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FDA Denies Pet Food Consumers Freedom of Information

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  1. Jeff

    This is no surprise. The FDA is in bed with the major companies. They are worthless!!!

  2. Sue

    This whole thing just makes me sick! Knowing that these big huge companies are KNOWINGLY making pet products with such high levels of eg: Sulfaclozine one test done by FDA and the second by NY which showed much higher levels. I really don’t know how these big businesses can sleep at night, do they really thing they are doing nothing wrong???? Heartless bastards. Obviously not animal lovers and only thinking of the all mighty $!
    Thank you for doing what you do Susan!! Thank you!

  3. Linda Saslow

    yeessh thank you for keeping us informed. our life line to the truth

  4. Dianne

    Is it possible that the Chinese government is threatening to withhold other products if jerky treats are stopped? Considering how many of our important items (food supplements, drugs etc.) can now only be obtained from China and that they already threatened action over jerky treats. I can see many US multi-nationals worrying about their profit margins.

    1. Regina

      Dianne, you raise an interesting question!!!!!

      I know that I never buy anything that goes into my pets’ mouths that is not made in USA, but there are some people that never even look at where something is from. Every so often we hear of a children’s toy from China being recalled, so what would make a pet’s toy any safer????? I have talked casually with some folks about only buying stuff from USA, but they never look at labels. I remember the big “news” when Petco said they would stop selling treats from China, but, ummm, they toys are still coming from China, and the toys ALSO go into my pets’ mouths!!!

      You may have hit the nail on the head, Dianne. Soooo much stuff comes from China, they hold too much power over us wee little American citizens, that even our own government can’t protect us!!!

      1. Peter

        Virtually every pet food contains ingredients from China, since the availability of “bulk vitamins” is limited essentially to China. Pet food manufacturers have no convincing explanation for this situation: “That’s all there is to choose from,” they claim. They are the purchasers, and could influence this phenomenon.

  5. Donna

    When our gov’t. seeks to prohibit country of origin labeling on (human-grade) meats because Canada and Mexico say it puts them at a disadvantage and is unfair, why would we be surprised that FDA would withhold FOIA requests regarding jerky treats from China.

    Yes, I think something is being covered up. Someone is being protected – and it is not the US citizens and certain not their pets.

    1. B Dawson

      China holds substantial amounts of US debt now, giving that country undue influence, I think. Or maybe FDA is being very tight lipped to avoid Chinese hackers from going after them to determine what’s in store.

      But you raise an important point about labeling. Anyone who wishes to see the extent of what’s going on with labeling laws and GMO should check out “HR1599, Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act” “, nicknamed ‘The DARK Act’ (Deny Americans the Right to Know Act). This legislation was a bi-partisian introduction by Representatives Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) and G. K. Butterfield (D-N.C.) and developed by food companies including the Grocery Manufacturers Association, which counts ConAgra among it’s board members.

      Whatever happens in the human food chain will be applied to our pet food equally.

  6. Valerie Noyes

    I don’t expect much out of the FDA anymore, but this is truly disturbing and makes them look very bad, to the point of looking complicit in this continuing disaster. I’d like to think they’re merely incompetent but sadly I think it is much deeper than that. The phrase criminal negligence keeps popping into my head.

  7. Kenneth

    Disgusting, what use are the FDA when they clearly only cater to big business?

    I just got done with a batch of snacks for my cats, it’s easy. A couple kilos of pig or ox heart or some other meat if you prefer, slice them into thin strips and stick em’ in the oven at around 60-80C+ until leathery dry, takes a couple hours. Then portion into vacuum bags and freeze.

    My guys go nuts for these and their teeth and jaws gets a good workout since they are leathery tough to chew so they can’t just inhale them like store bought treats, and you know what’s in them.

    1. Regina

      I love your idea Kenneth. I hear so many people say how awesome those “Temptatons” treats are for their cats, they actually say “it’s like crack” — you know, that illegal drug that hooks you very quickly, and it’s hard to break the habit.

      And they say “it’s like crack” as if it were a good thing!!!!

  8. Pacific Sun

    So much for so-called “freedom” of information, I guess it doesn’t exist. Anyway I wonder if there are so many outstanding CJT lawsuits in the wings that that no information (aka evidence) is being allowed to reach the public which might sway potential jury reactions. There has been such a concerted effort to bring responsibile parties to accountability, I hope that this delay in FOIA is well deserved and worth waiting for. What I don’t understand is why these abominable treats are still being sold at all or why anybody would be buying them!

  9. Garson

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about? Yes, Purina is still sourcing the chicken for Waggin Tails from China but as they explain on their website it’s because the Chinese only like dark meat therefore there’s an abundance of white meat available. I guess in China you can’t even give that white chicken meat away? Even if in the past Purina continued to sell the poisoned product, pet owners have nothing to fear. As you know the treats are:

    “BACKED BY PURINA: All Waggin’ Train treats are backed by Purina — the name pet owners have trusted for quality pet care products for more than 85 years. We’ve added the Purina logo to every package as a sign of our confidence in the quality and safety of our treats.”

    And when Purina has your back well then…

    1. Regina

      Oh, yeah, I remember reading on the Purina website that ridiculous line about the Chinese only liking dark meat, so the white meat was so abundantly available to make into jerky treats for our pets.

      That big fat lie is so outlandish!!!!! Think about it, historically, the typical Chinese person used every darn part of an animal that can be used!! They were not a wasteful peoples. That’s why in real Chinese cooking, everything would be cut into small pieces before being cooked, so that it cooks much quicker. They didn’t use to eat big hunks of meat like steaks and such. They cut things up so everything would cook quickly, thus using less of whatever energy source they were using for their cooking.

      Purina spends waaaaay more money on “PR” or “spin” (lies, actually) than they do on actual nutritious edibles to put into our pets’ mouths.

  10. Sharon

    The claim that it could interfere with “enforcement proceedings” is ridiculous. First, the FDA has to actually “enforce” anything regarding the pet food industry and second, “proceedings” implies they are moving forward and we know that, after 8 years, that just isn’t true.

  11. B Dawson

    Does anyone know Morgan Spurlock (“Super Size Me” and “Pom Wonderful, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”) and could put him in touch with Susan?

    The sad state of pet food would be a great project for him.

  12. Jane

    When I was a young patriotic American, I didn’t think that the FDA would lie to us. I have since learned otherwise. They’re not here to protect you and me, they are here to protect those with lots and lots of money. Like saying GMO food is safe to eat! Sure it is, if you like to eat poison.

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