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Our Battle with FDA Begins

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  1. Tracey

    Thank you Susan for all your time, effort and energy (not to mention money!) spent on this. It will be a tough battle but the truth is on our side and we WILL prevail! Now off to write letters….. 🙂

  2. Brenda

    wow, impressive

  3. Cheri Fellinger

    This is all great news BUT I think we’d better brainstorm the another solution for them……WHAT TO DO WITH THAT WASTE so it doesn’t end up in some other form of toxin to the environment. Let’s face it, its an ENORMOUS amount of dead, diseased, chemically altered junk that can’t contaminate ground or water sources.

    1. Pacific Sun

      You got to be kidding me. We figure out a solution … for ….. them??

      Ahhh it would need to be incinerated. So why not make (just for a change) the owners of refuse responsible for their discards. In my city can’t just off-load weekly garbage to avoid the bill. . But pollution always seems to be put at the inconvenience of regular folks. Banning grocery bags. But selling case-loads of water in plastic bottles! Requiring used motor oil go to go back to AutoZone. Meanwhile people can’t (or couldn’t) drink the water in Flint, Michigan!

      There’s something wrong with this picture. We’re doing the right things because we know better. But corporate responsibility always has some loophole. Like recycling food stuff for PROFIT!

      Let’s call the subject of bad PF what it is. Manufacturing a “survival only” livestock grade feed made up of rehabilitated garbage-waste and toxic rendered protein is another form of animal abuse. Why? Because advertising is a lie. Which literally forces consumers to buy under false pretenses. Thinking reprocessed, artificially balanced, chemically corrected, dry dog biscuit bits, are actually better than fresh whole food for dogs. What their ancestral DNA requires!

      The real lie is that PF manufacturers are selling only one thing. Which is pure and simply called convenience. They know it (and most people do) every step of the way. It isn’t better food at all. It’s EASY food. That’s the only “Truth About Pet Food.”

  4. Lori S.

    Incredibly impressive work (and explanation of that work and of what we can do). Kudos to you, and thank you for all you do.

  5. JaneeS

    I recently participated in a similar campaign to lobby our federal officials to take action in reference to a natural health supplement. It worked! In addition to emailing, calling your representative’s and senator’s offices was highly effective to bring attention to the matter. Often the official has little or no knowledge in reference to the issue you are contacting them about. Talking to someone in their office, giving facts along with personal stories of how this affects you and your pets gives them more insight as to why this push for change is important and necessary for a huge number of Americans. Many participants called and emailed over and over, even talked to the official directly. Emotional rants and pleas without facts aren’t that helpful, so whether you call or speak directly to an official or write/email them, please be prepared with the facts of what we want to do: actively enforce EXISTING laws, request the FDA to stop allowing illegal ingredients like 4D animals and other adulterated food and substances in our pet food, enforce legislation about truth in labeling pet food. To find your US Representative and Senator, go to the following website and enter your zip code.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thank you for your comment – that gives us all some hope! And thanks for the link – I should have included that in my post.

    2. JaneeS

      The link I gave in my comment above is only for US Representatives. This is a better link to find ALL your US Congress Members along with links to their websites to get email and phone numbers:

  6. Kathryn S

    may the Force be with you — but in an Election year, and this close to the election itself – not inclusive of ‘early voting’ states — this is probably not the best time to be sending letters, or to have even filed this — I’m sure it will be after November 8th before anyone in any governmental office is either breathing a sigh of relief, or is beginning to pack up their gear in anticipation of leaving office.
    I would suggest that anyone reading this COPY/PASTE/SAVE the letters into a ‘word’ document ( or whatever you use ), make some minor ‘personal’ changes — don’t mess with the legalese — just make it from your position as a pet owner who wants to know what you are feeding your animals; and after the election – send to any newly elected officials in those local position in your state, even if they won’t be taking office until after the first of the year. Outgoing individuals may be less than enthusiastic in taking on a new proposal.

    In my state many of our State officials – Commissioner of Agriculture, Senators, Congressmen/women and Governor are up for re-election. Just an idea — you could always send more than one letter!

    1. Pet Owner

      Let’s pretend the candidates who we have, didn’t exist. I don’t want this to be a pointed political comment. The consensus of the Voters in 2016 is that they’re tired of Washington deadlock. Unfortunately I don’t think timing has anything to do with stagnation. Candidates will say anything to secure a new office or existing term. But they are never held accountable to promises made. Outgoing Politicians may no longer care, true. But new ones will be beholding to financial supporters, and looking towards their reelection, also true. When is there ever a good time to be responsive to regular Citizens. Or will priority always be biased.

      The beauty of Susan’s initiative is to point out that a law exists. And it is not open to interpretation for convenience. This is a responsibility for every sworn representative to uphold. Enforce the law, or change it. I don’t get to drive 70 mph in a 50 mph zone just because it looks convenient enough. If there’s the CHP watching, then I deserve a ticket. It’s not a judgement call.

      So why does business always get an exemption?

  7. Pat Torlen

    Hi Susan,
    Thanks for all the work you do on behalf of our beloved furry companions. What would you suggest that we Canadians do to help in this cause? Much of the pet food products available at retailers in Canada comes from the USA so we have a vested interest as well. Keep up the fight!

    1. Jane Democracy


      We need to fight for safe Canadian pet food as well. We are lagging even further behind than the US. Canada has no regulation regarding pet food. Zero, nada zip! Currently only packaging labeling laws apply. There is no watchdog, no one is checking unless the food is exported to another country, then the Canadian Food Inspection Agency conducts checks on behalf of that country, but those checks are announced and easy to “get around”. The FDA will be conducting random checks on companies that produce for export to the USA, which is good but we need regulation and checks. Under the labeling laws now, as a pet food manufacturer you have 6 months to change your packaging and that is if and only if you get caught. There are all sorts of lies on products, but the manufacturers are not worried because who is checking up on them?

  8. Catherine E Cook

    I think you need to tweak the letters so no cut and paste is required. I would love to help you with this by writing letters the way you have it too difficult. I want to look neat and professional. How many letters do you want and just to my senators and representatives in my geographic location? Any hired ups like who give name and address and phone, email. Sometimes they write back so you need a simple way to download the form after putting in

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