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Tell The View to End Sponsorship with Illegal Pet Foods

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  1. B

    Hi Susan, today [Monday June 6th] pressing ‘2’ but it is not one of the options given. I pressed ‘2’ anyway and was instantly disconnected.
    Any other options?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      My bad – it’s press 1. Will change in the post.

      1. B

        The live operator said she would take the message. I also gave them the address of this website for further information. Make the call now – very easy and it will take just a minute!

      2. Terry

        Went thru menu twice. After reaching operator,press one, then press two, then three and for the view ext 849.
        Hope that helps.
        Susan, would you consider speaking on a show like the view? Wow, that would reach so many unaware people!!
        What you do is heroic in my eyes. Thank you! Terry

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          I would jump at the chance to tell them that FDA does not enforce law! In a heartbeat I would say yes!

  2. Diane

    The cast of the view are idiots anyway and I refuse to watch them. I’m sure they won’t care, they just want a sponser.

    1. Dianna

      I could not agree more with Diane … it say’s it all.

    2. Regina

      Yup, those types of shows are just chatty little chat fests that talk about celebrities and their current movie or whatever; and fashion, and stupid cooking stuff. It is just fluff and not worth my time, but I did like someone’s idea about putting stuff on their Facebook page (and hoping it doesn’t get deleted!!!!). But I don’t even do Facebook and Twitter, so in addition to calling, which I think will fall on deaf ears, we should just forward this TAPF email to as many people as we can, including if you have your own Facebook page, put it there.

  3. T J Rycombel

    Many pet companies continue to do this. This one is one of many and ALL should be held accountable! Good to start with this one, though. It’s all about the MONEY, and in America, MONEY rules everything, including deadly pet foods.

  4. Diane R.

    Is there an email address for the view? oI would love to send this page so they can actually read all the issues.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I couldn’t find one – all I found was the phone number.

    2. Pet Owner

      Susan wants people to call, because time is so limited.

      But the address is:
      ABC Studios
      c/o The View
      320 West 66th St. .
      New York, NY 10023

      Corporate Executives:

      I worked 10 years for an Executive Customer Service department in a Fortune 100 company. If you’re going to write a complaint, make sure it’s completely addressed (and copied) to actual people. It will be intercepted by staff tasked with screening mail. But complaints are usually recorded. Value is given to the effort and rationality of the sender, literacy and brevity is a plus! Keep in mind, “The View” thrives on controversy! All Production cares about is that the Show is being “noticed” (good or bad). So make it clear you’re no longer a viewer, and you will share the reason for your opinion on Social Media, to encourage others.

      Address the correspondence with a full name, proper salutation, their title, and full address. It shows you’ve researched. State your point in the first sentence, and support it with relevant facts (as Susan has supplied). Remember, these “Entertainment” professionals don’t have a CLUE as to what we’re talking about! So be specific about “points” that everyone can understand! Namely, that a LAW exists, and it is being VIOLATED! Point #1, the law was established for consumer protection. Yet without a standard for accountability and enforcement. Point #2, the FDA is ignoring the law. Point #3, a major corporation (owner of Pedigree) is selling a product with the possibility of illegal ingredients. Because currently there is no method of assurance to the contrary. Animal Digest and Bone Meal are considered risk ingredients. [There is also a TAPF link to that study somewhere as well.]

      You can go a step further by copying your local ABC affiliate, especially to the attention of the Consumer Affairs Department. The FCC requires all local affiliates to be (very) responsive to the issues of its Viewing public when considering License Renewal! Letters are kept on file. And at the very least you will receive a form letter of acknowledgement.

  5. cathy

    The View also has a facebook page. put the message on that.

  6. Regina

    Sadly, so many crappy pet foods sponsor stuff, so they can pull more wool over people’s eyes.

    Like when purina claims their dogs win at dog shows —- the dog shows are SPONSORED by purina, so I’m sure feeding purina is one of the qualifications to enter the stupid dog show.

    And people are idiots, and don’t bother looking past the flashy PR crap.

    1. Pacific Sun

      PEDIGREE can afford honest advertising! So it’s criminal negligence they intentionally deceive their customers (and the general public). By failing to insure the source of rendered protein ingredients. They should be “proud” to prove the fundamental integrity of their product. Yet are curiously silent.

      Pedigree used to sponsor one of the largest benched Dog Shows on the West Coast. But no longer. Contrary to perception Shows are about more than vanity. Using the Sponsor’s product was (and is) never required to be an Exhibitor. While Exhibitors may use some of the products to augment diet (for weight and appearance) many more spend a LOT of money on a range of products doing the most good for their dogs.

      Many use raw, especially dehydrated, and fresh food. Shows have many Vendors now, often novel ones, who are trying to break into the marketplace. They sell all kinds of products directly because they can’t afford media exposure.

      In fairness, this PF issue is a matter of education. And the purpose is in gaining publicity! Some Owners will (and would) only feed “animal food” to “animals.” That will never change, and they’re a lost cause. But other well intentioned Owners just need the information, even if it takes time!

      Never give up sharing links, making your points and referring this website. Right now, a law is NOT being enforced. It was established for a purpose. But is being intentionally ignored. That’s the point. [See the series of TAPF articles]. So that’s a very good foundation to build upon, to show how the PFI (particularly corporately owned companies) fail to protect the best interests of pets and their customers!

  7. Graham Atherton-Ryan

    #natural feeding is always best. Purina, Pedigree etc are all toxic junk food for your pets. We have recently at banned all these products from sale and we are promoting 100% natural foods and raw food diets only. Our cats are thriving on their raw food diets and your dog or cat could do also. Ignore the fancy packaging and go to the ingredient list first, Your pet will love you for it.

  8. Cathy

    I was transferred to a mailbox that would only give information, tried to get an email address but no go.

      1. Pet Owner

        Yes, this link worked very well. I am not on FACEBOOK, but was allowed to make my statement. Doesn’t permit a lot of characters, but point made.

        I posted this:
        I am requesting the producers of “The View” regarding their “Mutts” Episode CHANGE their sponsorship from Pedigree to another sponsor! This company is owned by Mars. And uses ingredients (Animal Digest and Bone Meal) that can be sourced from ILLEGAL diseased and decaying rendered protein sources. It comes from animals who’ve died OTHER than by slaughter. For facts and details, please refer to

        Every interested Owner supporting this issue should CONTACT “The View” and ABC in one way or another. This is the very beginning of gaining visibility!

      2. barbara m.

        I went to this feedback link at ABC, and it is quick and easy. You pick the ABC program that you want to discuss and leave a written message. I also did the same on their Facebook page.

  9. Susan McFadden

    Call made!

  10. Mary Anne Bonthron

    Susan; You do know that those of us who are honest and make high end safe food and treats for fur kid DON”T have the money to pay for spots on national shows. We spend ALL our money on Ingredients we can track and prove are safe. no promos just great food
    Mary Anne

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I do understand that. My concern is a pet food with illegal ingredients – and I did suggest to them to them if they can’t find a ‘legal’ sponsor run the show without one.

  11. Tiffany

    Done! More than glad to help our mission. Thanks Susan for all you do for our precious companions.

  12. Virginia Chapson

    After speaking with the operator she connected me to a list of options to choose from. I did not know which to select to leave my message.

    1. Pacific Sun

      According to Terry who posted this comment.

      “Went thru menu twice. After reaching operator, press one, then press two, then three and for The View, ext 849.”

      If you’re on FACEBOOK, you can make a comment on their page. That would be a good way to spread the message to other Viewers.

  13. Virginia Chapson

    I wasn’t sure how to complete this call for reasons explained above.

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