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Bravo Pet Foods is recalling select lots of Bravo Chicken pet foods

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  1. Debi Cohen

    Let’s see first Stella and Chewys, then Bravo, next, I’ll bet, Nature’s Instinct,the big pet food companies gunning for the good guys no the raw pet food companies, right on down the line. Hey you guys are getting pretty predictable, greed and evil at their finest.

  2. Jeanette Owen

    Oh no – not another one.

  3. Donna

    umm, salmonella in raw meat isn’t exactly breaking news…. what’s the big deal, most of the chicken we buy in the grocery store to feed our dogs or ourselves has salmonella, big deal. People cook it and dogs aren’t susceptible to it. Talk about a mountain out of a molehill…..

  4. Grateful


  5. Grateful

    Does Nestle-Puirna think we are all going to go back to their disgusting pet poison if they shut down all the raw food manufacturers? I’d euthanize my pets first. Better a quick painless death than a slow death by diet.

    1. JennyG

      Long before commercial pet foods, people were able to feed their dogs. I’ll just continue to feed my dogs real food, some from the grocery store, some from the local meat processor, some from my garden, some that my family & friends hunt.

      1. Jason

        Unfortunately most dogs fed this way end up very deficient in key vitamins and nutrients, thus pet food. This is a common condition seen by vets when people feed their own made up diet. You have to be smart about feeding your dog people food, there are dietary guidelines.

        1. Jeanette Owen

          That’s funny cause an Old English Sheepdog around where I live – was 20 yrs old! And only ate table scraps! I could go on with more. Yes – to raw meat! and table scraps!

  6. Kevin Garry

    Whew! We buy Bravo’s raw rabbit for our cats so I’m relieved that’s not on the list! BTW Donna: the reason it IS a big deal is people buy Bravo raw meats who feed their animals raw diets; the chicken/rabbit/bison etc. is NOT cooked prior to feeding.

    1. Kristen Quinn

      Kevin, Donna wasn’t saying you would cook raw diets for your pets, she was saying dogs are not as susceptible to Salmonella as humans are therefore it’s not as dangerous to find traces of it in raw meat as it is made out to be.

  7. Terri Janson

    Well said JennyG. I am doing the same thing you are. They can’t stop me from buying the meat at the grocery store…..! I also grow some of the ingriedents in my garden as well.

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