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How Safe is Pet Food?

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  1. barbara m.

    I’m glad that you brought up the subject of the potential hazards to humans as well as pets, of exposure to pet foods. Little is known of what really goes on inside the manufacturing plants, (as well as rendering plants). Thanks also for giving the link to Mollie Morrissette’s website, Poisoned Pets, that she did almost 2 years ago, called Pet Food’s Darkest Secret, “Chemically denatured condemned and inedible material”. If someone buys commercial pet food, whether premium or grocery store fair, this is an eye opener.

    But especially disturbing is that the FDA does not enforce the regulations for the FFCDA that you mentioned for the safety of humans or pets, and that they can cherry-pick what laws they want to enforce. As you say, “FDA does not enforce The Act in its entirety.”

  2. Ruth Thomson

    Hello Susan,
    What would we furry parents do without you??? I never want to find out! I am going right now to check our canned dog food, Merrick, for these items you have listed. We feed Stella & Chewy’s & Primal freeze dried raw for breakfast to our rescue dog, Miss Kitty, every day. We have been feeding her Merrick canned dog food for dinner every day, but we are stopping that today! Some of them have carrageenan in the ingredients, so we stopped feeding her those flavors. Now, we are stopping the canned food altogether. It is not worth it. Even though Merrick supposedly has a good reputation, who’s to say, what they are putting in their products? Not worth the chance of our precious furry child getting sick. From now on it’s going to be homemade in combo with her breakfast foods she now gets.

    You are TOTALLY AMAZING!!! Tireless in your efforts to protect our furry children! Thank you for all you do, all the time!!!

    Ruth Thomson in Rio Verde, AZ

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thank you Ruth! I honestly look at ‘us’ as a team – we are all on the same team trying to protect our pets.

    2. Lisa Marie

      Purina bought Merrick last year, I wouldn’t put any trust in their products any more.

  3. Batzion

    Thank you for this valuable information, Susan. Between contaminated food for both animals and their people and every other bad and corrupt thing we see happening everywhere, it is easy to become discouraged. You are such a bright light in an ever-increasing dark world. I don’t know how you do it.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thank you Batzion – as I said to Ruth…we are all a team working together.

  4. Anthony Hepton

    I suppose we should ask FDA why these ingredients, and the decaying meat ingredients, after heating, are not allowed for human consumption, after all, the regulations apply equally to both humans and animals, as written.

  5. Sue

    “Mind blown”… and I will never understand why pet food (and human) is made with such horrific ingredients. Whatever happened to good ol’ meat, good meat, from “healthy” animals, if you go that root. I am just going to make my own. So disgusting when you read the lists of actual carcinogenics that are in there!!!!!! I have had cancer and even tho’ I went the chemo and radiation route, if I knew what I know now, I may have done that differently too.
    Thank you Susan for everything you do! My pets thank you every day!!
    Victoria, BC

  6. Sherrie Ashenbremer

    Thank you so much, as always your information is so helpful.

  7. Judi

    This is terrible – these people are paid by OUR tax dollars and are supposed to work for us and our pets yet they continually flaunt their ability to do whatever they please. Breaking the law isn’t allowed if I do it, why are they able to – just because they are a government agency? Do we have to sue the government just to get them to follow the law? And how long would a law suit take while pets continue to die? Thank you, Susan and your team, for continually trying to get some satisfaction for the millions of pet owners. I can’t imagine going up against them as you continue to do except that in small steps you are making a difference.

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