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Interesting Look at Pet Food Ingredients

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  1. Tanya

    Great post! I looove the visual here. Imagine sustaining life on this junk?

    There’s just one inaccuracy that I can see: the meat and bone meal should have at least a small piece of meat. But even still, it wouldn’t be enough meat for a healthy diet.

    I would LOVE to see a similar visual to compare this to a good dog food, just to see the difference. I can imagine it, but a photo would tell the story so much better!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. J King

    A far more honest rendition of the ingredients than the plump whole chicken adorned with tiny herb sprigs that’s likely pictured on the label.

  3. amy

    my carpet guy said the coloring in dog food is the same as dye used to color carpets. no, my animals aren’t on corporate food. However, I thought it was interesting since he was addressing stains in the carpet from a previous owners animals. yikes!!

  4. John Huff

    I almost laughed when I saw the ingredients. Until I realized that some poor uninformed pet parent is feeding this stuff to someone that they love.
    Thank you again Susan…

  5. Dr. Patrick Mahaney

    Thank you for putting a very descriptive picture showing what goes into typical pet foods.
    If more people were to see this (I’ll spread it via my social media reach), they would likely make the choice to pursue more whole food-based diets.
    Dr. PM

  6. Laura Zver

    Great visual and probably shocking for most pet owners.

    I gave up on the commercial dog food industry and have taken my dogs health into my own hands. I spend 2 hours a week making home made food for my dog. His health health issues were gone in weeks. My dog was constantly sick with digestive issues and allergies while on commercial dog food.

  7. Peg

    This is even an appetite suppressant for me……… never mind my cats.

    What an ingenious way to show the true picture.
    I am tempted to print the picture and hang it in the pet food aisle.

  8. Lesliek

    Doesn’t look anything like the beautiful food pix on a bag of Beneful does it ? Tha’ts why my 5 angels didn’t eat it & why my last cat still doesn’t !

  9. Lonnie

    I think the pictures of “chicken by product” & “meat bone meal” are way too flattering. Thats hardly what the ingredient looks like thats actually used in most pet foods. Perhaps a more accurate photo would of been…a big, stinking pot of boiling road kill, unknown animal tissue sprinkled with a touch of rat feces topped off with some skin, feathers, feet and all kinds of yummy stuff that arrive in barrels of unrefrigerated containers. Not a pretty picture.

  10. brigitte mauch

    I would like to find out what the contents of dog tins contain. Are they made from dead animals, as I was told?

  11. JosiesMom

    The meals and grinds shown are likely human grade which I doubt are the same grade used for pet food. The chicken by products shown are too fresh and dont represent the rendered dead decaying diseased and dieing animals used.

    Great basic visual and a far cry from the mouth watering glowing images on the pet food labels.

    My ferrets are so much healthier since I converted them to raw meaty bones and whole prey. Feed your pets what they evolved to eat and watch your vet bills disappear. Your pets will be more active, almost odor free, and will live fuller longer lives!

  12. K9 Instinct Blog

    Another excellent article – this changes things, when pet owners can actually see what is going into their pet’s bodies.

  13. Lynda

    Great layout of ingredients – the
    “Chicken-by-products” and
    “Meat & Bone Meal” still look
    too pretty for what is “really” put into their food.
    Thank you Susan for your site –
    I recommend it to all.

  14. Paige

    And that is why my dog is raw fed.

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