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EPA Document Proves Euthanized Dogs and Cats are Rendered

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  1. sky

    The link to the pdf – is not valid any longer. You can however find it on here –

    and the new fda HTM file is here –

    I hope people realize why the movie The Matrix talked about feeding the dead to the living.
    They do not just do it to animal and feed that to animals.


  2. Peter

    I remember there is a brief video wherein the rendering company “executive” jokingly asks (something similar to): “where do you think fluffy and fido end up?”

    Decades ago we used to proudly feed our cat from the grocery store brands. I wouldn’t dream of doing that today. But I also believe (perhaps ignorantly?) that rendered ingredients and “by-products” from those days although awful stuff… were just not as “bad” as they are today. Those were the days before all of the conglomerates had bought up the pet food companies to stream their waste products into.

    Today, even though we take effort to buy high end, even so-called “super premium” foods, they are filled with things that are often worse than we can imagine.

  3. Tracy Clark

    I’m not at all surprised; but I’m glad to have the Science to back it up!!! I boycotted Purina when I was 15 years old…let’s just say that was NEARLY 40 years ago! I boycotted Walmart nearly a decade ago for manufacturing and peddling “Ol Roy”…at that time its first ingredient was High Fructose Corn Syrup; I understand they’ve switched it to the ‘second’ ingredient. Criminal if you ask me. Feel free to ask me.

  4. Michelle

    This exact article was run in 2010.(Google Title) Great to reinforce, but please state that it’s a reprint so it won’t lessen your credibility.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      The date on the article is stated – April 24, 2010. It’s no reprint, it is the original article.

  5. ellen

    What pet foods dont have this i use beniful does this have dog and cat can some one tell me im not rich and i have 3 dogs so what is the foods with no dog and cat

    1. Elizabeth haley

      Loyall life is safe and very affordable. Get off beneful asap!!!!

  6. Kim Hawkins


  7. GG523

    Animals eat animals period. At least they’re not wasted and serving a purpose. The circle of life.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      What about the euthanizing drug in the animals? That is a significant concern – and definitely not ‘the circle of life’.

    2. Susie

      The circle of life is an animal caught, killed and eaten by another animal. Not when an animal is pumped full of lethal chemicals and unknowingly fed to another animal. Maybe this explains the rise in cancer and other diseases in our pets. That is why I raw feed my dogs. No hidden ingredients so that I know exactly what they are eating.

  8. kath

    So how do we know as it’s unclear as to the ingredients in cat food?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      We don’t. Euthanized animals are illegal per federal law to be included in any food including pet food, but FDA openly allows this material to be used in pet food. There is no warning what-so-ever on the pet food label. There are two options for consumers, one is to ask your pet food manufacturer for a written statement guaranteeing that no euthanized animal is included in the pet food (would suggest also asking for a guarantee that all meat ingredients are USDA inspected and approved for human consumption). The other is to purchase a human grade pet food. Human grade pet food means the food is manufactured in a human food facility, and made with 100% human food quality ingredients (including all supplements). This post explains human grade:

  9. ShanaRose

    would there be a way to get a lawyer involved and sue the pet food companies for deception? if the pet food companies are not responsible for the deception, can we sue the USDA or whatever governing body permits this as law? there has to be a way to stop this legally … it’s not just about citizens refraining from buying commercial pet food …. i don’t think that is possible …. this has to be fought on a level that can actually change these twisted laws ….

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      The FDA needs to be sued to force them to enforce existing law. Problem is, that takes a lot of money.

  10. Iva wallace

    I quit a name brand food when my lab developed skin sores from dyes. My ignorance allowed me to switch to yet another name brand and both of my babies developed liver issues. I stopped buying dog food at local stores.

  11. Diana Bendzel

    My dogs only eat dry food and organic I cook vevatables and add always organic honey.
    I make sure their food is healthy and organic.

  12. Vickie

    I have been feeding my dogs BilJac because, even though it says “chicken by-products” the conversations I’ve had with the people at Biljac convinced me that they are using chicken organ meat: heart, liver, gizzards, etc. They also said they cook the cornmeal for hours to make it digestible and to provide necessary carbs for the dogs. I like that they are still relatively independent and it’s made in the USA, not in China, where only God knows what they put in the dog food from there!! (rendered people parts? hmmmmmm…)

    Keep up the good work!

  13. Jackie

    I know for a fact that Science Diet uses cats in their dry food. I found a cat tooth in the bag. I stopped buying it. I switched to IAMS, but now I wonder about them too. In the old days you could get horse meat in your canned dog food, now you get another dog or cat. Just disgusting.

  14. Joseph

    Not all animals at shelters are JUST cats and dogs. Many shelters have cattle, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, etc. that they may not be able to afford care for and no one wants to adopt.

  15. rachel

    Thank you for all of the information. First of all I fed my three doggies raw food including raw chicken and beef and the bones. I believe raw food is the best they can get even if it is not organic. I would suggest giving them some THORVIN organic powdered kelp 2-3 times a week in their food as well. My dogs got raw sweet potato’s and raw carrots or rutabaga’s and occasionally as apple for snacks.
    Understand that animal agriculture has drastically deteriorated in the past 40 years and large CAFO’s have taken over family farms. The rendering industry recycles animal wastes–(and other wastes like bakery products, nut shells and even vegetables and fruits)–largely because human beings believe they need to consume animals and their milk. For instance only about 50% of a 1000 pound cattle or cow is human edible–what a waste!!– the rest is rendered so it is used and there is not enough landfill space to bury the 100 billion pounds of animal waste rendered ever year. The average person consumes about 100 animals every year (and people now consume 5 times the amount of animal protein as humans ate in the 1940’s) yet we love our animals called “pets”.
    –The problem is that the rendering industry does seem to not test the quality or the contamination of their rendered “protein” (except as far as i know they were concerned with “salmonella” at one time). Surely there are large amounts of antibiotics, drugs, heavy metals, growth hormones, GMO’s (from their feed) and even traces of metal pins and other odd items in the mix. As far as i know there is no LAW to test for “contamination” so their industry is protected from doing that.. Understand also that rendered proteins are both fed to farm animals like cows, pigs and chickens (They are eating their own species and become carnivores–{and humans who eat animals are eating the carcass and milk from those animals}) but also end up in most “pet” foods.
    Even if you eliminate cats and dogs from the rendering “proteins” many of the carcasses and whole animals that are rendered are from sick, diseased and dead farm animals, road kill, animal laboratories (?) and whatever chemicals were in their bodies. Because of that, to me the only choice is to feed dogs and cats RAW foods and know where your meat comes from and what they were fed.
    Another issue is the USDA’s and governments treasonous behavior when it comes to the “safety” of the animal agriculture industry. Lets agree that large factory farms are inhumane places for farm animals and billions are slaughtered, or just die on their own, every year (and why would someone consume the energy of these abused, tortured and unhappy animals?). It is well known that dis-ease spreads rapidly in confined animal operations and BSE is one of those diseases. BSE/”Mad cow disease” and scrapie happened in the UK long years before it was an issue in the USA. The British also handled the issue treasonously and spent years lying to their citizens, downplaying the seriousness and kissing the tush of the industry profits (they LET it spread). The US clearly knew about this but did the same thing here, lying to citizens and still downplaying the issue–they took years to do anything about it and then even more delays. To date the USDA has only tested about 1% of all farm animals slaughtered out of billions, for “BSE”. In contrast other countries test about HALF and Japan even tests 100% of all slaughtered animals. The testing company that tests the animals is hidden away and private (do you believe they are being truthful and honest?). Many people including scientists and myself, believe that mad cow disease greatly exists now in the US animal agriculture and the evidence is being hidden because of greed, profit and power (and it will keep spreading).Howard Lyman, a former cattle rancher, was sued with Oprah for making statements cattle ranchers did not like (that caused a huge decrease in beef sales).They finally won their case but Howard (while he was alive) believed that BSE was well evident and into the US animal agriculture system. I believe the USDA and company are not looking hard because they KNOW its’ there and do not want to reveal that. Mad cow/BSE/Scrapie are linked to increasing incidences of alzheimers, dementia, ALS, MS, CJD and vCJD–other brain wasting related diseases which have been misdiagnosed in their own way–many of these dideases are relatd to CJD or vCJD. Not only watch what you feed your pets, watch what YOU consume (yes I am plant based–vegan and its’ a great time to see the light of this)!.
    See the new movie “The Post” which reveals how several presidents and their administrations lied for years to the citizens of the US about the Vietnam war and those soldiers were nothing more than body bags to them. It did not need to happen. I love my country but my government is sadly lying to all of us and hiding the truth.
    Be well, rachel

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