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Pet Food Video from UK

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  1. Mare

    I would think that a Vegan diet would be quite dangerous!

    1. John Huff

      Agreed. Dogs need meat.

  2. John Huff

    Thanks for this insight on UK pet food. I see that it is not too far different from our profit greedy commercial pet food sources. I am still NOT going to go raw, but I have stopped all processed foods. I took your advice Susan and home cook most everything that goes into my 3 rescues. I do add an holistic supplement that is all natural and I brush their teeth EVERY night. It’s a lot of work but my Vet says that they are healthy and what it costs for food I make up for on not paying vet bills.
    Good stuff! Thanks again Susan… You’re the BEST!

  3. Marsha

    I have been making my own dog food. I studied for so long as to what veggies help against cancer and other things. My dogs love Asparagus which keeps cancer at bay. They eat it raw or cooked. They also eat almost all veggies. No grain in my dogs; diet! I use is Organic Quinoa, as it is 20% protein, I use Organic Golden Flax Seed which helps against cancer, also organic raw pumpkin seed and organic raw sunflower seed. They love the food. I do add either Organic Chicken or Organic Beef. I have not been able to find Organic Fish yet. I also
    put other veggies in as well.

    1. Andrea

      I would imagine wild caught fish would be considered ‘organic’. Just avoid farmed fish, and you should be good to go! 🙂

      1. Andrea

        I thought I read somewhere that even wild caught may be processed in China, so keep an eye out for that. 😉

  4. Monica

    This was a really compelling video with so much information even though I consider myself to be pretty informed already. I was surprised to see on youtube that this video only had 5,800 views, not too good, I wish more people were aware and would watch this. Thanks for all your hard work, Susan.

  5. Joyce

    Thank you for sharing this interesting, educational, important video. Hopefully, it will get a great deal more exposure.

  6. Ellie

    I love what the one man said, ” Arguing that one brand of commercial pet food is better for them than another is like arguing that one brand of fast food is better for you than another.”
    It is true. You cannot cook any food without taking away some of the nutritional value. This is a truth about human as well as pet food. Pet foods are subjected to such extremely high temps multiple times during their manufacturing that there is virtually no nutritional value left in the end product, hence the many synthetic vitamins tacked on the end of the ingredient list.
    If you really believe that breakfast cereal and white bread has real healthy nutritional value then you probably feel comfortable feeding your pet commercially produced pet food.
    The food industry in general has become not much more than a convenience food peddler.

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