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Not Defamation, Truth

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  1. Carla K

    Way to go, Susan! Very well researched, documented information for us consumers who have the right to know these things!

  2. gail

    Isn’t it so pathetic that Evangers is willing to spend money on lawyers, and so concerned about their reputation when you tell the truth about them, but, not willing to protect their reputation by making a safe and healthy pet food.
    They can get in line with the rest of Big Pet Feed. It seems they all swim in the same swamp.

    1. soozyb2013

      Well put Gail, love the swamp thing. It just is going to cost the companies millions to make good pet “food”, so they lie, cheat and steal from us, what they steal is our pets.

    2. Jeri

      Perfectly said. Would that they cared enough about their reputation to PREVENT the problems in the first place rather than focusing all their efforts on damage control and intimidation. Says it all, really.

  3. lesliek

    Susan that is the way the handle everything. With threats. I asked for a refund & they followed me around the internet calling me an extortionist . It’s a shame what they have done to what was originally a quality food & well run business.

  4. Deziz World

    Thank you for fighting for the safety of all our pets. Pets don’t live long enough as it is. It’s a crime to have them end up ill or dead because of the food they eat. Because of lies and misleading labels. Just, thank you.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  5. soozyb2013

    I used to buy Evanglers on occasion and I truly thought it was a “good” company. Well, was I wrong. Thank goodness my pets are okay and have been okay. I just wish the big companies would just come clean and start producing what it says on labels, safe for our pets to consume. If you wouldn’t sit down and eat it, than why should my fur babies.

  6. Sherrie Ashenbremer

    Thank you for all your research and helping pet parents and their pets stay healthy

  7. Peter

    The excesses of Evanger’s as a business are well known, and information is available publicly. This company has no credibility at this stage. Beyond our knowledge of the “curved” date stamp, we could only wish that as a public service, the products that they “co-pack” for other brands should be disclosed by Evanger’s itself, so that consumers can avoid them.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I’ve been told that Evanger’s has changed the curved stamp on their cans – I hear it is no longer curved.

      1. Jeri

        I’m betting we can all guess why! UGH.

  8. Anna Van Damme

    THANK YOU, Susan, for all the incredibly hard work and unrelenting research you do to help keep our beloved pets safe! Your posts are a light in a very dark, dangerous world!

  9. Cannoliamo

    Sad that Evanger’s has to rely on an attorney threatening a defamation law suit in order to minimize the adverse PR effects of a failed FDA government food safety inspection where pentobarbital contamination (as well as numerous other violations) were discovered when Evanger’s could instead have simply released the complete truth about their pet food at the beginning of this contamination episode and not have to rely on an attorney to help restore their consumer reputation that has been so severely damaged by their many FDA violations.

  10. Nina

    Ruin what reputation??? Evanger’s has done a pretty good job of doing that themselves. Fraud, lying, cheating, etc… I can’t believe that they are still in business.

  11. Mary-Dee Rickards

    How can I find out what other pet food companies use Evangers?
    Keep up the good work. You are amazing.
    PS a corporation cannot be defamed. Only individuals can be defamed. The proper term would have been something like “product disparagement “.

  12. Carol North

    Thank you, Susan, for the work you do on behalf of petfood consumers. I have learned so much from reading your posts.

  13. geordie04

    Bravo, Susan!
    Infuriating that you are subject to all this utter tosh.

  14. Holly Rist

    Any other company would be ducking for cover…but, somehow, I think Evangers is too arrogant to know when to just shut up. Go get ’em, Susan!

  15. Susan Hayes

    Thank you very much, Susan, for your dogged persistence in all this!

  16. paponypal


  17. Annonymous

    As Susan correctly points out, there is a time delay between the time that FDA issued the first warning letter (first one on 1/10/17) putting Evangers on notice about the adulterated ingredients (which would make them ineligible for organic certification) and Evangers finally “surrendering” their certification on August 16, 2017. It is highly likely that Evangers was forced to surrender their certification (and by forced I mean they worried about litigation).
    I URGE anyone who purchased Evangers products because of the organic certification between January 2017 and August 2017 to get in touch with a plaintiff’s lawyer and institute a class action against Evangers.
    If you don’t know how to find a plaintiff’s lawyer just search the words “false advertising complaint class action” or include the words “plaintiff” in your browser and you will find links to law firms and complaints that have been filed and the name of the law firm representing those plaintiffs.

  18. Poodle Lover

    Any other company in their position would be groveling for forgiveness from their previously interested customers! And explaining all the provisions they’ve put into place to prevent this situation from happening in the future. But their arrogance and continual denial completely turns off past and potential customers. Their complete insensitivity towards the affected victims, speaks volumes. They should be spending all their time explaining how they’ve tried to rectify the situation. But now that they’ve “attacked” Susan too, you can bet the rest of their potential customer base has disappeared! I hope they read all of these comments. The “Streisand Effect” is indeed alive and well. There are thousands of brands from which to choose…. who at this point would even take a chance on Evangers? Hope you’re reading all these comments, Evangers! This issue has nothing to do with TAPF publicity. It’s all about your lack of honesty, humility and good intentions for improving the future!

    What losers, and your stupidity abounds!

  19. Jane

    Unfortunately, Evanger’s packs or co-packs a large percentage of the organic pet food sector (Evanger’s Organics, Party Animal, Cocolicious, Pet Tao, to name a few). Which is what makes Oregon Tilth’s lack of action in light of all their problems so frustrating. Hopefully, the certification of the Markham plant will be contingent on the FDA violations being addressed and remedied. Evanger’s seems to view their customers as either patsies or adversaries, when all we really want is for them to pack safe and healthy food for our pets. And for the powers-that-be (like Oregon Tilth) to take their responsibilities seriously enough to ensure that they do.

  20. meowoui

    Truth hurts doesn’t it. It wasn’t TAPF that hurt Evanger’s it was their own fault. Don’t blame anyone except yourself EVANGER.

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