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Questions to Presidential Candidates

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  1. Batzion

    Wow, Susan, everything you wrote is excellent from content to form. Thank you. Can’t wait to see if you receive responses.

  2. Marie

    You totally rock!! Damn good questions!! I’ll be eager to hear about responses. I did not know fish, chicken, etc., was sent to China for “further processing.” What on earth does that mean? What processing can’t be done here more cheaply? God bless you!

    1. Dick McWay

      Just yesterday, looked at frozen Alaskan salmon at Wal Mart. Caught in the US, processed in China. I believe if the Dark Act passes the Senate, country of origin will not be required on the label.

  3. Kim K.

    I had no idea that what is listed in #4 was happening. It is appalling.

    I’m glad you are asking the candidates these questions. I look forward to hopefully hearing some answers.

  4. Genny

    Good Luck. I am curious to see who, if any, will respond.

  5. Dick McWay

    I would be surprised if any respond. I think we can pretty much agree the FDA is just a rubber stamp for big pharma and in our case, big pet feed. Pharma has the money and the revolving door into the FDA. It is no different on the human side. Drugs are not for “cure” but for “treatment” to keep the money flowing. Last week I finished watching a 9 part series on the internet on “the truth about cancer”. Not a whole lot new here that I was not already aware of but lots more confirmation of the truly curing of cancer by natural means versus the conventional chemo, radiation, and surgery. Hey, same goes for our pets, right? This is not going to be a top down solution without a strong and powerful voice and who out there is going to be that voice? We need to just keep spreading the word at the grassroots level. There are folks making a difference on the human side and we have some allies on the pet side. We need to keep at it. If I see someone looking at pet food in the grocery store I’ll usually make a comment to try to raise their curiosity about what they are feeding their pet. I was once one of those unknowing pet feed buyers myself.

    Susan, you can chose to not let this run as I did not offer much encouragement and I went off topic a bit. There is a major problem at FDA. The whole cancer thing is one big scam going back 100 years or so and FDA, AMA, Big Pharma, and all of the cancer organizations are all in on it. They do NOT want a cure. I could go on and on. Sorry.


  6. Carol

    Wow I would be shocked if they respond at all… as usual only the pet owner thinks of their pets….Very thankful that you Susan continue to be brave and stand up for our precious pets.

  7. Maggie

    Very impressive, thank you! Hillary, for one, is right in bed with Monsanto. Can you also please write up something specific to Canada and send it to our newly minted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? There’s a better chance of his listening than there was with any of the previous PMs. Many thanks!!

  8. Batzion

    I think what we need to focus on is that Susan is a woman of vision, knowledge, courage and tenacity, and she has openly shared these things with us, thereby strengthening us individually and collectively.

    We can all agree that receiving responses from the candidates is a long shot, but let us not ever discourage Susan’s efforts to make the lives of our pets safer.

    We receive so much from Susan. Let us stand in a circle around her and give her the encouragement and thanks she deserves.

  9. In Florida

    Didn’t Rubio already give a lame answer by not answering earlier questions?

    My guess is you will receive a good response from Donald Trump. He seems to be the only candidate addressing the issues involving toxic food etc…. coming over from China.

  10. Kelley Kegel

    Wow exactly, well formed written and presented. These are exactly the questions I have also for the proposed presidential electees.
    Thank you for your efforts, let’s hope they all care and take the time to respond with positive answers. Although I am realistic and as we have already seen Rubio’s response to previous letters, he is “bought and paid for” by Big Manufaturers! Let’s hope the rest aren’t though probably are!

  11. Marsha

    I contacted Marco Rubio myself on pet food last year. It took him almost a year to answer me.
    He does not care about our pets at all.

  12. Pacific Sun

    The point of posing these questions is understood! Meaning if the addressed candidate was elected President would he or she take action to enforce existing regulations? What a concept (right?) as in actually following the law. Since candidates say almost anything to get elected (and then do whatever they want to once in office) it is very surprising that no candidate has responded so far, except for not wanting to discourage campaign contributions from big PF corporations. No doubt the candidates see us (the ATPF) as a minor interested party (and not worth their attention).

    So I say we need to take this to the next level! Let’s dredge up (or create) a petition with hundreds of signature (oh yes, once again, I realize!) demonstrating that PF Consumers want only one thing at this point, which is a distinction between “Pet Feed” and Pet Food.” Yes, I realize that Susan and AAFCO are currently working on the definitions. But consumer demand needs to be made clear to all incoming political office holders. Perhaps the petition could be worded in such as to say that consumers are clear stakeholders in this process. And that our vote would go to the candidates who support our issue. Since PACs support all candidates anyway, WHY DON”T WE BECOME OUR OWN PAC meaning to use our vote for decent, honest PF?

    If these candidates (or their campaign offices) want to know what’s behind the distinction, then FDA Compliance Policies and Endotoxin problems can be forwarded to explain our concerns! If the petition and letter is successful I would send a copy of the effort to CNN and Michael Moore, just letting people know WHY we exist and won’t stop until we’re taken seriously.

  13. Sadie

    A step up from labeling foods gmo or non gmo would be to label what a gmo food was genetically modified for. For example, if one food labeled for pesticide resistance and another for resistance to the actual pests, one would would be able to make a more informed decision on what item to purchase.

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