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Walmart’s Private Label Jerky Treat linked to 23 Sick Dogs, 3 Deaths

Chewie from Oregon

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  1. Lynne Fowler

    I don’t understand why anyone is giving any jerky to any pet anymore. How many more need to die?

  2. Lizzy Tish

    I think that because these products remain on big store shelves, people erroneously believe that it is safe, or the store would be liable.

  3. Heather

    Stop excepting pet food from China!

  4. Mary Bush

    Why is there not a picture of the treats’ package? Does this brand say it was made in China on the package? There are still many brands on shelves in most stores that are made in China. I read, I leave if it says China or does not disclose where it is made!

    1. Debbie Daniel

      I would like to see or know the name of the brand as well. I was unaware Walmart sold their own chicken jerky.

      1. David Maas

        Golden rewards is the name. Just made all my dogs have severe diarrhea. Maybe a class action suit

  5. Angela

    Products from China suck and so does Walmart!

  6. Regina

    I learned a long time ago that walmart products cannot be trusted. Even before I became a really well-informed consumer, I learned that walmart clothes NEVER last very long.

    Even if you buy a brand you trust, it can’t be trusted if bought at walmart. I stopped shopping at walmart years ago, but, a couple of years ago I was tagging along with a friend (just didn’t want to have to lecture her), I needed a new lock set for my front door. i saw a well-respected brand on the shelf at walmart, and bought it, thinking it was a decent purchase. Well, when I had to call a locksmith when it ceased working properly, he told me that manufacturers will send lower quality goods to walmart, so they can get to the lower price.

    Sadly, most people who shop at walmart just look at the price of something as the only factor in the purchase. Quality is not part of the equation, and, with the chinese jerky, safety is not important either.

    1. Joy Wright

      Regina, that is a ridiculous statement. I have never had a problem with anything purchased at Walmart!
      I have had serious problems with foodstuffs -( past shelf-life by a minimum of 5 months) purchased at an “employee owned store”!
      If you don’t like to shop at Wal-Mart, fine but no need to engage in fallacies about Wal-Mart product!

      1. Regina

        Joy, I am speaking of my actual experiences with walmart. Why are you claiming I’m engaging in “fallacies”?

        Will you now claim Susan’s report about walmart jerky sickening dogs is engaging in fallacies??? Are you saying you would not have a problem buying those jerky treats from walmart???

      2. Geena

        Joy ,you are the one that is ridiculous. How can you stand by a company that could care less about the quality of the products it sells to unassuming customers. Why are you reading and responding to posts, what exactly is your interest? Because it doesn’t appear you care about the Fact animals are dying and Wal-Mart is doing Nothing!

    2. Debbie Daniel

      I agree with you!

      1. Debbie Daniel

        I agree with Regina!!

  7. Teresa Reid

    Thank you so much Susan for that well written letter to Walmart. It is so disgusting that these big companies like Walmart have the nerve to report to the media that they “care” when all of their food is only feed grade crap AND the ingredients are sourced from China. Can’t wait to see if they actually respond back to your letter. What can they possibly say except that they will discontinue ALL of the pet foods they currently have and you know they will not do that.

  8. Carol Miller

    I had 2 pets die from this jerky–My dog and my cat loved the waggin train crap from Walmart/Sams. My dog was a very healthy 10yrs old and the cat only 8 yrs old. I will NEVER give ANYTHING to my pets that is not grown-processed etc in the US. I have also used a friends dehydrator to make my own jerky and sweet potato treats. Walmart needs to stop having these products on the shelf–they are not SAFE. People be smart and stop buying and feeding these treats to your pets-

  9. May

    What kind of dog is Chewie?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Not certain – might be a Blue Heeler.

    2. Ann*

      Chewie is my precious miniature blue heeler who survived near death from the Waggin Train Chicken Jerky treats. In the photo she is 8 weeks old. She will be four years old on July 4th this year (my little firecracker). Chewie is trained in agility and a very smart little girl. She is doing well on daily and monthly medical care which must last the rest of her life, in fact is keeping her alive.

  10. Geena

    Buying Anything at Wal-Mart promotes CRUELTY to Animals. Look at the abuse of pigs in gestation crates. Be proactive and sign those petitions!

  11. Elle

    The FDA is a joke, and Wal-Mart is not just immoral, they’re amoral. An 8-year-old with a crayon and a clipboard could have “discovered” the source of the issue with these treats by now. Don’t kid yourself that just because it’s your favorite brand on the shelf in your favorite store, it’s safe. Formulas change and even trusted brands are not above swapping out cheaper ingredients to save a few bucks, ala Blue Buffalo. For the health and love of your beloved pet, let the buyer beware. For all we know, this “chicken” jerky could actually be the product of one of China’s famed dog meat farms. Read labels, educate yourself on ingredients and buy nothing not sourced in a country you trust.

  12. Terri Janson

    The Waggin Train jerkey treats said “Made in the USA” right in the bag, but the ingredients were outsoursed from China, correct?

    So if that is true…then what difference does it make if a pet food item says Made in the USA. You can’t be sure unless you call the company.

  13. Mark Morton

    WHY?! MONEY, that’s why!

  14. me

    Can’t buy anything at Walmart for our pets, too risky they get stuff from China and everywhere who have no respect for animals. I will not buy food or pet foods from there and I am fed up with how Walmart does its business ever since Sam Walton passed away.

  15. Dylan Goldman

    Glad you referenced this- people need to know.

    My dog, Lily, is the one featured in the original story. []

    I contacted all the local media stations in Atlanta when Lily got sick, and WSB-TV was the ONLY one that picked up the story. I find THAT to be crazy in-and-of itself. I actually am a journalist, and would have covered it myself, but it is a conflict of interest for me to write about my own experience, because it would be very difficult to be objective.

    My bills have reached about $7k at this point, with no further movement on Lily’s GoFundMe page [] beyond $285. But she is doing very well, despite enduring the subcutaneous fluids every other day, and my shoving 7 pills down her throat daily.

    WalMart needs to be stopped, and I am trying, trust me. I am waiting to hear back from a law firm who is looking into my case.

    Thanks for spreading the word. This has been a nightmare that isn’t even close to over yet, and I don’t want anyone else to have to go through it.



  16. Renee Barnett

    If you would like to cover a story of two healthy, precious dogs (dachshund and yorkie) who died horrible, painful deaths with multiple organ failure, weeping subcutaneously due to the shifting of fluid which caused hair loss and then hemorrhaging as a result of the Golden Rewards treats, please email me. We had tissue samples studied by multiple Universities, have found a probable cause and know that Shandong Honva is at fault. When they were inspected several years ago they refused to allow the US inspectors to truly investigate the cause of all the deaths. I filed a complaint with Wal-Mart, who sent me to their company that handles complaints about products….and ultimately prevents them from being sued. I even spoke with a Shandong Honva representative in New York who asked me “how much I want”. I told him nothing but take the Golden Rewards off the shelves. Of couse, it was not removed. I believe the culprit is rickettsia that is killing our pets. The nasty conditions in Chinese factories sis to blame for the infected rodents, fleas and body louse (and their stool), all of which can be found in the bags of treats…not the treat itself, during packaging.

  17. Perry S

    I’ve ignorantly gave me dog Golden Rewards Duck Jerky from Walmart. recently he’s broke out in sores all over his body. they’re healing now but still itch him. Has anyone heard for a connection. I’ve immediately stopped giving him these treats, and I’m looking online for any other cases og skin allergies linked to these type treats.

    1. Carion Markland

      I’m having the same issue with my older German Shepherd. He has unexplained lesions over his belly. Vet thought it was allergies. I Also have a 2 yr old German shepherd who has had diarrhea for the last two days. Both of them have been given the Golden Rewards duck jerky which is now in the trash. Never again will I put my furbabies through this agony nor will I trust Wal-Mart ever again!!

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