous. I know you won’t stop fighting though and greatly appreciate and admire that.

  5. Brian

    Never trust the insatiable beast called “government”. More government and/or bigger government is never the answer.

    1. Wendy

      Government is not the problem; but bad government is. Size does not matter, but competence, truthfulness and accountability most assuredly do.

      1. Michael

        You are correct. Government today is going the way of LESS consumer and pet protection. You will only see it get worse. Understand that big business runs government today.

        1. Fred St Clair

          What we have now is a Fascist government similar to Mussolini’s. Sad but true.

          1. Pacific Sun

            Hardly. If it did apply then we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. We may not like what’s happening, but it doesn’t mean the definition applies. Susan’s experience with the FDA demonstrates the pressure of big business to remain dominant, so that corporate tax dollars can continue to fund a population’s insatiable dependency ON the government. The only way to fight the FDA on this matter, is to expand awareness and drive supply and demand. The PFI knows it’s just a matter of time. And worse, they have no way to defend their position. Which is why they don’t even want to touch the word “feed.” Unless the product you’re using is labeled “human grade” what your pet is eating, is “livestock feed” simply formulated for a cat or dog. The interests of AAFCO center around the impact of expense on Agri-business (and the ability to profit). It was never established to serve consumers, much less advocacy efforts!

    2. Fred St Clair

      Just how do we change things if not through government regulation and enforcement of the regulations?

  6. Duncan

    You all worked so hard–and there is nothing wrong with expecting people to follow through with what they say. But it should not be a surprise that dishonorable people have acted with dishonor. FDA doesn’t have a particularly stellar record and it isn’t boding well for us.

    1. tallen

      I disagree. This doesn’t bode well for them. Pet owners spend a LOT of money and Big Ag will have to find another disposal avenue for their toxic waste.

      1. Ms. B Dawson

        It’s easy to forget, reading the comments from the smarter-than-the-average-bear pet owners who populate this site, that lots of pet owners are spending lots of money on crap food, not brands that have integrity. They do this because they believe the ads, don’t understand the word games that get played and/or don’t believe there’s anything wrong with corn gluten meal.

        Here are the *US* sales figures for the top five pet food companies as reported by a recent article:

        #5. Blue Buffalo – $1,149,778,000 in sales in 2016.
        #4. Hills Pet Nutrition – $2,264,000,000 in 2015
        #3. Big Heart Pet Brands – no revenue figures were given other than they posted a $300 million increase in sales between 2010 and 2016.
        #2. Nestle Purina PetCare had the second highest revenue of all pet food companies WORLDWIDE at $12.1 billion (that’s BILLION). That’s US sales only!
        #1. Mars Petcare is projected to remain in the top spot but hadn’t released 2016 figures for the article. Their projected growth between 2010 -2016 was $2.54 billion – that’s growth, not actual revenue.

        These brands are the biggest users of feed quality ingredients and yet consumers are purchasing these products in record amounts. All of these companies enjoyed growth that outstripped total revenue for quality brands.

        For comparison, the ENTIRE freeze-dried pet food market had only $73.9 million in sales between 2011 and 2014. That’s all brands from all companies. The “natural” food category reached $8.2 billion in sales in 2016 – again that’s total sales of all brands. And the category includes some brands that still use feed grade ingredients due to – you guessed it! – no regulation enforcement. Evanger’s would be included in this category, for example.

        So yes, pet owners spend lots of money to feed their pets. However, the vast majority of that money is spent with the very companies who undoubtedly hold the ear of FDA & dashed hopes for reform at the AAFCO meeting. This is what Susan is up against. Healthier food is a growing market segment, but by no means carries the clout that the Purinas, Big Hearts and Nestles do.

        I’m not sure if the information will display without an account, but here’s the link for the above stats:

  7. Wendy

    Thanks for fighting the good fight. I suspect that they had a change of mind and position between the time of your Washington meeting and the AAFCO meeting. It’s not unlikely that they consulted with and were influenced by industry representatives. Hang in there.

    1. Batzion

      Yes, just like the FDA just can’t quite seem to get around to testing for Monsanto Roundup (glyphosate) residues in honey:

      I wonder what Charlotte Conway got out of this: Money? A trip? Maybe she received nothing. Maybe she is just a lowlife scammer who scores a psychotic personal victory every time she runs roughshod over good people doing their best. It takes a certain kind of special to do what Charlotte Conway did, and I say that it the unkindest way.

      Thank you, Susan. As Wendy above said, hang in there.

  8. Elizabeth

    Thank you for standing up for us Susan. They didn’t throw consumers under the bus. They threw themselves under the bus. I spend 4x the amount feeding my Great Dane and English Cocker than I do myself. I went vegan because I won’t support factory farmed meats that are subsidized by the horrific waste that is fed to our pets. To me it is a form of modern day slavery. Everyday more and more people are choosing species appropriate meals for their pets and themselves. No one trusts these billionaires anymore and they are paying the price. If they weren’t afraid they wouldn’t be buying/threatening FDA employees.

    People are fed up with their “food” making them and there pets sick. FOOD NOT FEED for all of us!

  9. Ian

    Thanks Susan for documenting this BS online so people are exposed publicly.


    As happy as I was to Initially hear about the news in June I was skeptical and didn’t believe it would happen. It’s crazy the government wastes so much of our tax payer money and does nothing. This is a great example. Tasks that were supposed to be completed in 2007 has still yet to happen.

    I suggest starting to feed your pets home-cooked meals and don’t support the pet industry.

    1. Cora Vandekar

      I agree Marcus! I thought exactly the same.
      Sad really when they are so predictable!

  11. Jen

    So sad for pets,so glad you guys tried

  12. Vicky Crawford

    Is there a protest forum or petition to put up our opinion of Charlotte Conway and her poor representation of the facts to the public at large concerning their/her decision regarding our pets? Is there a way to make it known what the FDA did? I would like everyone to know her BY NAME out in the open for the public to see. I think more people have had it with what is going on with a public agency that is supposed to protect consumers, not big business. Wonder how long it will be before she gets a choice job with in the private sector. Terrible ethics. Terrible representative of the FDA. Shame on them both. Thank you for exposing them for what they are.

    1. Wendy

      Charlotte Conway is merely a mouthpiece for the FDA. Holding her to account is taking your eyes off the prize. It is the FDA that must be held accountable.

    2. tallen

      Unfortunately she is just a mouthpiece for the FDA. Sort of like Sean Spicer. Complain enough and they’ll just fire her and replace her with someone just as bad. Spend you energy contacting pet owners and your Congressional delegation. Gloves are off, we followed the channels and got slammed. Time to go to the courts and make this a front page headline issue!

  13. Ms. B Dawson

    Classic agency maneuvering…accept a private meeting, act like you’re in agreement and when the annoying citizens leave, close the door and go back to doing what you were doing before they so rudely interrupted your schedule. When challenged, especially in public, say “we’ll just have to agree to disagree” and walk away. Nobody changed their minds, Susan. They said what was needed to get through that June meeting and get you to leave. By giving you the impression they were on board, they got you off their backs for a little while.

    This is how government gets citizens to throw up their hands in despair. Unfortunately it works far too often. Between a job or lack of funding, how many citizens can afford to keep chipping away at the wall of indifference that typifies those at the upper tier of regulatory agencies. I have so many friends who USED to work for FDA, CDC or EPA. They believed they could make a difference, until they realized it was the big boys (and girls) at the top who made decisions based not on data, but on clout, budget threats and influence peddling.

    What are the repercussions of treating you this way? Absolutely nothing. There won’t be any front page headlines screaming “FDA Lets Pet Owners Down Again!” On the other hand, an elected official whose district is home to factory farms, rendering plants and slaughter houses can withhold funding if you piss him off.

    Why do think the changes mandated in 2007 have yet to be enforced? The law was passed to show how very much our officials care and to placate the public. Once they believed their pets were being protected, the issue passed from their awareness. Our government and the pet food companies KNOW that attention spans are measured in days. Sure, we’ll blog about our outrage and disbelief but those ripples don’t reach very far. Until there is a national organization on the order of NAACP or AARP (two of the top ten influential organizations in 2016), pet owners’ voices won’t have enough volume to be heard above the industry’s.

    But take heart, I’m sure FDA didn’t laugh at you. Citizens only warrant an eye roll from them. AAFCO on the other hand, smugly bought rounds for everyone in the smoky back room.

    1. Wendy

      Bingo. Could not have been better stated than you just did.

    2. Pacific Sun

      Well said. The difference however between then and now (for example 2007 and the present) is that the public now communicates through social media. Where once (you’re correct) publicity and media drove the day, is no longer. That’s why we can rant about this all day long, but shouldn’t burn the energy (motivation) needed to fight with information, facts and truth. It may sound all idealized and sugar coated, maybe. But did you ever imagine that virtually 50,000 people would sign a petition based on only one page of information Susan provided? It’s a crystal clear choice for people. Fancy barnyard style pellets or untainted food. They just want to know … which is which. Brilliant!

      1. Ms. B Dawson

        I admire your positive take on things, PacSun and there was a time when I was in the trenches fighting for herbal medicine the way Susan is for good nutrition. But as Dennis Miller would say “I don’t want to get off a rant here” but the impact of those signatures, *as astonishing as that accomplishment is*, was still ignored. People will put their name on all sorts of things online now, so the impact of petitions has dwindled. And I say again, what is the repercussions of FDA basically giving pet owners the big kiss off? Will those 50,000 or 100,000 signatures physically show up and picket FDA? Mars Pet Care? Congress? Even if they would it will be a day’s headline and forgotten. When’s the last time you heard about that big, social media fueled march in DC that featured silly pink hats? Yesterday’s news, ignored by elected officials even as it was happening except for the few politicians who thought showing up would help their campaigns. It didn’t start a revolution and nothing has changed. We need new tactics. Even Earth First has stopped spiking trees and burning Hummer dealerships because it was only getting them jail time.

        Those signatures would have carried much more weight on individual letters, backed by a well funded non-profit with 50,000 members. I’m a techno-nudge so it’s beyond me, but maybe it’s time for one of Susan’s readers to step forward and front a kickstarter thing or whatever. The solution is funding to relentlessly knock on doors, call press conferences and use national ads to publicly call out the heads of regulatory agencies, Congress and every industry shill who uses their “professional credentials” to support the fraudulent claims made by big pet food.

        That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

        1. Eve

          TIP: I bet MP’s and Congress Officials would NEVER feed their beloved pets processed pet feed NOW! Ask them!

        2. Pacific Sun

          A lot of people read this site. Including new readers (out of curiosity because of seeing the petition first. If you notice, Care2 cross-recommends common minded causes to others including those not involved with TAPF.

          So the record needs to be straight here.

          The petition is not wasted or futile because it’s a very efficient way to inform people about what pets eat! It spotlights the government’s and an agency’s focus on business, and NOT on animal welfare, or consumer demand.

          This may be a dumb analogy, but you write down a shopping list on paper. It’s just a record and doesn’t change anything. But it reminds you to go to the store, and exactly what’s needed, and you take action. The petition as a piece of paper isn’t going to change the Target because signatures aren’t a threat. The threat is accumulating awareness. And that’s the key! Exponential sharing! (I’ve heard Becker has a million followers alone, Habib many as well). We take so much for granted here, and expect just as much because of it. Like we’ve been pounding the issue to deaf ears for a decade! But 90% of people (as you well know) have no clue what pet food or feed means! They’ve never even heard of TAPF!

          Today the trend is people SPEAK to one another directly, not (just) through expensive publicity campaigns. In fact the credibility (impact) of the media is actually fading. Gone are card tables at Walmart, papers flapping in the wind, with customers looking at them oddly. Because (just like demonstrations) it’s not a sustained effort. The difference here is, Susan’s goals are only getting stronger. She is going to fight the battle, with or without any petition. Or whether or not anybody reads the website. However she’s giving US an opportunity to impact the future with her!! Like many things that have changed during “our” lifetimes, one day pet owners will look back and ask, so why was there even a difference in the first place! Maybe not everybody cares (like the penny minded) but certainly the educated and caring do.

          An industry like PF doesn’t care about “today” because business survives on long-term STRATEGY. They already know in which direction they must go. Just calling something “organic” isn’t going to do it anymore, because what was once organically grown, might be waste product going into PF. The problem is, the Industry has to invest in change first. The response Susan got at the meeting “could” be seen as a complete disappointment. It would’ve been a whole lot easier to get started there. Except that for the very first time (at least public) they’re calling out ingredients as “villainous!” Why would they even be villainous EXCEPT for the public’s accumulating awareness! So now we have TAPF (around for 10 yrs.) hundreds of articles, dozens of meetings, endless conversations, failed promises. And a single webpage (so far) reaching 50,000 people who’re now exposed to a subject they’ll probably track through this site. Not only learning more about PF, but reminded how the government and an agency are screwing them (yet again). And one thing “democratic” minded people hate most, is not being given a choice!

          You can be a lot of things … but (personally) I wouldn’t include being pessimistic as one of them. Not in this political climate.

  14. Tkitty

    First, thank you Susan, for your tireless hard work that has effected every aspect of your life with the sacrifices you have made in order to fight the fight to keep our pets safe. You have nothing to be disappointed in yourself about. Absolutely nothing. You are an honest and hardworking person who was duped by this Ms. Conway who deviated from what was discussed and accepted at your previous meeting with Ms. Conway and Dr. McChesney. You had no way of knowing that would happen. Can’t imagine how terrible it must have been to be sitting there listening to something entirely different from what was agreed upon.. That is really dispicable and very devious.Tape the entire thing next time so there will be no question what was said or who said it. It is a real shame to have to resort to that. Sadly, their actions made that necessary validate the truth.. Am hoping Dr. McChesney will do the right thing and be honest about what you all agreed on and were promised and then take appropriate action to uphold the promises they made for a quick resolution. That would be so simple. If not, going public is a great idea to enlighten and bring onboard the other million+ pet owners who will be happy to support you. Thank you, Susan, for being our hero and our pets’ guardian angel!♥

  15. Reverend Jane Eagle

    “It is our hope that there can be some middle ground found especially in the areas of transparency” !!! Legally, transparency has NO “middle ground”…either an agency is transparent or it is not.
    I have been saying this for years, but it becomes more clear all the time: It is time to get rid of the FDA: they do very little, ignore laws, and do NOT protect the public in any meaningful way. Watch daytime TV sometime: the commercials are largely for lawsuits against companies whose drugs or procedures cause great harm/death to consumers.
    There is absolutely no reason to waste taxpayer money on a corrupt agency that does not do what we pay them for. De-fund the FDA.

  16. Diane Timmons

    Thanks so much Susan for doing what you do. Those in government can’t understand why citizens no longer trust the government, this is a great example of why we don’t. Those in government set their own agenda, brushing off the citizens (those paying their inflated salaries and giving them their exorbitant benefits for life), telling us they know better what we need, than we ourselves know. I know what I want as far as my pets are concerned and I don’t need to be told by the imbeciles in Washington what is best for my pet. Government is clearly, without a doubt, in the back pockets of the big pet food manufacturers. Keep up your strength and resolve. You are doing such great work, and we conscientious pet parents, are very appreciative of all your hard work.

  17. tallen

    Chin up Susan! We knew this was going to be difficult and it may take decades to get it done but we WILL get this changed and save people and animal lives!

  18. Peter

    The FDA in “regulatory capture.”

    1. Michael

      What does “regulatory capture” mean?

      1. Carla K

        Doing the bidding of those you regulate

  19. Pacific Sun

    They did. And worse their stupidity is showing!

    How would you like to go to work every day, and have to decide between your future and your integrity? Meet the FDA. And AAFCO. Honestly, you’d think this woman could at least have taken Susan aside to explain the dilemma! The problem being, is that Susan NEVER lies. So we know, what exactly transpired.

    Of course AAFCO doesn’t want to revisit the concept of “feed” because that IS exactly the problem. The day they introduce the “difference” between feed and food, is the day it’s all over for the industry! But you know, every setback does have a silver lining! And now, virtually 50,000 people (who’ve made their preference clear in the petition) can see the problem for what it is. No transparency. If the meeting in June hadn’t proceeded, then there wouldn’t be the petition. But now it exists! And the “awareness” will continue to expand exponentially. Much more simply, would’ve been AAFCO for admit, yeah we produce “feed” … but we can offer “food” products too. To get ahead of the demand, and the coming trending, and help position the industry for a growing marketplace in awareness! The problem is, with deceit and and subterfuge of the FDA/AAFCO, is the failure of recognizing long term strategy. And now, all the followers realize, what the Industry is trying to hide! The case is just growing stronger. And a simple compromise …. simply could’ve worked …. in their favor! I hope the petition grows to 1 million. Don’t let it die!

  20. W

    The fda is so crooked. They get paid off by all these billion dollar companies to poison our pets and people too. Look how Monsanto gets to pass on all these poisonous foods to us.

  21. Miguel

    “Never ascribe to malice, that which can be adequately explained by incompetence.”

    This sounds like a lot of talk about betrayal, corruption, conspiracy and the like when most (not all, but most) bureaucrats and federal government workers of this type are overloaded with these types of requests, dispassionate due to their lack of personal empowerment in their job, and see no real incentive – only risk – to entertain specific causes such as these.

    1. Wendy

      What you say rings true.

  22. Cheryl Bond

    Thank you Susan for all you do. Sadly, “industry” got to the FDA, which is why they bailed & threw you, & subsequently all of us under the bus! I’m sure “payolla under the table”, was somehow part of “the deal” that got FDA to fold, it always seems to be the way of the world!

    They best not underestimate you, or the other advocates that were with you at the meeting. They surely do not know who they are messing with!

  23. cupcakesandkale

    I agree. The Food/Feed issue makes sense to consumers seeking transparency, but when the big pet food companies hear of it, of course they are against it. It would be a marketing problem for them, and would affect sales of their products containing “feed”. The timing is awkward as well, as consumers have gotten more savvy about avoiding the ingredients Meat and Bone Meal, Animal Fat, etc. and this has affected their bottom line. Instead of changing these ingredients, they choose to change the name of these “villian” ingredients so consumers can no longer recognize them and so think they’re not in there anymore. The fact that this issue is on the table at the same meeting where you hoped to address the food/feed issue, created an even less receptive audience than it might have been in previous years. When this course of action (relabeling “villain” ingredients to make them less recognizable/transparent) is actively being pursued in this meeting, they certainly wouldn’t be in favor of an different way of labeling their products (as “feed”) that would alert consumers to the presence of waste products. Transparency hurts them, and you know that when these companies got wind of pet “feed” labeling, they jumped on FDA and pressured them to diffuse this effort and at least water it down or delay it. This has been a terrible year of government eliminating as many regulations as they can to benefit the corporate bottom line, even if they are eliminating critical safety measures to protect our health, water, air, etc. The climate is pretty unfavorable towards creating a new regulation that would hurt the sales of big pet food giants, all in the name of transparency. I’m sure she was strong-armed.

  24. Michelle

    Unfortunately the FDA had been deceitful for many years. I’m really not surprised that they played this game to get you in front of every one to in essence to “call you out”. It’s so street the way they handled this there was no mistake in my eyes. Corporate America has taught me to never take anything at face value and to demand all agreements and minutes documented. We all know war is the only option! THANK YOU SUSAN for all of your hard work and for being a lady about it. But not its time to dump the kindness and come in HARD and FAST there can be no trust with the FDA. Thank you again Susan for watching out for our fur babies.

  25. Regina

    Susan, can you get any media attention for this? You, the five witnesses, even people who have gotten news coverage of their pets dying because of what they were fed, if enough people band together and contact their local media, maybe, just maybe, more people will become aware of this issue. Sadly, I just think that there are not enough people making noise about this. You, Susan, are a pretty loud voice, but, not everyone knows of your work and this site.

    If you can get some media coverage that would include information sending people to this site, we can open more eyes to the disturbing truth that sadly, the average American just has no idea about.

    I get so frustrated when I try to tell people about ingredients in pet “food”, they just assume that it’s gotta be safe if it is sold in the store.

  26. Pacific Sun

    Response to B.Dawson

    No, you’re right. I understand the point. Politics (petitions, demonstrations) mostly fade away. But that’s because they’re concept (and not product) driven. No money is involved. Besides producing their own message, their impact is usually about inconvenience, disruption, community division, (sadly) personal harm, and liability to career politicians! Protests have an incidental effect, because they react to negative events. One problem often gets superseded by another, thereby redirecting attention and making new demands. By being community specific they also lack global alignment. And only occasionally does an agency permanently change for the better (just in response to the protest), when it’s more likely they’re responding to a lawsuit and settlement.

    But if you notice (from very recent news, because we do NOT want to be political on this site!) the impact of the latest problem was far deeper than usual, in terms of the reaction of media and commentary. That wasn’t accomplished by any accident. Those who were responsible for igniting the conflict, were successful in keeping the media’s attention for nearly 48 hours (beyond the threat of Korea). There was the basic issue itself (the occasion of making a change) and the to-be-expected pros & cons of doing so. But a PAID resource was employed to do the real damage, which is what sensationalized the event. That kind of intervention (by using a very destructive tool) is to hold public attention, and keep it in memory. It will become the wave of the future as long as these “self-interests” compete to meet their respective deadlines to implement (their version of) “change.”

    However we have here, the advantage of dealing with a “product.” Not theory, but facts. And I can tell you that the media jumps very high now, when a boycott is implemented against a TV show. Sponsors do not like a hot potato, when it impacts their bottom line. No business will be associated with bad publicity OR an unpopular trend.

    Susan’s petition isn’t just a petition for its own sake. It’s the mass circulation of awareness. Free information. And it’s brilliant! In one single webpage Susan lays out the reasons for identifyin a product as feed or food. Of course some people won’t care; they’re the same ones who never watch the news! But it doesn’t alter the momentum of the world changing around them! I’ve been able to send the petition to people who wouldn’t listen regarding “The Truth About Pet Food.” Now it takes “me” out of the middle. They can see it’s a growing trend. You get (eventually) a million people who DO sign. Or just read it. And the next step is to SHOW them a better product! Mass appeal is the converse of boycott. Either bad publicity or good news will drive the appeal! We’re no longer scaring them with the “truth about anything.” We’re giving them facts, and the reality of regulations! How hard is that to understand. With more people being informed through social media now (than by traditional methods) this will absolutely continue to trend!

    What the PFI fears most is not getting ahead of the issue first, knowing “feed” is full of “villainous ingredients” …. and more than just 4 of them!

  27. Eve

    Susan you, Dr Karen Becker and your Attorney Friend acted with the highest of integrity and honored every pet owner and pet by just being there. I say you should be proud of yourself because no other person/s have had the courage to stand up and shout (diplomatically) for animal pet food rights to be implemented. Yes you and your Knights (Dr Karen Becker and Attorney Friend and others) have rattled their cage and you will not back down, it is NOT over yet until processed pet feed is safe for our beloved pets consumption. STAY STRONG. look at how far you have come…from a pet owner to business owner to networking with revered celebrities and community heros. You are unstoppable and amazing woman. Your just starting – we can’t wait to see you grow further – every day is closer to your VICTORY. We love you Susan. X

  28. Terri Christenson janson

    Well said eve. I will however continue to make my 6 dogs food forever. I don’t trust anymore.

  29. C

    Once again, THANK YOU for all that you are doing. For being my voice, for leading me to making my own dog food, for opening my mind to what should be done for our pets. YOU as well as others are what will be the catalyst for change. The ball is in motion. The word will get out and people will see how they have been duped into thinking pet “feed” is “food.” I will support you however I can. Education is key, the consumers will prevail. Bless you all!

  30. Laura

    As long as it’s legal please start videorecording ALL face-to-face correspondence with these people. Charlotte Conway, or any other slime ball, can’t wiggle their way out with bulls**t if you have solid evidence of what they said.

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