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  1. Batzion

    Well, that was disgusting, but what isn’t when it comes to pet food. Thanks, Susan.

  2. Linda

    Thanks for all your information

  3. Lisa M.

    Excellent, I’ve been following Rodney’s Planet Paws on FB, always very informative. I’m thrilled that he now has this site outside of FB, I’ve been recommending to customers (at the indy pet supply store) Rodney on FB (and your site as well) and now this is even better. The videos that he does with Dr. Becker also are top notch.

  4. diane2727

    I also love the recipes and info on Rodney’s new site. My problem is being a senior, my vision and hearing are not optimal. I would love to be able to print out the recipes because the music overrides the voice and the ingredients
    go by too fast for me to be able to ‘get’ all the measurements and ingredients. Anyone know of a way to be able to
    print out recipes?

    1. Reader

      Habib’s & Becker’s Homemade Dog Food Recipe

      In a metal bowl mix the following ingredients:

      14 oz of lean ground beef (90% or higher Lean)

      2 Tsp hemp seed oil or 3 TBL hempseed (ground)

      ½ Tsp Carlsons Cod Liver oil or ½ can of 2 oz sardines

      ½ Tsp ginger

      ½ Tsp kelp (I use “Pet Kelp”)

      1 egg raw (also add 1/2 of the shell finely ground up)

      1 oz liver

      1 oz broccoli

      1 oz red bell pepper

      1 oz spinach

      Mix together. Can be served raw or heated.

      1. diane2727

        Printed and all set! Thanks for creating this for me (and probably others too).

      2. Batzion

        Many thanks, Reader. That’s a great recipe.

      3. Matthew

        How long can it be stored because I have 3 small dogs or do you have us it ?

        1. Reader

          If you choose the cooked version, just spoon it into containers and freeze! It will keep a LONG time. The idea, is that you know it’s made from wholesome, human grade ingredients. And freezing/thawing, won’t hurt it a bit! Dogs do not “have” to eat “only” raw! Minimally cooked works just as well!

  5. Dog Lover

    Yes, I love Planet Paws! It’s thanks to you Susan, that I discovered it and now it’s one of my favorite pet health resources. Rodney Habib is great. His easy to understand, straightforward writing/video style is really wonderful! I use turmeric and coconut oil a lot more now. 😉

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