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One Store, Maybe Just One Day

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  1. Bon

    I am SHOCKED-Walmart complied! I am totally shocked – and yes the stuff will more than likely be back on the shelf in a day-but for one day-they weren’t

  2. Flick, Dot and Buzz

    Awesome work Susan, that’s HUGE… if a chain as large as walmart can be convinved to drop the Waggin’Train line, Purina might be forced to stop making money off Chinese imports… Great work Susan!
    Flick, Dot & Buzz

  3. Mary Kay

    All I ever get from Walmart and other retail managers is until corporate tells us to remove the treats, there is nothing we can do about it. I always think of what a great publicity move it would be if Walmart or one of the other retailers would choose to voluntarily remove the treats. Just think of the advertising – We are putting our customers’ pets first & until the FDA finds out what is wrong with the treats, Walmart (or whatever store) will not be caring any jerky treats made in China.

    1. Bon

      THAT would truly be a positive step in the right direction!

  4. Lita and Cookie's Mom

    That’s one small victory for our pets, Susan. You are such an inspiration in your dedication to making our pets’ lives safer . The truth lives on your website, and some people just can’t handle the truth. You are to be commended for not backing down and for remaining true to your mission. We all appreciate your efforts,Susan. Keep up the good work.

  5. Wanda Horner

    Susan you are doing a wonderful job! Hopefully this may get the ball rolling & ALL Wal-Marts will eventually remove the Waggin Train Treats.

    Wanda Horner

  6. Pacific Sun

    Overall, how did the protests go Nationwide? Just curious.

  7. Susan Thixton Author

    Pacific Sun,
    To our knowledge, the store I went to was the only store to remove the treats. But that was only for a day. That Walmart has already put the treats back on the shelves. It was worth a try, but basically the treats won again. They remain on store shelves – permanently destroying the kidney’s of who knows how many dogs.

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