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9 Years Later FDA Gives Consumers Nothing

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  1. Rosemary

    This news is plain sickening!! China owns us we are their cash cow! That is who FDA is protecting not us or our innocent pets! What is this country coming to? God help us all !

  2. Dawn

    Just stop buying anything from China. Save our pets.

  3. moviezombie

    things will only get worse with the “new” TPP agreement which will bypass what existing protections we have now in favor of “free” trade.

  4. Sherrie Ashenbremer

    I can’t hardly read this it upsets me! Our Government, including the FDA is in the back pockets of China and big companies, just to name a few. We are human guinea pigs and our pets are also experimental in the plan too. Just makes me so MAD!

  5. Mark Morton

    Just more evidence of the total waste of trillions of dollars every year on a government that is nothing but a millstone around our necks – USELESS!!!

  6. Anthony Hepton

    A few months ago I asked FDA/CVM if they had tested the suspect items for endotoxins, not surprisingly they did not respond. We have to wonder how complete their investigation has been into this calamity. They should first eliminate all of the potential causes, which they obviously have not done. I question the integrity of their staff if they can have a problem go unresolved for so many years without a hint of a solution. Do they really care or is this just another case of “SO WHAT” as we are seeing repeatedly from FDA when it comes to the safety of products being fed to our pets.

  7. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

    The FDA is a SHAMEFUL & CORRUPT Gov’t agency, who must think that we are ALL brain-dead by now, from all the fluoride they keep poisoning our water with. How in the world can they think that looking at the MOUNDS of evidence of what Chinese jerky treats has done to our beloved pets, that they should have recalled them 9yrs ago! What audacity they have to patronize us all, that we would be so stupid enough to believe their lies! Now they have the further audacity to continue lying to the public and wasting a tremendous amount of tax payer dollars on their “witch hunt” against raw food manufacturers! All the evidence of toxic food ingredients points in the direction of the big pet feed manufacturer’s, yet they keep re-directing their scrutiny in the wrong direction! This is UNBELIEVABLE that they somehow continually get away with this!, all at the expense of innocent animals lives lost, or their health badly injured. When is an FDA investigation going to happen?! They blatantly ignore facts, the law and seemingly do as they wish, or as the big corporations dictate to them. It’s infuriating to say the least!

  8. Pat P.

    The FDA has had a serious corrupt reputation for many years. It’s own scientists have acknowledged being intimated and threatened. Our gov’t goes after its whistleblowers reporting on crimes, rather than the criminals themselves! I hate to be such a pessimist and am not advocating resignation, but the odds are tough. The latest Obama nominee and chosen Chief of the FDA, Dr. Robert Califf (replacing Dr. Hamburg, who is being sued in federal court for homicide, conspiracy, racketeering, bribery), has major long-term connections with Big Pharma (lucrative dealings, financial support from more than 20 companies, millions in funding while at Duke Univ.). He is the “ultimate industry insider” (per Harvard political science professor, Daniel Carpenter), has deeper ties to the pharmaceutical industry than any FDA commissioner in recent memory (NYT) and was voted for almost unanimously (89 to 4) despite the many obvious conflicts of interest. Big Pharma has, now, solidified its control of the one of the top 3 most powerful and dangerous U.S. gov’t agencies (along with the USDA)!

    Government corruption is rampant. The best ways to deal with them is through persistence, public information/education and laws suits. Trusting them and expecting integrity will rarely, if ever, happen, if ANY money and power is involved! I believe there are a FEW honest senators. If they have beloved pets, and/or are animal lovers, they may be reached. As evidenced by their voting records and general ideology, most of them, most likely, will be progressive members of the democratic party.

    1. Sherrie Ashenbremer

      Look at these posts, it is so sad that we live in a country, OUR COUNTRY, and our government is in such bad shape. What happened to our country. Our children, our pets and our selves eating GOD ONLY KNOW WHAT and no one in government cares. Upsets me to no end. Ok I just had to rant

  9. Terri Janson

    I feel the same way you all do…..It is very sad. I homecook for my dogs and wonder if the human grade food I use is even safe. With Arsenic being allowed by the FDA to keep the chicken meat “pink”…I do not like using it in my dogs food. All the pesticides and ROUNDUP being used….Roundup contains glysophates which has been proved to cause cancer. I just don’t know anymore. I just do my best to stay connected to what is going on in our food supply. It’s not only our food and our pets food but also the drugs doctors try to push on us. 🙁

    1. Sherrie Ashenbremer

      Does all chicken have arsenic, I didn’t know that. I buy the grass fed natural chicken, so I thought that was really good. Now I am wondering about all chicken

  10. Terri Janson


    I don’t know about all chicken having the Arsenic. I do know Organic does not and chicken puchased from a farmer would not.
    You can Google it to read about it.

  11. barbara m.

    To Sheri : as Terri says – best to buy organic, and also good to know your farmer. If they are not in your area, can google them.
    Also, the “Certified Organic” label is best, as is strictly regulated.
    The term “Free-range” is controversial and often is green-washed, but can be done honorably.

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