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Response from Petcurean Pet Foods to The Pledge

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  1. orfan

    I feed Petcurean as the majority of my dogs’ diet, and like them in general. However, what they said here about the source of their products is in conflict with what I’ve read elsewhere. For example:

    http:// – on #3, they state: “An important note: we are 100% China free.”

    And this, lamb which is not from North America: “GO! and NOW FRESH Products: All of the meat proteins, grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables in our GO! and NOW FRESH products are sourced from North America (as close to the production facility as possible) with the exception of our lamb which is sourced from Australia and New Zealand (from EU certified plants).” faq [I realize this may be new since 2012]

    Somewhere (a pet food website or amazon; I’m not sure) I read that their potatoes came from Holland, but I can’t/am too tired to find that again.

    And this is not addressed above, but if their foods are so naturally ‘good’ (and appealing?) why do they need to add oils for palatability? “Oils, as they are applied, either outside of or inside the kibble, can affect the colour and the density (size) of the kibble. Oils also play a significant role in the palatability of the food.” faq

  2. Donna Santarossa

    You indicate your pet food is made in “Ontario”, Canada. Ontario is quite a large province.

    Could you be a bit more specific of the place. Is it a secret? Donna

  3. Debbie

    Bought a bag of kitten food because the type the vet suggested was unavailable. Just wondering why there is so much Asian writing on the back of the package…. Concerned there’s some sort of connection to China & this worries me. Any info on this?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Hi Debbie –
      I would assume the Asian writing on the package is because the food is also sold in an Asian country. Several foods have labels like this with multiple languages on them – the purpose is to address consumers in multiple countries.

      1. Nova

        It’s because the main company is from BC and they have a huge Asian population, not because it’s made in Asia … come on

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          Typically not Nova. Typically when pet food companies have multiple languages on the label (ingredients and guaranteed analysis in multiple languages) it is because the pet food is exported to multiple countries.

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