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One Dog Death Every 3 Days for 8 Years

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  1. Brenda Boutin

    Not only unacceptable, unbelievably stupid. I wonder if they have any scientists working there. Maybe they are only testing one treat out of a bag. Might need to mix several bags of the same brand and see what turns up. Oh yeah, one treat may not kill, but most people give their pets several treats at a time.

    3 treats in the morning, 3 treats in the afternoon and maybe one or two at might. The toxin builds up over time. Maybe this investigation should be turned over to the FBI which is now tracking animal abuse.

  2. Angela

    For some reason, I thought the FDA determined the cause to be industrial strength glycerin discovered in large vats in the jerky treat manufacturing plants.

  3. Peter

    Under sharp criticism from consumers and food safety advocates about the pace of their “investigation” of this issue, the FDA abruptly updated its reports in 2013 and 2014. Given that environment, it seems surprising that the FDA would take effort to purposely scale back its reporting. This is very strange… to state that the agency is scaling back reporting (because the number of complaints is declining) but simultaneously proclaiming that the “shift in reporting cycles does not mean that the FDA is reducing its effort to investigate the cause of these illnesses”… they don’t seem to contemplate the appearance of this “update” at all.

  4. Betty

    My 4 yr old dachshund “Yogi” was poisoned by Chinese Jerky Treats. We lost him 11/26/13. He never did anything wrong his entire life and he did not deserve to die such a horrible death. To this day I am sickened by the fact that I feel partly responsible for the death of Yogi because I fed these treats to him. Something needs to be done, someone needs to be held accountable for the loss of all these pets. Corporations do not need to be making money off customers while our pets are dying. Our pets are family members. I miss Yogi every day since he has been gone. By the way, I did contact the FDA after we lost Yogi.

    1. jb

      So sorry for Yogi’s untimely departure. Gotta love those Viener Dogs! I have had many myself.

      Do not blame yourself. How were you to know? Just use the knowledge in the future & contact every politician, FDA, UDSA & any other authority/pet store you know about how you feel losing your beloved companion.

      Yogi’s passing can make a difference in pet food safety.


    2. Amy

      So sorry for Yogi. Yes, you are not to blame. We depend on the government to keep us safe, we do the same for our beloved pets, they are just not stepping up to plate and we have to be our pet’s voices and say, no more.

    3. Anne

      Some stores have stopped selling “Chinese Jerky Treats; like Pet Co.; so know your Dog helped stopped the selling of these so I thank the Daschund.
      All Pet Treats are “cheap filled ingredients; usu. flavored with chemicals) AR

    4. Linda

      I am so sorry for your loss. We lost our beautiful girl Dottie 11/19/2011 Please don’t carry the guilt. As consumers we should have never been able to buy these treats. They should not had even been on the store shelves. Some product packaging was misleading and not clearly marked that it was made in China. The companies that make them, the FDA for receiving thousands of complaints and still allowing them to be sold and the stores that sell them are the guilty parties. There is a page/group on facebook called “Animal Parents Against Pet Treats and Food Made in China” If you aren’t a member or liked their pages please join. You will be with other pet parents who have felt the guilt, still cry and are working everyday to get these terrible products off store shelves.

  5. Charlie D

    And the Chinese are complaining to our Administration about how they are being discriminated against for sending this poison to the United States. All you need to do is follow the money. Our administration is all for killing us and our pets to make room for those that would follow like sheep to the slaughter. The government is supposed to Protect US, not those who would do us harm.

  6. Amy K

    And the FDA doesn’t do crap when you report it. My dog died after eating half the container of jerky treats that they sell at Costco. The vets said at 75lbs she should have some GI upset need fluids but not die from them. The FDA never got back to me about my report and Big Heart Pet Products tried to buy me off with a $100 compensation check. If they weren’t guilty they wouldn’t offer the money.

    1. jb

      I answered your post. Please read.

  7. jb

    Hope you did not cash the check.


  8. jb

    Don’t just bitch here.

    Everyone needs to submit emails to all 3 branches of government plus FDA & USDA.

    We are tired of the lax legislation & enforcement relating to our food & ALL animal food regardless if farm animals or companions.

    SICK & TIRED of the crap that is allowed to enter the market.

    Unless you voice your opinion & allow these same people to stay in power & NOTHING Will Change!

  9. jb

    In addition to contacting Gov agencies, Reps & Pet food companies with your concerns, the loudest message is made with your CASH.

    Do not buy processed, inferior products.

    Sure, it is less convenient to make pet food. But measure the small inconvenience to the possible consequence of irreparable damage or death to your companion!

    When you make your own petfood, you know what the ingredients are. Even using conventional, human-grade ingredients, the food will be far better for your pet.

    1. Pet Owner

      I don’t know if I’m on the right track. Bu BAD PUBLICITY is the only way to go. The key is to catch internet searches made for pet food & pet illness or death, by product. Can you do it through a Facebook (webpage)? Most people, the majority out there, honestly don’t know what they don’t know. MOST people never dream PF or treat can harm a pet. It never enters their mind! Until it happens. But for people getting smarter I think they might be searching more on the suitability of PF products. Like to query Beneful … review. And of course it is bad. Then use your webpage to allow people to fill it with experiences/comment per product and brand.

      The 2nd strategy is that when people discontinue a brand or refuse to buy it, they HAVE to tell the manufacturer AND the retailer WHY. Absolutely. So could you incorporate a stock “letter” on the Facebook page? And tell people to email that communication to corporate headquarters – Customer Relations (to Purina) and (to PetSmart or PetCo). Otherwise any drift in sales one way or another won’t phase these companies. They have to know what’s behind a drastic drop in sales.

      Eventually the media will come across these pages to see stacks of complaints mounting. If they’re pointing in overwhelming directions, then there’s got to be something in common going on.

      1. Linda

        There are several pages dedicated to getting the word out regarding Purina Products. If you type Purina or Beneful in the search box on facebook you will see pages against the product and the official company page. If you question or complain about the product on the official Facebook page they will remove your posts and ban you from their Facebook page. I have seen complaints about their foods for years. Social Media has been able to spread the word but not everyone is on social media. I warn people when I see them buying the product. I tell them I just read a news story about that food…that is is making pets sick and causing deaths…you might want to check for the story…I also add the company is denying anything is wrong and isn’t doing anything about the complaints….in case they decide to call Purina to confirm my story. I tell them to google Purina or Beneful/Illnesses and deaths.

        1. Pet Owner

          Thank you. This exchange is intended mostly for the benefit of new visitors coming across TAPF now, but is very relevant to Beneful. Can you cross-post your comment under the “Beneful Lawsuit” article as well? There are over 75 comments and counting …

          1. Linda

            Of course!

        2. jlh

          Never been so angry than when I found out how many previously reported poisonings with Purina were out there after my cat ate 1/6 of a can of wet food – ocean whitefish blend. He was vomiting with diarrhea and couldn’t keep anything down for 6 days. It was over $250 in vet bills and its only that low because I’m capable and comfortable treating him myself, at home. FYI, ginger root is safe for cats and dogs, and like in people, it seems to help decrease their nausea symptoms and vomiting frequency with no adverse effects. – Boiling grated ginger in water and after cooling, administering to your pet via syringe or drenching a cloth/towel and getting them to chew/suck on it can help keep them hydrated and more comfortable.

          1. jb

            Boiron’s Nux Vomica works well for upset stomach.

            Tap blue vial in hand a few times, dispense pellets into cap, dissolve in a small amount (1 Tablespoon) of non-chlorinated water. Do not touch pellets! Pour fluid into pets mouth.

            My dog’s do not mind this at all. Slightly sweet.

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