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Rachael Ray Nutrish Pet Food Class Action Lawsuit

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  1. landsharkinnc

    she says ‘natural’ not organic, and unless the amount of Glyphosate exceeds the GRAS amounts I don’t think this will go very far — but it does point out that ‘NATURAL’ has absolutely NO place on a food product — unless someone comes up with a reasonable definition

  2. Meg

    Glyphosate is a pesticide that is also found in many of human food like bread and crackers, even the organic and NATURAL ones. They(manufacturers) don’t purposely add this toxin to our/pet food supply but it’s in the food chain. It’s almost contained in every produce such as corn, wheat etc…because of the commercial farming practices. It’s also a regulatory problem that pet food companies don’t need to list the ingredients before they are brought to the manufacturing factory. Because of the profit hungry corporations, consumers and pets are put in the very vulnerable place unfortunately.

  3. T Allen

    Good work by that law group! Susan I hope you are keeping track of the firms that are pursuing legal action because more and more people will be looking for this info and it could be source of income for you as well!

  4. Jane

    Sadly, it’s almost gotten to the point where the case could be made that no “reasonable” consumer would ever believe the claims on the label! Deceptive advertising seems to be standard operating procedure.

    Are pet food companies required to test for things like Glyphosate and BPA and heavy metals?

    And do you know how these two suits (this one and the one against Solid Gold) came about? I don’t see any mention of pets getting sick, so I’m wondering if the plaintiffs in each case just had the food tested out of curiousity. I’ve considered doing that myself, but it seems pretty costly.

    Thanks for keeping us informed!

  5. Ms. B Dawson

    I’m conflicted with these class action lawsuits. I do agree with Susan’s comment on another thread that lawsuits are sometimes the most direct path to changing regulations and holding companies responsible. However, this type of lawsuit looks an awful lot like ambulance chasing, rather like discrimination lawsuits filed against bars because of “ladies night” drink discounts.

    On the one hand – the label cited in the lawsuit, in my opinion, has several misleading and/or deceptive claims.

    = “Farm raised beef” – it’s not a lie, ALL cows are farm raised last I checked. The intent is for consumers to equate that with ‘free range’ or ‘cruelty free’.

    = Chunks of stew meat are pictured – readers of this list know that’s not what the ingredients actually look like. Consumers are attracted by the appealing food-grade pictures.

    = No chicken by-products, wheat or wheat gluten is true, but crowing over no wheat and then using soybean meal as the #3 ingredient and corn as the #4? My Dad would call that a ‘bait and switch’ scheme.

    = And of course the term “natural” itself is nothing more that fluff marketing. As a biologist, I can make a case that crude oil is “natural”.

    Nutrish is just another BS pet feed marketed by a pretty face. “Reasonable consumers” aren’t when it comes to narrowing that 6 degrees of separation from a favorite celeb – and marketing companies have known that for a hundred years!

    But on the other hand, this lawsuit is going after the company because of glyphosate residues. It’s not, based on what is presented here, saying the residues are out of compliance, only that glyphosate is detectable in the food and that violates the consumer expectation of “natural” being biocide free.

    Allowable limits for glyphosate have changed several times over the last few years. I’m not even sure if FDA has finally decided on proper methodology to test for it separately or if they are still including glyophsate as part of a broader test protocol that includes things like 2,4-D.

    Anyone following health or environmental news should be aware that glyphosate residues are showing up throughout our food supply including organics and indeed, even in our own bodies. Some now consider it an endemic contaminant that will persist for decades even if it were banned tomorrow. Monsanto’s gift just keeps on giving.

    And that brings me to my concern for potential unintended results. I wouldn’t shed a tear if “natural” was banned on labels but if this suit succeeds, companies who produce conventional and/or GMO products could use the same argument to ban “organic” on labels. If you’ve got detectable levels of substances banned from organic practices, can you put “organic” on the label even if your farming practices didn’t directly use them?

  6. Alzona chamg

    I bought this dog food a few months ago only 2 dogs out of 5 ate it one died of kidney failure had to put her to sleep she was 12. The other dogs espnthe 2 boy dogs refused it. I was upset with them, so just gave it to the others,I feel sick. Ow wondering,wondering did this cause LIL Bit to die before that had fed purina,home food and solid gold most the time

    1. Lonnie

      I had a dog die just over 2 years ago. I can’t prove it was Nutrish dog food but my dog had no problems before eating the food.

      1. Rose

        I just bought a bag of RR dry cat food, half way through the bag, my kitty is peeing outside the litter box. My niece told me, don’t every buy RR pet food, I should have listened. If this food made my cat sick, I will punch RR in the face (just kidding) Kitty goes to the VET in a few days, earliest appt I could get. We should send our VET bills to RR pet food company.

  7. S Smith

    I find it odd that my dog who has been on Rachael Ray Dog Food for a few years suddenly become sick a few weeks ago and was rushed to the emergency room, she was not able to keep her balance, collapsed a few times to the floor while at the emergency room and had a seizure in the parking lot prior to leaving the emergency room. When taken to our Vet blood work revealed high levels of liver enzymes, reading was 1,292, normal is 289, red blood cells were high indicating potential internal bleeding in her body. Vet gave her a fluid therapy to rid her body of toxins. A supplement to help with the liver and prescription Royal Canine dog food to support the liver. I was permitted to feed her chicken. I now have her on Freshpet Vital dog food, she has regained her appetite and is doing very well. My intuition leads me to believe it was the Rachael Ray dog food that poison her with toxins that caused her illness, we thought we were going to lose her. I started googling for answers yesterday. When I googled “contaminated dog food Rachael Ray dog food”, the lawsuit popped up. I’m thankful to my Vet for saving her. Thank you Susan for being an advocate for our beloved pets!! I sincerely hope the lawsuit against Rachael Ray Dog Food prevails!

  8. Pamela D Mierop

    We thought we were doing the right thing feeding our dog Sophie this food. She developed pancreatitis from Rachael Ray Dog food. This lead to Diabetes. Sophie is now on a special diet with shots twice a day. The worst is she developed cataracts because of the Diabetes and can’t see. She is only 8 years old. I don’t want this to happen to your dogs. I hope this will get the product off the shelf or make it a healthier food.

  9. Shana

    Our family dog passed away this morning and I was in shock why this happened. She was a healthy, happy 3 year old American bulldog. I switched to Rachel Ray dog food about a week and a half ago because I thought it would be healthier for her never dreaming it would kill her. I noticed she wasn’t eating as much higher as before and he stomach was upset but sadly I passed it off as she was just adjusting to the new food. Then at 3am this morning my daughter wakes me up in a panic saying something is wrong with Carley, our other dog was barking his head off in his kennel and woke her up. So completely confused right now why this poison is still being sold.

    1. shanna myers

      i had 5 puppies die from this food too………………………….

      email me please lets get something going

  10. landsharkinnc

    I sincerely hope that every one who has written about a incident with their pets concerning this product is working closely with their Veterinarian to file a formal complaint with the FDA. You can post here, Social Media, any where you want, but without documentation/comments from your Veterinarian the FDA won’t put much stock, if any, into your situation . Here’s the link — take this to your vet and discuss what has happened with him/her. many do not know about this procedure

    1. Cynthia GENGLER

      It is difficult to get the vet to make a statement. We lost both of our pets from Waggin Tails chicken jerky strips, made in China 5 yrs ago. No one really took it serious and over 2000 dogs died from this poisoning. There was sulfur antibiotic in the chicken which dogs can’t process. We spent $2000 saving these dogs only to lose them painfully within a year. They had skin infections, diabetes, blindness, and finally death. Dogs are considered property, not considered as a human life.

  11. S. Cacopardo

    My Rottie has seizures. With Zonismide and CBD oil we went from 1 or 2 seizures a week to 1 seizure every 6-7 weeks. After switching to Nutrish his seizures began to increase. All the sudden his seizures jumped to almost a seizure a day! I realized it was the food is what made the change. I then read about the lawsuit and am sure it’s the food. I threw away the rest of the bag and went back a 5 star food and his seizures are on the decline.


    i had 5 pups die after eating this food

  13. Julie W

    My dog Bailee has been on RR food for about 2 years now and out of the blue she has a UTI with blood in her stool. After reading all of this I am taking her off the food immediately!! If something happens to her I will find an attorney as well to go after that dog food company and RR!!! Bailee is family and I will be heartbroken if something happens to her!!! 🙁

    1. Julie W

      Meant to say blood in her urine… sorry

  14. Debra Broach

    i started feeding RR cat food to my cats close to a year ago, thinking i was switching to a healthier food. The shame is, it’s one they seem to like. I think our animals know something about the food too. They don’t seem to want to eat it. Reading these comments and reading about the lawsuit has changed my mind, on giving them, yet another brand. Honest to god, what is wrong with the pet food industries? Why do they do the things they do? What makes them think its ok to put these poisons in our pet food? Don’t they have pets? Don’t they care what their pets are eating? In everything that I’ve read, there seems to be no safe pet food on the market. What are we to do, especially when you can’t afford to get the most expensive brands. As it looks, even those aren’t good for our pets. We are being lied to about all the pet foods. We care about our animals and want to give them the best but that doesn’t seem to be possible these days. To tell you the truth it would make me happy to see all these greedy, pet food companies go bankrupt. I’m now looking into making my own with the help of holistic vets who know what they are doing, because not all vets give you good advice on pet foods either. It’s just really disgusting that more love and care is not put into the health and welfare of our fur babies. Unbelievable!

  15. Beth Brown

    I have been a huge fan and consumer of Rachel Rays dog food for both my dogs. They usually had the lamb and brown rice but sometimes we would try different flavors to mix it up. Our 11 year old lab got sick in March 2018. we brought her in and found out she had kidney failure and was deteriorating quickly. we tried several interventions to treat her including IV fluid therapy. Our 5 year old pitbull mix got sick one month later. we noticed severe weight loss and brought him to the vets. His kidney labs were worse then our lab Bailey’s were. we started fluids and medication right away for him. he went from weighing 75 pounds to 47 pounds. He is dying now. We buried Bailey last week. Any day we are going to lose our boy Duke. both dogs only ate Rachel Ray food. We are heartbroken.

  16. Quincey

    I recently came across this site when the information about the Rachel ray brand dog food had dangerous levels of toxins in it and seen they were being sued. I switched my dogs to this food maybe 3-4 months ago thinking I was doing the right thing. Before they were on beniful by purina I believe. They seemed to enjoy it a lot in the beginning. I had two dogs on this food. Both in perfect health from their last vet visits. One is an almost 8 year old spaniel mix the other was a 6 year old full blooded Rottweiler. I began to notice some changes in my Rottweiler with his appetite decreasing a bit and took it as his older age finally catching up to him. I got extremely concerned when one day he completely lost his vision over night. I got him into the vet immediately thinking he may have hurt his eyes playing outside or something. They rushed me to another vet when did a lot of tests and found out he had massive tumors growing out of no where on his liver and kidneys. He was under going treatment for his condition and the vet didn’t tell me to take him off the food because they were not aware that the food could have done this too him. Well a week into treatments he developed a severe infection and had to be rushed back to the vet. They began treating that as well with still hopeful results that we could slow the progression of whatever was going on and give him a decent amount of time still around and make him feel better. Five days later he passed away. He was a healthy dog who just turned 6 years old. He had never had any problems with bad blood work or tumors or acted sick until this food. This does make me question if this food killed him and if so how many other dogs lost their lives too early because of this neglect. I’m sickened and saddened by this.

  17. Donna Locks Lewis

    I feed my dog that food one time and he is so sick if he dose feel better In by tomorrow I’m taking he to the vet

  18. Angela ramirez

    My dogs& cats have been eating RR food for years close to 3! Never had any problems. Before i was using pediagree but their skin was breaking out. They all love RR and turn their noses up to any other kind, even the expensive ones. Their skin is clear, shiny and healthy. Vet says they are completely healthy.

  19. Joanne McKenna

    I wish I read this before trying.. I have 2 pitbulls, 1 with a skin allergy. I bought this and they loved it. Last they both were very sick, one was vomiting the other scratching…He was also very hot..I never saw this reaction before, something isn’t right…we brought it back and told the manager..shouldn’t they pull this from the shelf?

  20. Lynn Luchetti

    My dogs have been on this exclusively for several years. My seven year old afghan just came down with lymphoma and is not expected to live more than two months. We have trusted this brand of dog food based on RR commitment to clean food. It is very disappointing we have put out pets at a health risk after trying so hard to feed only quality food. I feel she should have done more research before marketing this product. Now our pets suffer, and we pay the price of loosing what many of consider family members before their time. The damage has been done.

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