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How Pet Food Consumer Friendly are the Presidential Candidates?

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  1. Dianne

    I cringed through reading this and couldn’t finish, not because I don’t like what you wrote but that it is clear that none of these candidates really understand science nor do they know the difference between cross breeding plants and inserting animal dna into such plants.

    1. Batzion

      Dianne, it makes me wonder what else they don’t really know about.

      Susan, you went to a lot of effort to put this project together. Thank you.

      Happy New Year to All!

  2. Tiffany

    Totally agree with Dianne and you absolutely need to remember that ALL politicians will say exactly what you want to hear so that you’ll vote for them (Bernie Sanders Socialist included). Have we not learned anything from the past? In the end we’ll all get what we deserve since we’ve not been paying any attention over these many many years. Unfortunately, we all get what is voted in even if the whole process is just “bread and circuses” for the masses. “They” always choose our president for us even if we think we do.

    However, keep in mind that I still love all your hard work for the populace/pet owners who are knowledgeable now (because of yourself) and will fight the good fight for as long it takes even if that’s a lifetime. I’m very proud of you for standing up and standing firm (for us all) for our God given citizen rights to know what is in our pet’s food or our own food.

  3. Yvonne McGehee

    Thank you for this, Susan, as always. Gang, get out there and start caucusing, or doing whatever the candidate of your choice needs done!

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