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Response from Merrick

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  1. Suzanne

    Castor and Pollux was wonderful food that my rescued pets have enjoyed for years. I recently got a terrible batch of their canned food, Salmon & Chicken, which was more horrible than I can describe, the odor was vile like raw food gone bad and rotten. I wrote Castor and Pollux to report this batch of food and gave all information and all numbers on the cans, and received a response from a woman with Merrick who informed me Merrick had bought Castor and Pollux. I reported this for the benefit of the company and to protect dogs who might have been fed this food, which appeared to be dangerous, I tried to make her understand that I was not writing to receive a rebate or anything whatsoever other than to advise the company of the bad batch of canned food. Her response was very disappointing, almost badgering. Since she told me Merrick is now processing the food, I will no longer be buying Castor and Pollux and am looking for food as reliable as it once was.

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