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Bravo! Issues a Voluntary Recall for Three Raw Frozen Food Diet for Dogs and Cats Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

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  1. Jeri

    They are being cautious. Good for them! For those not reading carefully – Bravo is recalling these particular products even though they tested NEGATIVE for salmonella because they were run on the same day or day after products which tested POSITIVE. (The latter are 100% contained, so are not being recalled.) I applaud this company for being so forthright and cautious. Would that we would see this in every pet food company!!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I agree with you Jeri!

  2. The DogMa Online

    I agree as well. Bette and Bravo! have offered great products for many years and has outstanding inspection protocols. Kudos To Bravo!

  3. arlene

    This ‘caution’ stuff is getting a bit ridiculous. Supposedly there are 2000-ish strains of Salmonella and dogs and cats have the digestive enzymes to handle it. What do all the carnivores in the wild do..bone the bodies, send the flesh in for analysis before they eat it? The Alaskan tribes bury fish for a wk. in the ground to feed it to the dogs. It is called ‘high fish’. What to guess why? IT is to build up enzyme content in the fish. What we call rotten is full of digestive enzymes.

    1. Jeri

      I think the “caution” is for the humans and those pets who are highly immune-compromised. If they did NOT take the careful route, imagine the uproar if pets or humans got very ill? It won’t affect the vast majority of pets being fed raw, true, but for those humans handling the food if it were contaminated….or the rare pet who could not handle the pathogen load…. I think they’re doing the right thing here.

  4. Bernadette

    I agree–I like Bravo as a company. I think I’m going to start saving my packaging from these things from now on though. I just finished a 5lb. bag of beef blend burgers and the trash with the package was picked up today.

  5. Liz Bennett

    Okay so I am getting a little confused over this recall of raw food. What raw meat does not have salmonella in it? I was worried that this would happen after the AVMA vote discouraging the feeding of raw. This is all getting very suspicious and I am starting to smell something!

    1. Jeri

      I think the raw pet food companies have to be so very vigilant because they ARE on the radar of the AVMA and are operating under the microscope, especially after the AVMA resolution. They don’t want to give the public any reason to say “Aha! Gotcha! See? We KNEW raw diets were a problem!”

  6. arlene

    I will not leave any more comments because you only want to hear what you want.

  7. Coleen

    Hmmm quality control really comes front row and centre here.

  8. Karen

    What do you suppose the salmonella is coming from in the kibble AND raw?????
    Do you think they could possibly be related and there is a common denominator ingredient?
    I’ve been feeding raw for 18 years, mixing large batches with my bare hands etc., and have NEVER seen any illness from my family or my dogs!

  9. Ellie

    It is true that dogs can handle many kinds of bacteria. Dogs that survive by eating garbage do fairly well while most people would be deathly sick if they ate what a stray dog eats.
    We have just never seen so many raw food companies doing recalls. That is concerning to me. Why is this suddenly happening? Is it the companies them selves that decide to do the recall or is someone else involved in this?

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