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Their Deaths Mattered

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  1. Lynne Fowler

    The death of my Magic might be forgotten by them but I will never forget or buy their crap again. I signed the petition and Thank you, Susan, for staying on top of this and in their faces. Bless you!

  2. Courtney Barton

    Please don’t cave on this issue…

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I’ll never cave. I’ve been on the phone (so has Mollie Morrissette) for most of the past week talking to members of Congress about this. But Congress needs to hear from pet food consumers or I’m afraid they might change the law. FDA has held firm on this (thank you FDA) – but the lobby groups are putting a great deal of pressure on Congress. We must do the same. Match their efforts.

      1. Peter

        Cave? This site is so successful, that PFI co-opted the name for a propaganda site. A bolder statement on the concern of the industry about TAPF cannot be had. It’s very flattering, really…

        I might suggest, “NeverCaveIn” as a URL that would re-direct to TAPF…

  3. P

    I wish the petition was anywhere BUT move

    I’ll write my representatives, but I can not sign a petition on a radical left wing George Soros owned site.

    Thank you.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      We used MoveOn because it made it easy for people to sign – right here on the webpage. I don’t like petitions at all – but we need to be heard in Washington or all those pets in 2007 died in vain.

    2. Madeleine Fisher Kern

      If you care enough about the health of your pet, politics should be the last thing to prohibit you from signing this.

    3. Susan Hayes

      Seems you care more about your politics than your pet(s). BTW (and not that it matters to me), George Soros does not “own”

    4. Tim

      I agree this should not be about politics. What folks need to remember is that move was created as a petition urging everyone to *forget* and “move on” from talking about a politician’s factual behaviors that many considered morally reprehensible. This is the exact OPPOSITE of our goal to remember lost pets and hold our politicians accountable to us. I’m sure this was a matter of convenience as Susan said, but it is sadly ironic and will keep many from signing.

    5. Marie

      I too will not use But I did email the letter to my reps in congress.

    6. Jeri

      I understand the concerns about where this petition is located. I wonder at some of the replies. Would some be so tolerant and quick to condemn those who object if the petition were placed on a strongly conservative site? I wonder…. Note that those who objected to signing the petition because of where it’s located did not say they did not care about their pets or the issues involved. In fact they said they would be contacting their reps. outside of the petition (which admittedly takes a lot more time to do than signing a pre-made petition!) I signed the petition although I loath the site, and promptly got email from them on unrelated topics. I unsubscribed as quickly as I could and got ANOTHER email asking me “not to go”. AARGHHH!! This is indeed offensive and I would strongly suggest that in future petitions go to sites known for petitions regarding animals — like While I don’t agree with every petition they have on that site either, we are all united here by our love for animals and that should be the focus.

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        I’ve gotten the same emails from all the other petition sites. Even ones asking me why I’m leaving after I unsubscribe. Thank you for signing. I’ve tried the other petition sites in the past and this is the first time I’ve not had problems with people being unable to sign (sending me emails they can’t sign). So for me – who doesn’t like petitions in the first place – this site has worked very well.

  4. J. Bedrick

    Until he extends the circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace. ..Albert Schweitzer

    Big Pharma, pretend it is your pets or your children getting poisoned and suffering and dying. Perhaps that thought would make you realize that all sentient beings feel the same, are fully capable of experiencing pain and fear as we are. It is their world too! They deserve to be treated wtih the same consideration we accord to ourselves. Stop the politics and the money making schemes!!! Shame on you..

  5. Tracey

    I know how hard it is to fight the good fight without it taking a toll on you…. Please take good care of yourself because we all need you!

    I have suggestion for getting the word out to a bigger audience. Write an article as a guest contributor at Food Safety News. This site has a huge following and reports on pet food recalls. This article is ready to run “as is” in my opinion.
    God Bless you for all you do!

  6. Peter&Patti Nieffer

    May the lives of these compassionate loyal friends never be forgotten. Let’s work to be assured they were not lost in vain.

  7. Terri Janson

    Thank you Susan for all your hard work! I too signed the petition.

  8. Maria

    Thank you for your defense of our pets, such a inspiring work. I agree the law is fundamental to keep the pets safe.
    The next steep: CORPORATIVE-FREE FOOD to cut the supply (of money) to Purina et al. It is hard work but victories are never easy. For instance, California Naturals and Innova were trusted “indi” brands until Proctor and Gamble bought them and of course THE PROBLEMS AND RECALLS FOLLOWED SOON AFTER. As soon as an organic or independent brand is acquired by a Corporation we have to drop it.

  9. Maria

    Thank you for your work.

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