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Rodney’s Response to the Dr. Oz Show Vet Dr. Evan Antin


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  1. Jessie Gray

    I didn’t see the whole Dr. Oz show, but after seeing just that little clip that Rodney had there, that vet on the show is crazy. Why would anyone feed their animals feathers? After the massive pet food recall years ago, I did my homework about cat food and now feed my cats super high quality cat food that doesn’t contain by-products (aka: feathers and bones), dangerous chemicals, dyes, or anything else I can’t pronounce. My cats are happier and healthier because of this.

  2. guest

    Dr Oz has a lot of misleading info. He mixes in some helpful supplement info with lots of other bad info. Dr Oz is there to sell health tests for the medical industry, that cost a fortune in America, but you can get on a medical tourism trip for 90% less and basically get a free trip. Health care is better and more affordable in other countries. Dr Oz acted like he was getting a flu vaccine but employees said he actually got a B12 shot on tv, pretending he was getting the poison flu shot. Dr Oz isn’t getting any flu vaccine, the vaccine is filled with human cancer cells, mercury and many carcinogen chemicals. Informed doctors sell to patients as a business, but personally they themselves and their families avoid the poison flu vaccine, it for the uninformed who believe the lies in the media. Instead of vaccines, get the safe better alternative to vaccines. Nosodes. Nosodes for dogs, cats, and there are nosodes for humans. Nosodes are not patent able so the medical industry does not sell them. Vaccines are patentable poison shots that make a fortune, and then the health issues that arise from the vaccines are even more profitable.

  3. guest

    DIY pill pockets. The holistic vet said to use raw ground turkey, wrap a bit around the pill and down the hatch it goes. The fat helps make it more slippery. We used raw turkey for all the vitamins and supplements for an old dog.
    Raw ground turkey is easy and quick to make a pill pocket and dogs love raw meat.

    1. Tracey

      Please EVERYONE read and book mark this page! Ground chicken and turkey are the two most hazardous meats you can buy at the store and should NEVER be fed raw!

      “Recent U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) figures show that more than 20 percent of ground turkey and nearly 40 percent of ground chicken sent to grocery stores is contaminated with salmonella. Hamburger is just 3.3 percent positive for salmonella.”

      This article only talks about salmonella. There are many other “bugs” too. Here are the latest rules for what is allowed in human food!

      In other words, don’t trust vets to know everything about nutrition and food safety and don’t feed raw meat unless you know something about food safety! I feed some raw but I worked for the USDA and know what is safe and/ or how to lower the risks (partial cooking, deep freezing, etc).

      I would highly recommend hotdogs as a pill pocket. I don’t eat them but they are an easy, inexpensive, tasty treat for a dog. (Likely healthier than the kibble you are feeding!)

      1. Reader

        Thank you Tracey for a comment about NOT feeding raw chicken and turkey (most especially as “pill pockets”)! Prior to your note, when misinformation gets circulated, that’s just more reason for Vets to bristle at the idea of owners feeding raw!

        I’m not against raw at all. But use only beef, deep frozen, packaged using certain safeguards. Otherwise I minimally bake beef stew meat (Costco trimmings from other cuts of beef). It’s economical, and hey have such high turnover I don’t worry about it sitting around too long. Yes, I’m well aware dogs can handle more “bacteria” than humans. But I can’t! My approach to a partial raw diet might not be optimal. But it’s better than a steady use of kibble and questionable canned PF.

        I do not over vaccinate my dogs (only 1 puppy and 1 adult shot and I use titers). BUT I wish this discussion would stay on the topic of pet FOOD. Many people get Flu Shots for years and are still healthy. Reading some adverse blanket statement, could put HUMANS at risk. When it should be a personal decision based on risk, age, history, public exposure (including children) and your doctor’s approach to health care. As I recall, there were some killer Flu epidemics in our country’s history, that (thankfully) don’t seem as prevalent in the modern age.

  4. Pacific Sun

    The screen shot was difficult to capture, so correct me if I missed something. But this is a hard copy of the recipe. HOMEMADE DOG FOOD RECIPE by Dr. Karen Becker

    14 oz. 90% lean ground beef (or 93% lean)
    2 Tsp. hempseed oil or 3 T ground hemseeds
    ½ Tsp. Carlson’s cod liver oil, or 2 sardines
    ½ Tsp. ground ginger
    1/4 -1/2 Tsp. kelp powder (provide 0.2 mg iodine)
    1 egg
    ½ eggshell
    1 oz. beef liver
    1 oz. broccoli
    1 oz. red bell pepper
    1 oz. spinach
    Mix everything together.
    Can be heated or served raw.

    1. Diane R.

      Thank you so much for this copy….Impossible for seniors or anyone with eye problems to capture the recipe.

    2. Terri Janson

      thank you!

  5. Jan

    I must confess I felt suspicious when this was announced it would be aired. I hoped the truth would be told but knowing the power of TV and those who make the laws and rules, I watched with skepticism but hoping that my suspicions would be wrong. I guess I got my hopes up too much because as the short episode finished airing, all I can say is I felt betrayed by Dr. Antin. After yelling at the TV and recovering from shock despite my suspicions, I had mixed emotions. I felt bad for Susan (thanks for doing all you did) and all who provided the important, needed information to expose the truth. No doubt, the pet food industry knew of this in advance. They knew darn well what information had been provided and did what they could to stop the truth from being exposed. Shame on Dr. Oz (sorry but he is as much to blame I believe). Susan & the rest did what they could but in the end, the big pet food industry won this round. It isn’t over, however. It is only one round with more to come. Thanks for posting this update from that. Susan, your efforts were not in vain, I believe. Eventually, the truth will be exposed.

  6. Laurie Raymond

    Actually, feathers, hair and wool were important sources of manganese in the ancestral canid diet, according to Steve Brown. Dr Becker recently posted about the causes for the steep increase in CCL ruptures in dogs. Spaying and neutering before maturity are cited as probably contributing, but it also seems that dogs have a need for manganese roughly twice as great as the amount specified as minimum in dog food by AAFCO. I know some feeders who give their dogs whole carcasses sometimes, for various reasons – and I imagine that it benefits dogs to eat whole prey, including hair, wool and feathers. That is a far cry from using feather meal as cheap filler in kibble! But on the other hand, it’s probably not wise to say “feathers aren’t food” quite so categorically. Because it seems they might contribute something valuable to a dog’s diet, after all.

    1. Tracey

      Well said! Lets call them a supplement instead of food. 🙂

    2. Brenda

      From my reading, and I am not an expert on wild animals, but the first thing that wolves or cats ate from their kill was the guts. They did not chow down on animal hair and feathers. It should not constitute the main portion of pet food.

  7. Dr. Amy

    Loved the clip from Rodney, I had not heard of him before but just “liked” his page. I should say I loved everything BUT the scene which made it look like he was driving all his dogs while reading a message on his phone. Oh Rodney, you have an important message about nutrition to share, don’t make it look like you advocate distracted driving! 🙁
    Dr. Amy

  8. Patricia Thompson

    He sure did. Either he is not that educated in this matter or the Big Dog Food companies got to him. He ruined the show.

  9. Kathryn S

    I’ve never liked the Dr. Oz show – for a variety of reasons, but was so in hopes that the episode on real pet food would be informative and enlightening for the viewers — they completely sold ‘us’ down the river!! Wonder how much MORE they were paid by the PFI than by the Producers of the show —

  10. sharon

    Waited all week to see the Dr Oz show just to see this I thought I had heard wrong . What a disappointment for those of us who at wanting things to be changed for the love of our pets . Sold down the river is correct you couldn’t have stated that any better.

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