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Association for Truth in Pet Food

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  1. Jessica

    I’m in and sharing everywhere! Great work ladies and THANK YOU for all you do for our animal friends.

    1. Lynn

      I’m in too. Thanks to everybody for joining and doing their part to help Susan and her crew.

  2. Nicole

    Awesome! Shared with a pet sitting group I am in on facebook.

  3. Wendy

    is there an address to send a check to for those of us who do not do credit cards on internet?

  4. Nicole

    Question: what about treats from America? Natural Balance for example? Someone is trying to tell me on my page and I’m not sure if these are sickening dogs?

  5. Karen

    Awesome. Count us in, will be sharing this information with our Great Dane Meet Up Group and our online support group for the breed.

    Keep up the great work.


  6. Julie

    I joined

  7. Pacific Sun

    Happy to have joined! Thank you!!

  8. ValerieNoyes

    Have just joined! Thank you Susan, this couldn’t be more important!!

  9. Linda M

    I am very thankful for what you do. I would like to join and support, like Helen I do not use the internet for shopping or any type of financial tranaction. I would love an address to mail you a money order or check. Please let me know.

  10. Roadrogue

    I’m in, too, and thanks for all of your efforts, Susan. Looks like I might be the first male. Hopefully not the last.

  11. Nance

    Count me in too. I just joined and shared on FB.

  12. Lynne Fowler

    You know you can count me in. And THANK YOU for ALL you do! Joined and Sharing.

  13. Gayla

    I’m in too!

    As far as the question about Natural Balance listed above, I don’t trust anything that bears the name Natural Balance. I saw too many critters die from being fed some of their product in 2007, and then they had another recall in early 2009, of different product. “Burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me.” I prefer they don’t get a second (or in this case, third) chance. At least not when it comes to our pets’ health.

  14. joan

    I joined! But I think it was from my other email. I may join from this one too!

  15. Linda Pruitt

    I am in, great idea. I do not want to use Paypal, can I mail a check?
    If so, where do I mail it to, and who do I make the check out to.


    1. m jones

      I would also like this information ….thanks.

      1. PAUX

        I would like an address also, I don’t use the net for financial trasactions.
        I also agree with a couple of the comments, natural balance is just a name that they put a lot of money into making it sound good and clean on the internet but it is garbage. Home cooking and raw to protect our creatures.

  16. Megany

    Once again, thank you for all that you so, Susan. I joined & will share with every petlover I know. THANK YOU!

  17. Carolyn

    We’re joining and sharing.. but we’d love a badge we can display on our site linking back to you!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      We will have that soon Carolyn. Stay tuned!

  18. Reader

    What about a lapel pin or a bumper sticker to encourage spreading this membership, and all the good work TAPF does? If the members donated enough money of course, to cover the costs??

  19. Carol

    So happy to see this!! I’ll be joining, and I’m going to try and talk my hubby into joining too. Tweeted and shared on my advocacy page.

  20. Lorin Grow

    Liked, joined, shared and promoted on our Furry Face FB page!

  21. m jones

    I would also like to know if Canadian pet food manufacturers will be included in the tests?

  22. Brenda

    Joined and shared. God bless you Susan thank you for all you do.

  23. Woofielover

    Natural Balance is NOT a good line of products. Like many other pet lines, it may have started out well but it’s only riding on that past reputation and mass marketing now. Any – ANY – products made by Diamond manufacturing should cause you to run the other way! Products manufactured by Diamond – whether owned by Diamond or just 3rd party co-packed by Diamond – are ticking time bombs in the recall waiting game.

  24. AmeeR

    Ooo! BUMPER STICKER! Great idea!! Now I want one, lol 😉

  25. Lynn

    I hope it is ok to post this here. This weekend I pick up two miniature Dachshunds to foster through a Doxie rescue. The sent along a big bag of dog food for them. It is Royal Canin Mobility Support Veterinarian Diet. The ingredients are terrible. I called my contact to see if these dogs were on this because of illness she said no that they put all the dogs on this. I know this brand is considered to be premium and the price shows it. I am new to this rescue and don’t want to alienate them right off the bat. I she did offer to get it for my own use at a good price and I said no thanks I feed Honest Kitchen. SHe said she had heard of that. So any suggestions? I am sure they will recommend Royal Canin to the adopters. They are pretty proud it is what they use. Lynn

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Perhaps you can suggest to the group to use a pet food that has provided consumers full transparency to ingredient quality and ingredient origins. That full transparency is The Pledge to Quality and Origin. And Honest Kitchen was one of the very first to step forward and provide their Pledge (I didn’t even have to ask them!)

      1. Lynn

        This is of course the thing to do. I am just cautious of offending since this is my first foster with them and I don’t want to come across as a know it all. Through they were very please with my application and credentials. Thanks

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          Baby steps.

          1. Lynn

            Indeed. Thanks Susan

          2. maria segreto

            and who knows they might appreciate the fact that you know something better 🙂


          3. Lynn

            Thanks Maria. Perhaps when they get to know me a bit more. I know they are committed to help this breed. Right now they are overwhelmed with dogs like many rescues. If any of you have ever considered fostering, I am sure the rescue for your breed can use you right now. I wonder if Honest Kitchen has a program for rescue groups. I will definitely check that out. These two here were standing on their rear legs air scenting when I was mixing up a batch this morning 😉

          4. Karla

            Lynn – Honest Kitchen does offer a 30% discount to shelters and rescue groups when purchased through their online store. Here’s the link: Maybe they would be willing to try it for a specific dog with special health needs (such as one who arrives at their rescue in particularly poor condition), and that would introduce them to what a great food it is!

          5. Lynn

            Thanks Karla. I will look into it.

  26. trish

    I’d be interested i n some sort of logo or icon that members could proudly display (website or store for instance) just a thought 🙂

  27. Johanna

    Super excited about this! I joined, but how about selling some ATPF swag? I would love to buy something, even just a keychain, or bumper sticker as others have suggested… would be a great conversation starter and a great way to spread the word!

  28. Carol

    After being unemployed for nearly 2 years, I came into a little money. Joined this morning. Wish I could have contributed more, but need to stretch it and make it last as long as possible. I continue to share this post on a weekly basis on my Facebook advocacy page.

    Would love a bumper sticker once there’s an official website to put on it (gotta let people know where to go to find out more).

  29. Tracy Wells

    I wanted to know what to do about possible pet treats that might be poison. Our Dog Jessie was fine on Monday Oct.28 she was ten years old we opened a box of Ol Roy dog treats Monday and she was dead Wed. night under the vets care. She had dark stool Tues. and started vomiting blood on Wed. morning I rushed her to the vet were she died that evening. The vet said there were symptoms of poison and we don’t let her run free. So I am trying to figure it out. I went to the Ol Roy web site and there was a link 285 customer complaints I was horrified dog after Dog has died with the same symptoms after consuming there products but there is no recall. How can I find out I filed a report with the Ol Roy company they said they would get back with me. Please reply I don’t want any other dog to die if there is something wrong with there treats.

      1. Tracy Wells

        I have the package and the receipt however she is buried in our back yard we did not know about the treats till after she was buried. I will report it thank you so much.

    1. Pacific Sun

      Tracy, I am so sorry for your loss! These stories are the worst of the worst (heart wrenching) that come the way of this site. But thank you, in the midst of your deep grief, for taking time to warn other pet owners! Ol Roy has a very, very bad reputation among more experienced pet food buyers. But most would only have learned so from being a follower of TAPF and understanding the explanation of ingredients. It’s true that some dogs may already have a predisposition or systemic weakness making them more suseptible to the damaging effects of pet food. But this is no excuse for poor manufacturing, quality control and lack of safety issues plaguing these cheap PF producers and distributors! .. I don’t know how well petitions work but I see one was started and you may access it here:
      No other dog should EVER have to suffer this fate! And I don’t know how producers and sellers can ever live with their conscience when yet another pet dies from PF.

      1. Pacific Sun

        To any Readers who are wondering about switching from “economy” brand food, because of these alarming warnings, please heed the sad experiences of others! For every story we read, there are more who never even know why their pet has been affected.
        If you are looking for a peace of mind PF either try whole food home cooking, or a company which provides whole food meal servings (like Fresh Fetch)and a brand that has returned the Pledge to Quality and Origin (like Nature’s Logic).
        People “assume” these high quality brands are “too expensive” but the nutritional value received is so well worth it! NL is only about $37 for 16 oz (free shipping over $75). And Fresh Fetch saves time and effort by providing the kind of home cooking meal that “you” would if you could! (Smile).
        I don’t not work for any pet food company or suppier but certainly believe in these trusted companies and and their owners!!

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