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Who was FDA protecting? Mars Petcare or Pets?

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  1. Eve

    Thank You Susan for sharing this critical information. “How Dare They” a complete disregard for our beloved pets safety and health and including their workers at the factory. This is disgusting and would never be allowed in Human Grade Food. It’s completely without justification. BSE Mad Cow Disease “feeding them to our pets” this is outrageous. These commercial pet foods (feeds) are simply a BIO-HAZARD GARBAGE TIP using our pets as DISPOSAL UNITS…SHAME ON YOU!

  2. Lynda Garibaldi

    Callous Greed

  3. Cannoliamo

    The FDA CVM is not and has never been a consumer protection agency or an animal welfare agency. Their entire agency mission is to make it appear that they are, but appearances can be misleading. I’ve had numerous conversations with both their administrative and professional staff and, when it comes to nutrition concerns and small animal toxicity, without exception, found their personnel to be both unlearned and unknowledgeable about current research, especially pertaining for feline heath and toxic chemical exposure issues (I have 6 cats) and cat food ingredients and food processing details (including related AAFCO standards). All they can seem to do is refer me to a few state regulatory authorities. The bad news is that I expect it will only worsen under the Trump administration. I’ve had much better luck contacting professional associations and veterinary school researchers, especially at UC Davis, Cornell, Ohio State, Colorado State, Texas A&M, and Tufts / Cummings. From my perspective, FDA CVM is simply an agency that will never challenge claims made by pet food manufacturers, for whatever reason (perhaps they enjoy attending AAFCO meetings).

  4. Cannoliamo

    btw, Iron oxide is simply rust. I don’t know of any standards for adding rust to pet food.

      1. Cannoliamo

        Yes it is, but it’s only used as a pigment for the feed color (not for the Iron, since the oxidized iron offers little nutritive value). It’s simply purified powdered rust.

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          All I can tell you is that employees of the plant told me it was an ingredient and the dust covered the walls. It wasn’t rust covering the walls – it was dust from this ingredient. In fact they said that when it rained or in the summer when it was very hot in the plant and condensation would build up – the walls looked like they were “bleeding”.

  5. Toby

    This is just Horrible!! It really makes me wonder about their “human food” production sites if this is how callous they are towards our pets and their employees.

  6. ian

    Reports like this make me question all manufactured food, yet I know there are some who care and have decent standards. I would love it if your Pledge also included a promise to allow a TAPF inspection, tour, and report on the manufacturing facilities.

  7. Terri Christenson Janson

    I’m sitting here shaking my head in DISGUST! Just deplorable. Oh yes, I know our food is tainted as well, but I still homecook as it is better than the kibble being sold and we all have to eat something. So sad…

  8. Dianne & Pets

    Try foreign press, especially in a country on the outs with the USA. Some activist groups fighting free trade deals with the US, might be able to make use of this info. Also, even those fighting CETA could question how Canada’s connection to the US through NAFTA might affect them. I would still like to know why the PFI is lobbying the NAFTA renegotiation.


    Absolutely disgusting and what is even more deplorable is that the FDA lets this company get away with it. It is so sad that so many people buy their pet food. Knowing what I know about their various pet products, I won’t even buy a candy product that this company makes.

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