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31 Pledges!

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  1. Ann*

    This is great and I will keep the list handy. I still do not see Origin’s name however. Good work all, finally some good news.

  2. Gail Hayes

    I second Ann’s comment (at 3:02pm 4/30) – didn’t Champion Pet Foods, makers of Orijen and Acana, previously make the pledge?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      No – Champion has never provided their Pledge. Several years ago they said they were going to provide it, but we’ve never received it.

  3. luca

    any information about Fromm?

  4. Dan Phillips

    Is there a list of companies that have refused the pledge? Merrick seems to have some pretty good statements on their website, but I wonder what I might be missing…

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      No, I did not compile a list of pet foods that refused to Pledge. I didn’t want this to be negative, it is a positive step. But…you can assume that every pet food not listed above has been asked, and refused. I emailed more than 100 manufacturers myself and consumers have been asking since the beginning of the Pledge too.

      1. Dan Phillips

        Thanks for the quick response!

  5. Mindy Shepler

    Any updates since 2015?

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