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“Millions of Roaches” with No Regulatory Enforcement

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  1. Sally Roberts

    Totally disgusting but not surprised !! They feel they did there job going, warned them and that is it. Who suffers. the animals as usual !!

  2. Casey Post

    So, who does the FDA serve? And why even bother inspecting if you’re not going to enforce?

  3. landsharkinnc

    Our Government at work … as usual!

  4. Ms. B Dawson

    From the Inspector’s comments: …”These numerous requests, delays in responses, and subsequent refusals delayed the completion of the inspection ….”

    Maybe Independent pet food stores should employ these tactics when FDA officials show up unannounced and expect to abscond with hundreds of dollars of pet food vis-a-vis: “If FDA or State Comes Into Your Pet Food Store, Do You Know What Procedure Is?”.

  5. Ian

    How can the manufacturer limit the inspection, make certain areas off limits, get caught in outright lies, and not suffer any penalty? Outrageous. Bravo to the employee who wrote “millions of roaches.” At least somebody with a shred of candor. The inspectors should be forced to eat or at least to feed their own pets the “food” manufactured at this facility.

    1. Tom

      Because we keep electing senators who are bought and owned. Even worse, they publicly state their desire to deregulate.

      Just remember: this is what a deregulated America looks like. Millions of roaches. Vote them out this November.

  6. Jane Democracy

    I wish this was different in most kibble manufacturing facilities but unfortunately I know it’s not… Sigh

  7. mickey

    how is the situation at the mars petcare plant today

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      We don’t know if Mars has finally corrected the problem(s) or if conditions remain the same.

  8. Teresa Johnson

    Mmmmm, makes me wonder what “secret ingredients” have crept into other Mars products?
    If the plant is so overridden with roaches, you know some surely must have been transported to the distributors and retailers of their products. Makes me want to avoid any business carrying their products.

  9. Kim Nickell

    I found a nail in a bag of pedigree dry dog good

    1. Eve

      Oh Kim I’m sorry you too found a hideous dangerous piece of metal in the pet food. At least you found it ‘before’ you fed your pet, I didn’t. My beautiful Silver-Point Persian had luckily left it on the plate inspecting it like ‘WTF?’ I ran over grabbing the plate and contacted the companu in distress. They tried to palm me off with a $10 voucher I refused so they gave me a few tins to replace it as they insisted and guess what…maggots this time I THREW ALL THE PET FOOD IN THE BIN and refused to feed my girl any more junk. From that point she only got human grade raw meat and raw meaty chicken necks/wings. This was 20 years ago. Who cares attitude is what these big pet food companies display. No amount of money could ever replace the lives and kinship our pets give us ever.

  10. Kimberly

    regardless…. if there roaches are gone – (doubtful) there are still nothing but human roaches who walk upright, all the way to the bank, with allllll off the *completely* UNINFORMED & UNEDUCATED & TRUSTING pet guardians hard earned money. WITH ZERO TRANSPARENCY THROUGHOUT. Thank you Ms Thixton – we’re who follow you and your tireless, thankless, infuriating, disappointing, & necessary work that you do. I admire your massive heart, spirit, fierce tenacity & your investigatory “chops”. I’ve been following you and Rodney Habib, Dr Becker, several other *industry-truthers* since my mother’s dog’s 4 of the 7 were POISONED & MURDERED due to greed & #profitsoverpets. The 4 died from eating New bag of Purina Beneful, Chicken, Healthy Weight… the other 3 dogs should never touch any Purina products – she fed them some other cheapskate garbage grocery store food, I believe it was Pedigree. (and they barely wanted to eat that). It was at that time I adopted my dogs. I didn’t know better and thought Nutro Max, Iams, Blue Buff, and Natures Variety. etc etc. Fast forward a year / half later, I finally was turned on to several safer kibble alternatives, the daily education I was providing myself – allowed me to get the big picture – I began weeding out anything with GRAIN, chicken. beef. white potato, *ANY* by products, tapioca. chickpeas. legumes (and all the 10 variations of the breakdown of peas…) *no corn* – no soy – no minerals from China – *no rice* – no dyes – no *natural flavoring added* – no BHA – NO ETHOXYQUIN. NO GMOS – NO HORMONES, OR ANTIBIOTICS ADDED TO THE MEAT – So, we are only dealing with environmental allergies with my Staffy Terrier whose seemingly allergic to everything. They aren’t eating raw yet, still too expensive. But with mommy SAFE kibble I still add, (organic as often as possible) : frozen broccoli spears are their favorite – cranberries, apples, squash, green beans occasionally, tomatoes, garlic granules, ACV, Krill oil, Sea Kelp, Coconut oil rotated with MCT Coconut oil, Raw Goat Milk Kefir, bee pollen, spirulina, Curcumin 95. Several other supplements that I can’t think of at this time. All that said.. no more allergies for my Border Collie / GSD but my Staffy Terrier is allergic to dust bunnies and a ton of pollens – during a windy day, she’ll be broken outin hives within 6 hours. USUALLY turning into a left ear yeast infection which i had cultured. This time… three ear had fungus, bacteria, AND Staph. This infection took a month and half to go away. Anyways… i’m learning all the time because of you specifically and the others I mentioned and the countless others I have not. (Ottowa Valley Dog Whisperer, Dr Karen Rosenfeld is AMAZING…. AHHHMAYZINGGG! *So my point, thank u for helping medo what’s right for my pets – my cats also have been upgraded to REALLY healthful food. I can’t begin to share the differences with them.. it’s truly miraculous. Thank you Ms. Thixton. We love you.

    1. Kimberly

      and I meantto say. regardless of processing plant passes inspection.. point being – companies like MARS should not even be on your radar to even think about purchasing from. Pet food or People food /products.. PERIOD

  11. Joe Young

    America has changed so much in the last decade. Buyer Beware! Stand up against deregulation. America sold out by lying elected officials. We need a list of politicians and their voting records before it’s too late.

  12. Geneva Malone

    I love my animals and Don’t trust these companies,Roaches carry Diseases that make Everyone and All Pets and People Sick and can Kill.

  13. Peg

    What frightens me, is the thought of them coming in with massive amounts of pesticides and not taking any precautions to protect the “feed” ingredients or the employees

    1. Sheila E

      Didn’t even think about that – ack, you’re right!!

  14. Eve

    Well Said Susan. i LOVE this sinister music behind the snippet showing this is their full intentions on sneaking out kittylitterdoggydroppingspoofarthooharr (a polite way of saying sh$t) into our pet foods. y Every Pet Parent MUST take matters into their own hands NOW—seriously there’s non-stop evidence to say otherwise…Get Serious and only buy your pets RAW human-grade raw meat and raw meaty bones and/or include ONLY dry food that is purely dry-meat rolled into pieces – ziwi-peak is a brilliant alternative to the hooharr commercial pet foods stuffed with poisons toxins and garbage fillers. You’re wasting YOUR TIME and MONEY hap-haphazardly trusting the pet food industry. Its YOUR responsibility NOW so fight BACK and fight back HARD show them they have NO right to disrespect your best friend. Unless of course you don’t care about your pets being slowly poisoned and rotting from the inside out (of course I know you do-who wouldn’t – ummmm the majority of pet food companies that’s who).

  15. Terri Christenson Janson

    Yes, Peg, these were my very first thoughts. All the kibble will be exposed to the pesticides as well.

  16. Jackie Hastings

    Why isn’t the media on this to alert the puplic

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