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FDA Statement on Evangers Pet Food

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  1. landsharkinnc

    OMG; this is beyond comprehension – since when are they using sodium pentobarbital to euthanize cattle??? dogs/cats, yes; cows no. Thank goodness I use meats from my own neighborhood grocery store!

    1. Susan Weyrauch

      I know! This makes me wonder if it’s deliberate tampering.

      1. Reader

        Exactly how do you tamper with an unopened can? And how would people intentionally sabotage both Plants to the point of the FDA calling them out in their report?

        Either people aren’t reading any of the articles or comments being posted here. Or researching the USDA Notices.

        Please let me know how much is being paid for every post on a website defending Evanger’s??

        1. Jeri

          It begs credulity to believe that Evanger’s could in any way be a victim here. There is NO explanation for the use of NON-USDA meats (invoice puts paid to the idea they “didn’t know”), nor can the state of their plants be explained away. They knew, they lied, they are responsible. Period.

    2. kim

      no. this means they are using euthanized pets in their pet food. cows don’t get injected with pentobarbitol….

  2. Reader

    Buh-bye … Evanger’s!

  3. Terri Christenson Janson

    Me too. I homecook with meat from the meat counter at my grocery store.

  4. caroline LEE

    Three times my dog came down with diarrhea and confusion. By the time the second and third time came around I had written down what she ate the day before. In both cases it was Evanger’s Grain Free Pulled Beef. I promptly threw away the rest of my cans and called the company I had gotten them from and was told that they hadn’t had any complaints. Not everyone pays attention to their pups when they open the door and send them out to potty, but mine likes it when I go out with her and thank goodness or else I would never have known !

    1. T Allen

      Good evidence, I’m sure they attorney for the pups that died and got sick would love to know!

    2. Lynne

      Its really a good thing that you do pay attention! My little dog Gypsy had a couple of meals from a can of Evangers, Hunk of Beef, and she got diarrhea each time. I had to take her to the vet. She needed medication. Scary!

  5. Lynn Marie Utecht

    Oh, please Lord. Let this be the beginning of the end of FDA’ s looking the other way and downright not inspecting these plants.
    When was the last time these two plants WERE inspected??? This kind of building damage does not happen overnight….

    1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

      I second that emotion! My jaw nearly hit the floor reading the excerpts of the findings from the FDA’s inspection of the plant! HORRIFIC!

      As you commented, Lynn Marie, this “kind of building damage does not happen overnight” that is an understatement! Also the “protocol” of how the worker’s we’re cutting up raw chicken meat on wood pieces used for construction! Condensation dripping into the petfood! WTH?!!!!! There is NOTHING SANITARY WHATSOEVER! w/ ANYTHING! that they do in this plant!

      Sounds to me folks, that the FDA has been knowingly complacent in this facilities condition! It IS up to them to insure the inspections are up to date! The reported widespread damage to the facility sounds like MANY MANY years, maybe a decade of decay, & someone either “looking the other way”, purposefully, or NEVER even looking at all! Either way, FDA IS responsible for their lack of proper inspection & reporting & fining tue manufacturer! However, Evanger’s showing this level of neglect, outright lying to the public consumer, and being OK, w/ their DEPLORABLE! conditions in their manufacturing plant, well, personally, I think their business should fold!

      Now, the major questions, on probably all our mind’s is; what are all the other companies who’s products are manufactured in this plant gonna do about this?! Will they be as appalled as we consumers all are, & immediately sever ties w/ them? If they do not! then they all should be boycotted too! Those (beyond words!) conditions of their facilities does not warrant ANYONE to have ANY trust in them whatsoever!!!! in my opinion.

      1. Pacific Sun

        The “major” question is how will co-packing clients respond to the state of the Plants’ conditions??

        Well actually it’s just one of many questions. But how they respond is a matter of pulling product from assembly, going short on stock, losing retailers and money. Or continuing with the contract until if and when they can find another “affordable” co-packer. This is a business. This is an industry. And no company is moving around with blinders on. There are no “white knights” on horseback ready to save the day either, by calling out a bad situation among competitors.

        If there were ….you’d see the companies (who are claiming to be doing business appropriately) advertising … not only the “quality” of their ingredients ….BUT the integrity of their manufacturing process AND facility. They’d be proud to share an inspection report. But so far, they haven’t any need to do it.

        This case (if it goes to court) might change that. By casting even more doubt among consumers on yet another PFI issue! Just as the dust-up between competitors did, over the use of by-products.

        The picture painted by the FDA facilities’ report is pretty disgusting! Particularly about unrefrigerated raw meat. So now more people can really understand why pets get SO sick (seemingly on a random basis) when the owner KNOWS the only variable is the PF they’ve eaten!

        This link [[ ]] is another copy of who makes what. But it’s very dated. So don’t be complacent. The real point is getting (in WRITING) where and with whom your PF manufacturer does business! And the state of their facilities. Of course Susan’s preferred lists are helpful, because she’s done a LOT of in depth research.

      2. B V M

        Before you bash the FDA and their “lack of proper inspection”, they tested the Evanger’s pet food, both the opened cans and various unopened cans. They DNA tested the food and found it was in fact beef. They have been all over both of the Evanger’s plants and are thoroughly investigating this issue. I don’t know how often FDA inspectors are required to visit these plants, (Susan may be able to tell you), but it’s not often. They have hundreds of plants to inspect and are understaffed. In a perfect world, it would be yearly inspections…

        1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

          Yes, the FDA did do the testing on the food, that’s good. Yes, I understand that they can’t possibly inspect all these plants yearly, but come on, this seems like a decade of these plants falling apart. Besides that, how can anyone justify seeing NO WORKING REFRIGERATION! when dealing with raw meat that is defrosting, or to be kept stored! that is food poisoning waiting to happen! They should have shut them down. RIGHT THERE & THEN!

          1. Pet Owner

            Because …. it IS business as usual (as BVM just noted>

        2. Jeri

          In the documentary “Pet Fooled”, snippets from the Congressional hearings are shown for the 2007 recalls. I recall Senator Dick Durbin making the point that 30% of the plants MIGHT get inspected once. If that still holds true, it explains a lot.

    2. Peter

      Evanger’s is complicit in the deception. Not clear how they can defend their lack of interest in monitoring their supply chain metrics.

  6. Melanie Brown

    I wonder if this is in anyway related to the most recent case of Wild Calling Rabbit (packed at Evangers) I received that reeked of diesel. My cats refused to touch it, so I threw it away and got a refund from Chewy.

    1. MaryTX

      I’ve had the same experience with Evanger’s foods. I sent the link to this article and requested refunds for two recently purchased canned varieties – lamb and buffalo – and will be throwing the food away. They will not be donated.

    2. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

      Did you not report it to Evanger’s & the FDA?

      1. MaryTX

        Sorry, I just saw your question, Cheryl. Chewy’s told me they were contacting the company, so I did not, but I should have. I have reported issues with other pet foods directly and will continue to do so in the future, should any arise.

  7. Omar

    I once ordered a case of cat food. All the cans’ lids were spot rusted. Very odd. My cats did not care for the food. I never order any of their products again. Also, back in the day, I believe the plant was investigated for unsanitary conditions. Evanger’s should be a proud American company, instead they are no better than the Chinese pet poisoners.

  8. seeingeye2

    I’ve been feeding my dogs Evanger’s All Natural Classic Beef Canned Dog Food. Should I be concerned about this food too? I have not noticed any ill effects in my dogs …. yet.

    1. Batzion

      Evanger’s is a crooked company, and I wouldn’t drop another dime their way if I was you. They need to be shut down or sued out of business.

      1. Edi Whisler

        ABSOLUTELY. This is now 4/30/2017 and there has been another recall now of a brand packaged by the Evangers’ manufacturer: Cocolicious dog food, made by “Party Animal”. As much as I’d like to give Party Animal/Cocolicious the benefit of the doubt, I can’t: they should have cut ties with this manufacturer a few months ago, after this Evanger’s recall–now the SAME THING has happened again, only with Cocolicious, a brand that I feed my dog and cats, a brand that is supposedly (per the LABEL) “USDA Certified Organic”. I cannot understand how this can happen, how the companies can stay in business, and how there are not some individuals going to JAIL here. The labels were/are defrauding the public/consumer, and endangering animals’ lives. Aren’t there consequences for violating truth in labeling LAWS?

    2. shepsperson

      I wouldn’t feed them anything packed by this company. Whether or not if it’s part of this recall.
      I know how expensive dog food is, especially canned (I literally spend a paycheck on wet food weekly). See of you can return the unopened cans to the store. Or else throw it out. Saving money is not worth your pet’s health & life.
      It’s probably only a matter of time before more products are recalled.

  9. T Allen

    Maybe tis will open the eyes of the Evanger’s trolls and everyone else who thinks 99% of ANY dog food is something people would eat. A class action lawsuit would shut them down but someone else would just step in to fill the gap. I am surprised that the meat was all beef but would really like to know how this slaughter house is getting so many euthanized bovines. There has to be at least one vet involved, question is whether they are aware of how these animals are being incorrectly disposed of.

    1. Jeri

      So many have squawked about Evanger’s being “human grade” and how they have eaten it. Seeing the plant reports from both cities, I doubt they’ll want to admit that now! Condensate dripping into opened cans and birds everywhere?? UGH. Maybe they’ll start asking for “proof” other than what they see on the manufacturer’s website – which is no proof at all.

      1. Laurie Raymond

        I suspect I am one of those some of you have accused of being paid to shill for Evangers. I did mention that I have tasted the products I’ve sold, and that I have never, in 8 years, had a customer report anything noticed as amiss with their products. I did advise people to wait for the investigation’s completion and report before making judgments. Well, now that the report is in, I feel triply betrayed by Evangers and will never purchase another of their products. This company provided assurances to retailers like me that it was using only USDA approved beef. Their pricing has been consistent with that claim. How on earth sodium pentobarbital came to contaminate beef is still boggling to my mind. Dr Will Falconer explained in his newsletter that cows are never euthanized with that drug – it would be cost-prohibitive, when non-toxic lethal means are readily available and legal at slaughterhouses, and the extremely rare owner who had a pet cow euthanized would be even more unlikely to have the carcass sneaked into the food chain, even if it were possible. I have learned from this incident to be even more suspicious of ALL pet food makers, and to insist on monitoring their sourcing claims to the extent possible. It is not easy to do, because, as this site and others have long pointed out, manufacturers are given free rein to ignore what little law governs them. I have long advocated avoiding commercial pet food, and have taught classes in home-made food making. In the case of Evangers, I trusted a friend who has had a long relationship with the company, and whose ethics I respect. I feel sure she is feeling as betrayed as I feel – or more. Because the contaminant is sodium pen, a very tightly controlled substance that is virtually never used on cattle (the usual sources of it in pet foods have always been presumed to come from rendered euthanized pets which find their way into the lowest quality “meat meals”) this incident still needs much more full and conclusive investigating, which I’m glad to learn is ongoing. But Evangers culpability for deception and gross misrepresentation of their products has been proven. I hope they are forced out of business. Even if it later turns out that somehow the company was the target of some sort of vendetta, they do not deserve to be forgiven for their abdication of responsibility. And by the way, I certainly was never paid (or even requested by the company) to post my comments counseling restraint on rushing to judgment. I still think it is important to wait for facts and evidence before condemning anyone or anything.

        1. Reader

          I have a lot of respect for you, Laurie. Few (if any) people would come back onto the site to explain what you have. As a retailer your frankness should (and probably does for those who know you) go a long way in terms of loyal customers.

          The reason for the harsh push back, has been due to “Shills” diluting the discussion with distraction. Few of these cases ever result in an actual reveal. Except that in this case proper steps were taken. But I agree, legal should treat evidence, as evidence, in terms of a crime. Owners should always be reminded, don’t return product to the manufacturer or retailer. For people concerned about compensation, keep your receipts, photo both the opened and unopened problem food with the Lot number and Date! Explain to the company your pet’s symptoms (and if you have a Vet’s report). Tell them the food is going for testing. And you will be filing a report with the FDA. I guarantee you, compensation will be so quickly forthcoming, will make your head spin. The Industry knows the power of Social Media. The Industry knows (very well) their mistakes.

          Evanger’s biggest fail, is lying to their customers. Consumers can forgive many things, including an occasional mistake. But not when a company consistently disrespects customers and retailers. And deflects responsibility (as you’ve pointed out so well). Your Post here, is a very good example of that betrayal. Once again, thank you for your honesty and integrity. Your customers are lucky you’ve now become their advocate too!

        2. BT

          I have seen a picture of people happily tasting the food at a tradeshow under a big sign saying it is human grade & it is so painful to look at. It hurts to know that they were misled into believing it was safe to consume. I wonder if legally the people who consumed the product under the false advertising might have a legally strong case & be able to get more sanctions against the company. The pet owner has done everything right to protect so many pets. I hope to see more brave people step forward to get this prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

        3. Em

          Yes, thank you for your reply. I’m glad this has been a public wake up call for many people but it’s best to wait for the full information in any situation. Now that we have that though, we know that everyone along the way has had their trust broken–including distributors and retailers!

  10. Dee Yingling

    I have been feeding all of my dogs fresh food for the past 7 years, in Pompano, Fl. All of my dogs health seems to improve every year. This year my Parson Russell Terrier will be 14, my Chihuahua will be 12, and my Shin Tzu will be 11. I have always owned a dog, this food has changed my dogs health, and I could not be happier with their always improving health! It is absolutely AMAZING!

    1. MaryTX

      Please consider posting the sources of your food or recipes. Thank you!

  11. Debi

    I wonder why the FDA is all of a sudden doing it’s job?????

    1. MB

      My thoughts exactly!

    2. Reader

      Because a series of important steps were taken to facilitate their investigation. Perhaps Susan will write more about that side of the story. But the poor owner persevered through a lot of Doubters, in order to contribute to an effective investigation. In this case, I think the “success” of the FDA should be celebrated, rather than mis-steps rehashed.

      1. kayliz

        I agree: a lot of people, and dogs, stand to benefit from the resolve of the pugs’ owner through what can only have been a horrifying time.

      2. Laurie Raymond

        I did not see or hear anything about any law enforcement entities being involved, and perhaps this is not the norm. But it should be. It is important in any incident where legal liability and especially criminal prosecution might be warranted to record the incident for first awareness and as much as is possible maintain custody of the evidence in a proper manner. Especially in this case, where an amount of a highly controlled substance is the contaminant. Perhaps veterinarians could be involved in this evidence preservation effort, since they are likely to be the earliest people to become aware of an issue. Think of the way things are handled in cases of possibly deliberate human poisonings. It should not have been the poor pet owner who was forced to push this investigation forward.

  12. Michelle

    So horrible! Just shows you cannot trust anything these days. I am hugging my Collies tight tonight.

  13. Jane Eagle

    SO: even if a company labels their food “human grade” that cannot be trusted! The only way to protect your pets is to make your own food.
    And many poor people eat canned pet food…

    1. Sandy

      I’m not defending pet food makers, but you can check whether a brand is manufactured in a USDA and/or APHIS-EU approved plant: Susan includes that information in her pet food profiles in the Petsumer Report. You also can see if a particular brand is manufactured by Evanger’s. I would like to draw attention to the part of the Wheeling, Ill., FDA inspection that noted, “You lack operating refrigerated storage facilities or other means of controlling the temperature exposure of raw meats during thawing, storage, and processing.” No OPERATING refrigeration? For raw meat that is being stored? Think what that means! How many brands and foods do they make in those conditions? I am not surprised by the results of the inspection, based on the company’s history, which many here have brought out. I am surprised that the FDA inspected and has publicized these results. Perhaps the lies about being USDA inspected, followed by the death and illness of someone’s pets, was too much for the FDA to ignore. It puts the agency’s reputation and credibility on the line. My sympathy to the owners of the little dogs, and thanks to them for bringing all this out. Great reporting, Susan.

      1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

        Why? though, did the FDA not shut them down right then & there?!!!! That seems UNBELIEVABLE to me, that with that level of code violations that they were allowed to continue “business as usual”. It makes no sense whatsoever!

      2. Ann

        wish media would get involved. It’s worse than you can imagine.

  14. Frances Kadas

    I hope his company is sued by every person who has used this deadly food for their innocent pets.Why were these
    Companies not shut down after the findings at these plThe FDA is also responsible for not acting on these

  15. lesliek

    This company has been operating like this for years. Want to see a record of it ? Go to & enter Evangers into the search box. Unfortunately the ridiculous posts by paid shills & the owners using fake names were deleted by them afterwards . Some of the members online at the time did get screen shots of it though . And the ip addresses they used were traced back to them .

    1. B V M

      I just went to the link you gave, above, and it says “Server not found”. Maybe spelling is different?

      1. Jeri

        I’m sure she means “itchmo”. Back in 2007 that was the main “go to” place for info. on the latest recalls.

  16. Kelly Gysler

    I wish this had come out sooner. My best friend died in November. He had Cushing’s dz and I was attempting to give him the best diet ever. Came across Hunk of Beef and read the label. Short story is he loved it. Soon began going downhill, stumbling, lethargy and drinking constantly. Unfortunately while attempting to prolong his life I in actuality shortened it considerably. At the tender young age of 8 my Malti-Poo “Psycho” passed away.

    1. Pet Owner

      The only punishment fit for Evanger’s is making them eat their own pet food in perpetuity.

      I am so sorry for your loss. The blame is ONLY with them, and not for any other reason. But your post here, may help another pet owner avoid a problem, or report a problem to the FDA. To everyone reading: do not return the evidence to the manufacturer or the retailer. But do file a report with the FDA.

      Thank you for posting.

  17. lesliek

    Sorry the m on my keyboard sticks ! The link is .

    1. Susan Mckee

      Hi lesliek, I have tried many times to log on to or ithchmo,com for many years and each time I am refused. Since the beginning of the pet food recall I was a member, Please let me know what is happening. Thank you Susan.

      1. Reader

        I copied the phrase you supplied in your post, pasted it in GOOGLE Search, brought up (already opened) the forum of comments. I don’t follow it, but could read all the posts.

        It’s either your firewall (security package) or you’ve been blocked. Otherwise change browsers. I go in through Edge because of MS 10.

  18. jnshok

    Do any other brands of pet food get manufactured at these 2 facilities or only Evangers?

    1. Jeri

      Yes, but finding out who is quite the feat. Check the TAPF FB site. Susan has some that she has confirmed and she has posted there somewhere.

      1. Reader

        Yes, because now they will say it’s proprietary information! Code speak for they either don’t know, or don’t know what’s going on with their third party (so for them, it’s just better to stay quiet). Only use the companies who are honest and have responded to Susan’s interviews, which you’ll find on Susan’s List. Well worth the peace of mind!

    2. Em

      Look for the half moon best by date at the bottom of the can for that info. Party Animal still does, but Dave’s switched a while ago away from them and Wild Calling just this week is switching the alligator, rabbit and buffalo from Evanger’s. The rest of Wild Calling is packed at another plant (i.e. no half moon date)

  19. Deb

    I contacted Wild Calling days ago regarding the conditions found in the Evanger plants, where a few varieties of their pet food are still canned. No response back from them. I will throw out all of my Wild Calling, as well as the cans of Against the Grain I have. Never again! 100% homemade for our cats from this point on.

    1. Em

      Actually Wild Calling contacted my local pet store and they are moving the varieties done by Evanger’s to another plant. This includes the rabbit, buffalo and alligator for both cat and dog. Not sure where they’re moving them to or when the new cans will be available but at least they’re making the right decision.

      Awesome you are going to feed a homemade diet!! But just wanted others to know, no sense in throwing Wild Calling under the bus just because they (previously) needed to use one of the largest co-packers in the USA.

      1. Deb

        How about making a public statement? How about putting something on their facebook page or their website? Not everyone buys from local pet stores. Keeping quiet and not answering their messages….I’m not the one throwing them under the bus, they are doing it to themselves. Have they even stepped into the manufacturing plant? Have they seen the conditions?

        1. Jane

          I contacted Party Animal and haven’t heard back, either. I don’t know how the co-pack relationship works – does Evanger’s do all the manufacturing (including ordering ingredients) and then just basically sell labeling rights or would each company have their own suppliers?

          Of course, there are still the horrible conditions at their facilities to consider.

          I contacted their organic certifier, as well. We’ve been using Evanger’s and Party Animal/Cocolicious organic food, thinking that would ensure another layer of oversight. But the FDA seems to have found that none of their suppliers are USDA-FSIS registered facilities. So I don’t know how their food could really be organic.

          No word back from them, either.

          I hope the FDA continues to provide information as they discover it. I think this is just the tip of the iceberg.

        2. Deb

          Wild Calling has put up a response to the Evangers mess on their Facebook page now. Happy that they have stopped production at Evangers, but sorry that it took this long. Consumers have been voicing their concerns to Wild Calling for years. The problems with Evangers have existed for quite some time.

  20. Jessie Frederiksen

    🤣🤣HAHAAAHAA😂😂 Evangers thought they were being pretty slick and quick (NOT👎) about changing their web page before anyone noticed. Looks like they weren’t fast enough!!! 😏
    Hahaaa this just goes to show you that when you lie🤥🤥, cheat or do anything scandalous, or deceitful etc etc, one better remember every single lie, cheating, scandalous or deceitful thing they’ve said cuz if not , it’s going to come back and bite you in the a$$!!! Fear not, this is just the begining, watch and see , less than honest companies are going to become desperate trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and in doing so they will start making too many mistakes and before you know it BAMM Busted!!! For all the world to see!
    Anyhoo im done,

  21. Observer

    This tone of this message is disrespectful to the owner affected by Evanger’s actions. We’re quick to deride the posts of shills and trolls in defense of the company. Just as it should be, calling out the responsible party (in this manner). The facts are, owners depended upon this food, this line. It could’ve been a wonderful alternative to other “indistinguishable mush like” PF. Retailers and consumers were let down. Trust was absolutely disregarded by Evanger’s, who have still, failed to offer an appropriate apology. Not in terms of throwing their supplier under the bus. But a “the buck stops here” kind of acceptance of responsibility, and particularly for the trust they’ve violated..

    Sure thing people are disappointed and angry. But we’re not “middle school age” kids anymore. And need to focus on constructive, articulate ways to hold the Industry and Agencies accountable, instead of looking the other way, which Compliance Policies allow! The use of silly emoticons certainly doesn’t help at all.

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