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The Next Step – Consumer Support

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  1. Rosemary M.

    Signed the petition!

  2. Jane

    Signed and shared!

    Thank you for all your work on this, Susan! And thanks to Dr. Becker and your lawyer friend, as well.

  3. Phyllis

    Susan you are a pioneer in this arena of keeping our pets safe. Thank you for your dedication and intense work in dealing with all the players involved in this pet food issue.

  4. Suzanne

    Susan, just a quick question – I live in Canada – does a Canadian signature count on this petition since this is to change US federal legislation and not Canadian. Your hard work is much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Yes! US pet food is sold in Canada. Your signature definitely counts.

      1. Suzanne

        Thank you, Susan. I’ve just signed and added my comments. So excited this is moving forward.

  5. Pamela Mueller

    Thank you for all your efforts! Signed!

  6. Pacific Sun

    I signed. Thank you for all you do, Susan!

  7. Barbara Fellnermayr

    Excellent work. I think you’re underestimating the hissy fit that Big Pet Food will throw!

  8. Dianne & Pets

    I am not sure how this would stop a company like Evanger’s. Will there be meaningful consequences to violations? How will they monitor for compliance? I can just picture the commercials trying to convince consumers that feed grade is just as good as human grade.

    1. Pacific Sun

      Right now the only way Evangers is going to be stopped, is through their own stupidity. Meaning, self-destruction, which is bankruptcy via settlements, publicity failure, or ignoring the FDA’s warning letter. But Evangers isn’t Susan’s job here although their mistake created (the unfortunate) opportunity to prove a point, which also made the “The Next Step” possible. Because now somebody is listening.

      Really it’s all about the future. You’d have to know TAPF 10 years ago, to appreciate this phenomenal change! From JUST one word (feed) to another word (food) you’d ask? Absolutely! Because at last it forces manufacturers to defend feed grade! Or to provide food grade products. Do consumers want to give a diet equivalent to livestock feed, or provide optimal wholesome nutrition, increasing lifespan and well-being. Companies see their future already. It’s why they’ll fight this change. And why WE need thousands of signatures! Because it means a dynamic shift in how they’ll be FORCED to operate. So if Evangers does decide to label their product Pet Food, when it isn’t, then imagine how much easier …. it really will be the next time … to shut them down.

      Please share with everyone how important the petition is. And don’t forget to follow up with people if they’ve promised to help. In the end, only the REAL number…. will count!!!

  9. Dave

    What the heck does that one sentence of law mean? While the words are English, the sentence as a whole is an entirely different language. This is why FDA, and other government bodies, gets to do whatever they want – because it takes an army of lawyers and a judge or two to interpret the law as seen fit by whoever has the most muscle money.

    I support the cause, and I hope that the cause prevails.

  10. T. Vandestaan

    Signed petition. Susan, you are our hero!

  11. Terri Christenson Janson


  12. Pacific Sun

    Come on folks, 1300 signatures out of the entire United States of dog ownership?


    We need to do waaay better unless you want AAFCO / FDA to say (oh really) so “only” 1300 people care about this issue!

    Labelling a product feed or food may not seem like a big deal, but it is monumental progress! The difference between “livestock” grade (inedible/diseased) or human grade nutrition.

    Ask any caring pet owner which they’d rather feed … then ask them to please sign the petition!

    1. Pacific Sun

      In reply to my own rant, followers and supporters should be very proud to know about 42,600 signatures finally posted and July 31 is the cut-off. This is an incredible achievement, because of how many people have now been informed about the issue! I’d like to see the expression on the faces of “industry” when this list is presented!!

  13. Linda


  14. Eve

    Signed and greatly welcome all your success in resolving this as critical priority for all pet around the globe. x

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