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Request – If you work at or live near a kibble manufacturing plant or a rendering facility…

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  1. T Allen

    Wow. Tularemia is rare. Usually a disease of hunters (that’s why it’s much more prevalent in men) in contact with wild animals while skinning them. Check this out: Wonder why MO & AR are such a hotbed of cases? Hope these people get the medical attention they need!

  2. marklucas522

    Didn’t know this type of issue existed. So sad! Why isn’t this issue talked about more? Although I don’t live near one of these plants, it certainly is good to know. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Laura

    We are going to find out that it is NOT rare at all. Hauling diseased tissue into a kibble plant is happening and not only are we killing or making our precious pets so sick, we are now going to understand what it is doing to employees of these plants. It is time that pet owners understand what is going on.

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