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Evanger’s Pet Food and Against the Grain Voluntarily Recalls Additional Products

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  1. Batzion

    Oh, this is rich. “Abundance of caution” and “Evanger’s” do NOT belong in the same sentence.

    1. Jeri

      LOL. I thought the exact same thing. That ship left a long time ago!

  2. Jeanette Owen

    This is terrible!

  3. Dog Lover

    Wow another one?? This is getting ridiculous… Thankfully I’ve never fed anything manufactured by this company but now I’ll make sure I never do. Poor little Talula had to die because of this careless company but at least her family can rest assured that she is making a difference in the lives of other dogs.

  4. Jerry

    I’m new here…. why would there be pentobarbital in dog food? Isn’t that stuff used for executions?

  5. Amanda Garcia

    Hi. I’m new here. Stumbled on your website while googling some info on my puppy’s food.
    I wanted to see if it was really ” the best”
    He’s been eating Blue Buffalo grain free since I’ve had him at 8 weeks. He’s now 4 months old. I tried to find my state (oklahoma city ) on your post about where to buy “safe” pet food, but it’s not on there 🙁
    Do you have any recommendations ?

    1. Jeri

      Get the 2017 Truth About Pet Food List of Recommended Foods. Susan Thixton can help you with locating it on the site. It’s well worth the $10 because, unlike most ‘lists” available online, it actually goes into the sourcing of ingredients, types of factories used, type of ingredients used (humane or not, human grade or not), etc…

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