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The Difference Between a Human Food Recall and a Pet Food Recall

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  1. Lynne Fowler

    ….. and the payout for killing my beautiful Standard Poodle, Magic was about $500!
    As part of the Class Action Lawsuit in 2007, and all those beautiful dogs who were killed, they were valued at just $500. Didn’t even cover one vet bill – let alone the value of my sweet girl. That’s why I have homecooked ever since and always will.

  2. Nina Wolf

    done, Susan. This is criminal negligence.

  3. Heather

    This is crazy!!!!

  4. Amanda Barberio

    The saddest part is that if an example had been set by the 2007 recall, and companies knew they would be punished as severely as human food suppliers, then it could have prevented more pets from getting sick or dying from jerky treats / Beneful / etc. right now.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Very true – and the example would also prevent future pet illness and death.

  5. Connie

    I wonder if the fine had anything to do with profit of the company. The news this morning said that the 11 million dollar fine was about what the company makes in about a half an hour..(i could be off a bit on that)

    These fines really need to start to actually hurt these companies to make sure it doesn’t happen..

  6. Linda Smith

    In the past week I have come across 5 tainted cans of Friskies paté cat food. I have sent reports to the FDA but heard nothing. I have saved the cans and the foreign substances I found.

  7. Sam Ivy

    Wow that’s shocking. It shows just how little the Government cares about animals.

  8. Terri Janson

    IT IS UNEXCEPTABLE! I also homecook for my 5 dogs. So does my 80 year old mother.

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