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It Just Happened

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  1. Kelley Hayden

    I agree. Given the history of CJTs, the onus of safety needs to be on the manufacturer & the distributor. Clearly there is a conflict of interest between the FDA failing to err on the side of safety versus continuing permission. Other than boycotting the products and spreading the word, what else can we the consumers do? Please suggest. With much appreciation for all the research, communication and caring that you put into your work. I can’t imagine being without your advocacy.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thanks Kelley – I would like to see a meeting of FDA with pet owners that have suffered so from these jerky treats. I’m not confident it would change things – but I feel FDA needs to look these people in the eyes, to hear their stories of heartache first hand. It would be nice to invite all major retailers of the treats (Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Petsmart, Petco) too. If they are going to continue to sell the treats – the very least they can do is hear the personal stories from those that have paid the biggest price for the treats.

    2. Sharon Norris

      Perhaps if some of these people had to eat these treats they would look at things differently. Now that Chinese has taken over Smithfield Packing in VA, I won’t be eating much pork either. Almost all the pork in local stores is Smithfield or Gwatney (same thing) so my once a month bacon and the dog’s most special treat will have to be replaced with something else. Nothing eatable from China is being served here.

  2. Rita DeSollar

    Bravo, Susan. It Just Happened that my dog was one of the ones that died.

  3. Mary Kay Gerrets

    Have you tried contacting Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio regarding the lack of cooperation from the FDA? He has been a great friend on this issue.

  4. Cora Vandekar

    My Cloe died from eating this junk too. I had half my pack getting sick (5 dogs) all at the same time.. Thank you for standing up to them..

  5. Noe Bunnell

    100% agreed. This whole affair just continues to get worse and worse. It’s not even surprising anymore, just maddening and terribly sad. The FDA can’t be trusted – they’re obviously in Purina’s pockets. It’s really too bad that money means more than lives to the FDA. It makes you wonder what other scandals they are involved in, in areas other than pet treats… scary.

  6. Jack Wade

    Susan, I’ve had numerous FOIA requests and run-ins with the IRS over the years. I could write a book about the lies I have been told. What I discovered was that once I filed a FOIA lawsuit, I got more respect from the Division involved. Over the years I had to file 3 separate FOIA lawsuits with 3 different IRS divisions. The reason is a FOIA lawsuit will bring in the Justice Dept. who will shake things up. That’s not to say that some things weren’t difficult during the lawsuit by the DOJ lawyers, but afterwards I didn’t get the run around from the IRS Division involved. DOJ lawyers can be a bit wacky too. For example, I had one try to put me in the same category as prisoners and drug dealers. Another thing I discovered is that they frequently miscite cases in their briefs to distort their position. I would suggest that it’s time to file a FOIA suit against FDA.

    1. Kelley Hayden

      Filing a suit against the FDA sounds like a good idea, especially to get their attention. And let them know the TAPF Association isn’t going away. As in wouldn’t it just be easier for them to comply? But is there a cost to litigation? If so, then maybe the TAPF Association needs donations for this cause. The conflict in reporting results among the agencies is a serious matter. If this discrepancy is to be examined, the consumer’s well founded lack of confidence in the FDA can be demonstrated. Please let the readers know if they can support this cause.

  7. Terri Janson

    This is just so sickening. I don’t feed any commercial treats. I make my own. I’m just hoping the ingredients I use are safe…Who knows anymore.

    Thank you Susan for all your hard work!

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