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Hats Off to The Honest Kitchen

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  1. Bond Stark

    I fed my 4 puppies (Rotsky, Shih Tzu, Bull Mastif and GSD) Honest Kitchen based on your reviews and ran up a vets bill to the tune of $1700 for my Shih Tzu. The Honest Kitchen Embark & Love both cause all 4 dogs to through up not once, twice or thrice but 5 times. But while the 3 bigger dogs stopped at throwing up the poor lil Shih Tzu developed severe gastric complications and was ill for over 8 days.

    I called the company and all they could offer was a verbal apology and 2 x $5 coupons. I thought may be I just had been handed a bad batch so after few weeks I ordered some samples, this time 4 each of all 4 varieties (Love, Embark, Thrive & Revel) and gave a few to my sister and my neighbor (with a caveat) to feed it to the 3 dogs between them.

    And though their dogs did not experience the severe issues that my pups had, it seems all 3 of them had lost appetite and after enthusiastically chowing down the HK formula the first time refused to touch it the second time around.

    SO, Susan you see your pledge though well meaning makes absolutely no sense because, no matter from where and how the ingredients are procured and sourced, the end product is all that matters or lets me put it another way….the end product matters the most.

    On further investigation I realized the problem with HK formula is that it has vegetable overload and very limited animal protein (only 22-26%). Tell me did the dogs ancestors grow up eating carrots and coconut.?

    1. Puppy luv

      Don’t take this the wrong way Bond Stark (and I’m sorry if I am incorrect in this assumption but I read your message and saw nothing that said you rehydrated the dog food which if you didn’t do its no wonder your dogs got sick (I’m sorry for your dog) Honest Kitchen products are dehydrated so they even warn you on there website to not give the food dry beacuse if you don’t rehydrate it before you give it to them it will expand in their stomachs instead of their dog bowls.
      PS I do however agree with you not as strongly but I do think honest kitchen needs more meat in their foods
      But besides that I LOVE HONEST KITCHEN !!!

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