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Primal Pet Food Recall

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  1. Paula

    Re the Primal recall – – Do you have more information? Or any insight into what this means? Does this mean that my dogs may have bone fragments in their bodies that could cause illness or death? I tried to call them and they do not take calls. You have to leave a voice mail which I did. There is nothing on their site. What does this mean? I have fed dozens of bags of these flavors and others. I thought they test before release. How do they find out later that so many batches are dangerous? How do they know other batches are okay? How do they know other flavors are okay — i.e., they seem to be saying it is poultry. What about turkey and sardines? If this could happen to the specific flavors, why not to others? I also feed lamb and venison. I am shaking. Guessing I won’t hear anything because of the holidays. But my Christmas is ruined. Any info you have or ideas on how to find out more would be greatly appreciated. I am sick over this. Clearly I won’t feed any of their products that I have now until I know more. Perhaps this isn’t a big deal, but I don’t know and I am terrified.

    1. Deziz World

      Paula, first up, your dog is in no danger of dying or even getting sick from this issue. Each nugget/formula contains ground bone as opposed to bone meal. Primal, like any other company/kitchen including your own has a recipe that is followed to prepare food for consumption. A percentage of this, a percentage of that and so on. Primal just happens to be more precise. What the recall is saying is that they have found bone ground to 1/8″ is optimal. However, if you were preparing this in your home, you would no doubt deviate from that size a bit as we’re not machines nor perfect. Primal has very high standards and is recalling formulas that contained bone ground in a larger size. Altho’ not by much, still they have exacting standards, so the food doesn’t meet those standards. Again, your dog is perfectly safe. I happen to have had 3 bags of the feline formula on the list that had already been fed. I noticed when feeding them, they were a bit different, but the cats gladly ate them and suffered no side effects, as they wouldn’t have by this particular problem. You are feeding a great food and we hope you continue to feed your dog great food. The cats and I hope you can relax and have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Peter

    I agree with Paula, it’s an important issue. A 1/4″ piece of bone is likely often too much for many cats. I’d prefer to see the company use the word “recall,” as it is, although I’m happy that they are taking action, I’d still refer to it as a “Silent Recall.”

    1. Ashley

      It’s not really. With raw whole prey cats crunch and tear portions just enough to be able to swalow. My cats eat raw chicken wings and necks and naturally swallow larger bone pieces than what the variation is here. The issue itself is inconsquential to me, although I’m glad Primal has such exacting specs and stands behind their product. Primal is a good company and one of the best commercial premade raw brands available today.

  3. Lisa Marie

    Damn it, damn it, damn it! I’ve been feeding Primal for a long time, no issues, but with the turkey he’s been pooping outside the box because he’s constipated, he has never, ever done this before. I have one of the batch numbers, going forward I’ll stick with venison only.

    1. Rebekah R Page

      I can understand your worry Lisa, my cats are great carnivorous eaters of many different foods. Turkey isn’t always the best food for cats however, as in the wild they wouldn’t hunt a turkey to often(if ever).
      My cats will on occasion turn their noses up at canned turkey foods. The most plausible reason for the constipation is probably to much dry food and/or not enough roughage to help keep them running smoothly. If you feed one kind of food only could also be one of the issues.

      I wouldn’t fret about the tiny bone fragments myself, as I have on occasion watched my outdoor cats swallow mice whole!! Just like a snake and never an issue. Only when, like I suggested above, did they ever get constipation and that was after they were no longer interested in going outside as they were much older. And the constipation was from not eating wild foods anymore.

      Cats are obligate carnivores meaning they must eat meat!! They get the roughage they need from the stomach contents/fur/bones of their whole prey. As such carnivorous beings, they are also desert creatures who aren’t used to needing to drink copious amounts of water to make up for the dry kibble we feed them.

  4. Paula

    I finally heard from a customer service clerk. She told me they found the problem after a customer complaint about large bone fragments — not through their own quality control procedures. She said unless the dog got a bone stuck in his throat or between his teeth it is probably okay. But if the fragments were large enough to pose that risk — couldn’t they get stuck or do damage somewhere else? She said some dogs eat bones. I said some die from them. She said that was true. She would not say when the product was shipped. She could not answer what they test for, if anything, before release, how they missed it; how they can be sure the same problem or any other issues do not relate to any of their other products or to any other production runs. I requested contact from someone higher up. She kept asking what my questions where and I kept repeating them. She described the situation as a “horrible oversight” (her words). She also said something to the effect that they had no idea what the repercussions would be — i.e.,my read is they apparently thought they could post the recall before the holiday and hope no one paid much attention it.

    Also — note that the recall list apparently provided to Truth in Pet Food and others was not complete. Their site also includes lots of Turkey and Sardines.

    Re the comment about venison — without better answers from the company, how do you know what’s in the venison? I find that flavor much “harder” — I have to cut it up with a knife before rehydrating. The same sometimes goes for the lamb (no idea why it varies). If there is a bone grind issue, it would more easily be missed than with the duck and turkey and sardines which are soft and easily crumbled by hand. I probably would feel the pieces since I mix it literally by hand.

    Susan — any clout in getting better answers from the company? Quality control and testing need to be explained. I would like veterinarians to weigh in on any issues — seems like they need to provide samples with the large bone fragments. Or I guess it’s one more company down the tubes. Running out of safe options. Thanks!

  5. Paula

    An update – I went through the small amount left in a bag of freeze dried duck that was NOT on the list. I quickly found 3 bone pieces that were 5/16 to 6/16 with very sharp edges. That is not the 1/8 grind they claim is optimal. Appears the problem is much broader. They definitely could cut the dog, break a tooth, or who knows what

    Guess my old fingers did not pick up on these types of pieces when I fed the rest of the bag. 🙁

  6. Betty Baker.......TC pup Tinker Belle Baker has her own Facebook page

    My fur family shares home cooked and Primal freeze dried turkey/ sardine formula and Honest Kitchen vegetarian formula……..Our special circumstances here is two of this fur family are special needs pups…….one has congenital hydrocephalus and one has trachael collapse, focal seizures and chronic foot infections which require staph lysate shots biweekly……I called Primal and they did return my call…..apologized ……I did have 5 recalled bags……I always crumble the nuggets and hydrate with boiling water…..does allow you to see bone bits……would remove any that look too big……..the two special needs babies are 9 (TC) and 13 lbs. (hydro)…….Would change if there is something better……want a turkey formula especially for the focal seizure baby……hydro pup is now 4 years old and has not yet had a seizure (yeah) and TC pup has to date only 3 focal seizures and is not yet on meds for TC…….handled with food and supplements only…….ORGANIC only……..any suggestions or recommendations?

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