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  1. Deziz World

    We’re responding to your questions. We want the truth and the whole truth on the label, the website, and anywhere else information about the food being sold for our pets is. We recently reviewed a product for our own blog and were blatantly lied to by the company who makes the food. They made the statement to us that ALL pet food is manufactured under the direct supervision of the FDA. We were so angry because we know there are those consumers who don’t know the truth and are being mislead. Keep up the good fight.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  2. T Allen

    You would hope by now that most Americans see “natural” on any label and run in the other direction. It’s been well publicized in human foods for many years now that “natural” means nothing, it’s a marketing gimmick. That said, I totally agree with your suggestions on labeling pet foods, however they want to handle it, as long as it’s truthful. Maybe learning about the word”natural” in pet food will spill over to the human food market as well. 🙂

  3. Mary

    its all GARGAGE anyway – whether its natural or not the foods in CA still have crap in them if they look through ALL the ingredients and there is always synthetic vitamins & minerals & enzymes & amino acids added to ALL dry kibble (even most to all canned foods as well) GARBAGE IS GARBAGE. I’m tired of the BS from the PFI and others that report certain things – if you want your pets to live a long VITAL & HEALTHY life – then first off start feeding them a PROPER COMPLETE RAW DIET MADE PRIMARILY FROM HERBIVORE ANIMALS – not tons of chicken or turkey and you shouldn’t feed pork and I already wrote about this in my own FB group. Next STOP vaccinating they don’t need it and rabies vaccine harms your pets just as much as all the ridiculous Core vaccines – they are not necessary and yes, I know all about the laws of the darn USA for rabies but if more people don’t come forward and put a stop to this mess with their poor pets and STAND UP WITH ME AGAINST not only the government but BigPharma, AVMA, and your allopathic vets, then change will never happen. Next stop giving toxic poisons of Heart Worm Pills! chemical flea tick & mosquito products whether topical, oral or injected! Stop having your vet over use antibiotics/NEVER USE THOSE RIDICULOUS STEROIDS THAT ONLY SUPPRESS – THEY DO NOT MAKE THINGS BETTER – once you are off them with your bullshit allergies in your dogs or cats – they will come back WORSE/and stop with the NSAID’s

    If people would just WAKE up and STOP THE INSANITY, you’d have pets that live their NORMAL life spans and die of old age (other than the animals that are inbred by puppy mills & backyard breeders as many medical conditions can & do occur when idiots breed incorrectly) And I’ve been a professional breeder for 23yrs now of 100% Elite Top West German Bloodline German Shepherds from Germany so I know what I’m talking about (I am also a certified pet nutritionist from back in the early 1990’s; certified dog trainer & behaviorist for far too many years LOL(over 35); use to train K9 dogs along with Personal Protection & Schutzhund(now IPO) – have studied homeopathy now for almost 6yrs and certified from out of the country and study and find more and more to study on Homeopathy and help people when necessary including themselves not just their pets(I usually only do pets and yes there are fees involved if the pet has many or major issues) Studied the anatomy & physiology of not only wolves & almost every wild cat you can think of(again over 30yrs – closer to 35 or so); anatomy & physiology of domestic dogs & cats; observed wolves in the wild in my 20’s — and these animals don’t need vaccines and eat proper raw food diets(their wild prey which is 95-98% herbivore animals – not poultry very rare farmed pigs!) I think that’s enough for now for credentials LOL

    So please just STOP THE INSANITY and start doing right by your pets. Human convenience isn’t the way to feeding your pets

    1. Debbie

      Mary, how do we keep ticks off our dogs and worms out of them without these medicines?

      1. Zelda Bush

        Easy Defense Fleas, Ticks & Mosquitoes Collar All natural ingredients.

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