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Formulated Responses

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  1. joan

    Hellooooooo Pet Food Companies. We are not going away. There are more of us everyday. What part of “we love our pets like children” don’t you understand?

    1. Annie

      Unfortunately, the only babies some of these people have are the ones they keep in their wallets.

      1. joan

        I’m afraid you are right. Some (or most?) Pet Food Companies won’t change until it hurts them in the wallet.

  2. darlene fox

    just curious… we know that most pet food companies are not out in the open with us. they tend to be a bit dishonest. how can we know that just because they have signed the pledge means that they are being honest iin what they are pledging?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Truth is – there is no way to be 100% certain, even with the Pledge, that they are being honest with us. However – the Pledge holds their President or CEO accountable; not just a customer service rep. It’s still not fool-proof (or lie-proof), but it’s a step forward.

  3. Peter

    Not only is the approach of these businesses to consumer inquiries fundamentally dishonest (we now see “recalls” disseminated as “product pulls”/silent recalls through company Facebook pages and low-impact Friday night press releases!), the employees themselves assigned to field questions are generally under-trained and uninformed. I would never devote time to contacting the consumer affairs division of any pet food business, because those departments are generally incapable of providing accurate information.

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