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Disturbing (and illegal) FDA Compliance Policies

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  1. Anthony Hepton

    One requirement states that where diversion is made to animal feed, data exists that there is no adverse health effect for the animal receiving the diverted food. Are these data available for review? Who generated these data? Have the data been submitted to appropriate agencies? Can the public see these data?

  2. Anthony Hepton

    Would supermarket meat past it’s expiration date be considered diverted product? Would restaurant and fast food oils and fats be considered diverted products? What other animal products that go to independent renderers be considered diverted products. Purina claims their products do not contain diverted products that were originally intended for human consumption, are they correct?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Not really diverted products – expired meats and used restaurant oils are officially accepted in rendered ingredients so they would need no special approval by FDA due to being diverted from the human food chain. ‘Diverted products’ are specifically human foods that became adulterated and instead of putting these products into a landfill, FDA gives permission to divert them to the animal food supply.

  3. Laura

    Where are you getting your facts?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Everything in this post was quotes of law and FDA Compliance Policies. You can’t get more factual than that.

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