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Pet Food Consumer Alert

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  1. alphadog

    Once TPP takea effect, the way I understand it we will have no recourse.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I think you are right – the way I understand TPP is that no country of manufacture will be allowed on labels.

      1. Marie

        This is horrifying! No way to know country of manufacture?!! God!

        1. CHUCK LINKER


      2. Mar

        I call the companies and ask where their meat source is from. And that also gets them understanding that we care. The more people that call…

        1. CHUCK LINKER


      3. Brenda

        This whole matter outrageous. I lost my very sweet and loving Afghan Hound, Fudgie, to Iams that had melamine in it. Nobody cared and he suffered from a cancer that was not even in the veterinary books. He was such a gentle soul. He was sitting on the carpet when a mouse ran by. He let it be. Smooch my big blue Afghan Hound quickly took care of the situation.

      4. Barbara

        In searching for safe dog and cat treats I have found that many packages say ‘Distributed by Company Name in the USA’. That does not tell me where it was manufactured. Now I rely on making my own or buying from known safe food suppliers made in the USA.




    2. Sarah

      OK Alpha Dog – and all you other animal lovers (and don’t tell me you don’t have time!) … just make your own dog and cat food. It’s easy, cheaper than bulk pet foods, and gives you a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you will not ever poison your pet if you just read a little on animal nutrition. And, you can always contact your
      veterinarian. Just a little forethought here folks.



    3. Magdalena

      Does this TPP taking effect mean that those liable in China for making our pets sick and/or killing them will be exempt from class action lawsuits?

  2. Joan Johnston

    The only recourse for many pet lovers is to make their own pet food.

    1. Toby

      Due to health issues, I have been making my cat’s food for over a year. With this impending travesty I will now begin making it for my other two furbabies. For those who balk at the cost….it is a small price to pay for my kitties health.

      1. Mary Sue

        I purchase local free range turkey thighs and organic chicken hearts and livers to make my own raw food mix for my cats. Even with the added cost of supplements I put in the mix it still costs less than a “high quality” canned food.

        1. Marie Day

          Could you please message me about the raw food plan you are doing. I have been very interested in doing this for some time now because I know it’s the healthiest way to feed our pets. I would like more info about how well your animals like it and how to trasition them to it. Thanks, Marie

        2. Lisa

          please where do you order your supplements from? I have been looking for a good dog vitamin to supplement my dogs cooked food. He has reactions to all of them; can you suggest a good vitamin with out alfalfa or other additives? Thanks.

          1. Lisa

            Thank you Debbie, I will check it out. I have been feeding my dog since I adopted him at 18 months old. He has colitis, and would get ear infections from dog food, so he was put on a human diet, (cooked). He is 15 now, he cannot eat red meat, his colitis goes into overdrive, he basically was eating ground turkey, chicken, with eggs, spinach, peas, carrots, eggs, cheese etc.; but in his older years he has come down with allergies and constantly licks his paws, so the diet was trimmed. The university of TN put him on a diet high in potato with a supplement from just food for dogs and the calcium pyrophosphate, I believe put calcium deposits on his back left hip. He did not have this prior to the diet and within two weeks had a hard quarter size bump on the hip. He was always on a vitamin we used US animal vitamins but they have been purchased by another big company, and he has had a reaction to the vitamins. So I wanted to be sure he was getting enough of the vitamins. Thank you for your help. Lisa

          2. Poodle Parent

            My nearly 17 yr. old couldn’t tolerate any poultry OR fat. Certain kibble caused diarrhea. Rotated home cooked, raw, and certain kibble. With aging d iet needs to be simple. Whole food provides most vitamins./minerals. Excess supplementation can be a danger. Both my dogs’ blood panels always balanced.

            A website on Colitis (inflammation/ulcers of large intestine lining, colon causing pain, bloating, diarrhea) suggests the foods listed below (which should be rotated). Can Pink Salmon, including bones is good. Plain (“Lifeway”) lactose/sugar free kefir (not yogurt). Used canned pumpkin for carb. Hard Boiled Egg Whites. A little (no sugar added) applesauce for digestion. Sometimes oatmeal, sweet potato (but her didn’t have a yeast problem). I baked (Costco) beef stew chunks, drained all fat/juice, rinsed under water. To gently firm stools (if necessary) added a little psyllium fiber. I pulverized ingredients in a food processor. Very, very seldom added a supplement. Only a “dash” to let it “melt” into the mixture before serving!

            Instant oatmeal
            Lean meat
            Skinless poultry


            Dogs aren’t “allergic” (unless triggered by environment) like people are. But they can’t digest everything. Or in combinations. They react to fat (even a little!), complex proteins (like turkey), and others. Bad ears, itchy feet, hot spots, can be symptomatic of excess yeast production. Raw food can help (with organ meat and natural calcium). Some carbs can be too starchy (sugary) leading to itchy ears, paws and other problems. So I’d only use ONE at a time. Starting with pumpkin. I’ve read where spinach and peas actually create complications. Skip cheese. No calcium deposits should be forming. Might lead to kidney stones. For my young dog I occasionally add a teeny bitty amount of “Pet Kelp” with a wide array of digestive vitamins/minerals (a product of Canada). When I home cook he STOPS licking his paws compulsively. His ears are clear. Perfect stools. Same for the older dog.

      2. Debi Cohen

        So right, this is what we do, but also use dehydrated foods, like Honest Kitchen and NRG.

        1. Lisa

          What is NRG?

      3. SUSAN

        Do you have a recipe you could share? Getting the proper balance of nutrients for a cat is tricky. Thanks so much.

        1. Daisy

          Balance isn’t a problem if you feed whole critters. My cats eat whole (thawed) mice, quail, rabbit pinkies, chicks, and very small whole chickens. And it really helps their teeth.

        2. toby

          I follow Dr. Ruth Robert’s, a Holistic Vet located in my hometown of Charleston SC, Crock Pet Cooked Diet which is based on Chinese medicine. The recipe that I use has been designed specifically for my cats but there is a basic recipe on her web site.
          However, PLEASE be cautious when you prepare food for your kitties. They require additional supplements such as calcium and taurine to remain healthy.
          If you do not live in the Charleston area and plan to use this long term, contact their office. At one time they offered, at a cost, e-mail consultations for pet specific recipes.

      4. Carrie

        I would like to start making food for my cats, but I don’t know where to begin. Any suggestions?

    2. Debbie D

      I feed raw foods. and make my own doggie treats. I do buy one item that is truly USA made and sourced…but thats it. no kibble or canned ever. that crap is horrible. Honestly i just cant understand why this country..USA would allow China to sell their crap here? with all that is going on..and they (FDA-Feeding Death To America) dont give a crap. what is wrong with this? it infuriates me. allowing China to take us over completely. thats all it is. Soon China will be running the USA.. Hell maybe they already are.



      1. Dianne & pets

        I get really tired of seeing people with the resources and energy calling anyone who doesn’t follow their lifestyle lazy. A lazy person would not have a pet in the first place. How would you suggest that someone who is disabled, poor and lives in a food desert find all the fresh meat and produce to cook for their dogs when they can’t even find it for themselves. But then someone in that position probably doesn’t have a computer or internet access so they can learn that it is even something to worry about. But then, that is my opinion, which I guess is just as valid as yours.

        1. Pet Owner

          CL’s comments in all in Caps are a little off-putting. But I don’t think it’s a matter of derisive personal judgement, just the way the observation is presented. We’re all pretty anonymous to one another.

          The TAPF site (compared to early on) has mainly Readers sincerely interested in helping and supporting one another. It seems to be the “spirit” of discussion. Readers here are doing the best they can. Probably fostering, doing rescue and saving feral cats. Money is scarce.

          But involved home cooking and people who REFUSE to have an open mind regarding PF is different. We’ve all met them! I am disgusted by the multiple bags, at 40 pounds each, of PF sitting in Costco Carts, with the ingredients we’ve been discussing lately, being toted out of the Store by very strong armed people. Because it’s a bargain. These are Consumers who shop out of convenience, economy, denial, and an attitude thinking “animal” over companion pet deserving some quality. Yes, some neighborhoods only have a “convenience” store or a Wal-Mart that’s not even accessible to them. It doesn’t preclude feeding “some” human grade food … occasionally. Tuna can sell for nearly $.50, even cheaper than Friskies!

          How many more able bodied folks (in their high end cars) shopping at Big Box stores, insist their Name Brand (so heavily advertised) or offers the greatest discount, is perfectly fine! In spite of all that we’re reading on this site? They get mad if you even talk to them!

          One day that “stuff” will be shipped directly from China! And it could be too late for someone’s pet.

          1. Dianne & pets

            Perhaps the writer should say that some people are too lazy to cook. I guess I have seen too much living and know how unfair it is to paint everyone with the same brush. Those kinds of comments have led to internet vigilantism and suicide. I would posit that someone who classes everyone who does not do a particular action as something less than a whole human is possibly just as closed minded and judgemental as any of those vigilantes, or just doesn’t know any better. That kind of judgement is not helpful to someone who is just starting to dabble their toes in the whole issue.

            I have been following Susan for years and I do my best and try to spread the word, but hitting the unknowing with a lazy brush doesn’t help the cause.

            And yes, it disturbs me greatly to see those purchases but perhaps the fault really lies with the companies making the product and the marketing firms and an education system that doesn’t teach its students to see through the hype. Not to mention the vets and animal experts who discourage home cooking and push the garbage.

            I wasn’t describing my situation, just mentally putting myself in the shoes of the people I described.

  3. Peggy

    And how many dogs and cats and who knows what else will China kill to put in the pet food?

  4. Mary Marseglia

    Unbelievable! Now you’ll have more dogs & cats dying!!!! &/or getting extremely ill!! The best you can do is make your own “complete” raw pet food diet from human-grade or if you can afford, grass-fed pastured herbivore/ungulate animals. Don’t go crazy if you can’t afford pastured grass-fed 🙂 many of us can’t. If you need assistance, contact me directly via FB by becoming a FB friend & PM me, email me at and then you can become member of our new FB group which is teaching people how to make your own complete raw diet(I will recommend a few higher quality grain-free “as low as possible in starches” canned foods to transition, when necessary, or for people who won’t feed complete raw diets), buying the better pre-made complete raw diets(none with veggies/plant matter in them!!!! Small amount of fruit is ok since that is part of our pet ancestors diet but I do not recommend any with veggies especially a lot of veggies 🙂 ) and it will be teaching people about the problems of vaccines, especially over vaccinations; dangers of the chemical toxic poisons of Heart Worm pills; chemical flea tick & mosquito products. The dangers of early spay/neuter as well.

    1. Pat P.

      Just curious re your mention of a chemical flea product. Do you (or anyone else) recommend one for cats that already have fleas–with some evidence of satisfaction, effectiveness and safety?

      I don’t use FB, otherwise I would join you. I am chronically-ill, without family and am limited in my ability to care for myself and my, now, only cat, Teka, (I just lost my beloved 20 yr old BF male cat, Troy, who was, also, chronically-ill for a long time, and am devastated). She won’t eat raw (although my BF ate Radcat raw, for a while) and, in fact, won’t eat anything other than one brand of horrible FF canned food. I really want to change her diet and have been trying to for a long long time, to a healthy one! Most good commercial raw cat food, that I am aware of, has carbohydrates in it, and I have no problem with a small amount–there just aren’t a lot of choices and so many reasons to eliminate brands. I would be interested in what you recommend and why. Are you a pet nutritionist? Where are you finding your selections?

      I thought the U.S. was supposed to begin sending chickens over to China for processing, who will afterwards return them to us in some form, incorporated in some product. How stupid! What a waste of money, etc.! In that event, there is no way to tell where the meat originates–even our own! I am a vegetarian (and wouldn’t eat factory-farm meat, if I wasn’t) , so I’ll be okay, but I worry about Teka, every time I open a can of the sickening cat “feed”!

      I keep thinking the pet food situation can’t get worse, but it does. If the TPP is ratified, a lot of things will get MUCH WORSE!

      1. Dianne & pets

        These trade deals are mind boggling. The only people who want them seem to corporations, politicians and people who think it will benefit them and don’t think of the implications. When so many “powerless” people in all the countries involved don’t want it and I am pretty sure outnumber the people who want it, they should go to a referendum. It is the only way that the government can really consult with all the people.

  5. mark

    If we tax the Chinese 50% on every item they send over here, we wouldn’t have much to worry about….damn freaking trade agreements…..

  6. Dianne & pets

    The TPP hasn’t been ratified yet. But China isn’t even a part of it yet. Something has to give it away. What about the lot and batch codes? Could we build a library of codes so we can match them up to location of manufacturer. I image even if they can get away with not disclosing that the food comes from China there has to be some kind of identifying number. When will we reach a tipping point such that North Americans are no longer buying their products because there are no jobs here? There will be no welfare because there is no one to pay taxes. I guess it is time for third world countries to become first world and the first world countries to become third world. I simply don’t see any other logical consequence of the way these corporations are acting. Has anyone noticed the new Purina ads?

    1. Marie

      Yes! I saw a Purina ad just last night. “Your pets are our passion” my ass! Made me want to hurl.

      1. Debi Cohen

        How about the add that says “Purina lends at least 3 years to the average dog’s life” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Debbie D

        wheres the LIKE button to your comment. LOL Purina is the Devils food. KILLERS!

  7. Pet Owners Beware!

    […] As if ingredients from China killing and harming pets in 2007-08 wasn't bad enough, now they will allow pet feed completely made in China to come to your shelves. Look for USA companies to outsource their product, so the label will look the same, unless you search the fine print, EACH AND EVERY TIME you buy.Pet Food Consumer Alert – Truth about Pet Food […]

  8. Carol Halbert

    It is very important for you to become one of those ‘LABEL READERS’…not just for your loved pets, but for the food you buy for yourself!!!

    1. Diana

      Carol Halbert , You are so very right.

  9. Anthony Hepton

    Don’t by complacent and think that just because it is made in the USA it is going to be a safe product, Purina and others are still using ingredients that are in clear violation of FDA regulations and animals are still dying from these foods.

    1. Dianne & pets

      To be fair, if you read the petitions, there are a lot of Chinese against the whole thing. The petitions we sign, help support them in their efforts to get the festival banned. Interesting thing, some of the participants contracted and died from rabies after eating the meat.

      1. Batzion

        “… a simple government checkpoint could prevent these dogs from being tortured and killed.” If the Chinese government doesn’t care about their own people and animals, they won’t care about ours.

        There are years of petitions against this “festival” with no results. The biggest one currently is: As you can see, there are almost 2,300,000 signatures. Feel free to sign.

        I do feel for the people in China who want this stopped.

        1. Terri Janson

          I have signed this petition 2 times now. It is horrific!

        2. Dianne & pets

          Well that’s the thing, the Chinese government could do many things, but it needs to know that enough people care that they should change. I believe they already distanced themselves by not supporting the festival in any active form and they might have forbidden their employees to attend. Animal activists in China have stopped trucks and rescued dogs, but they do not have government backing to do this. So yes, very small gains have been made, but they need more. I signed all the petitions I could. Sometimes I forget that not all the Chinese people like what their government or certain segments of their population are doing. they are just like us in that way. We don’t like what the government. corporations and regulatory bodies are doing. It is still an uphill battle to get changes made here, even in our free democratic societies. But I have strayed off topic.

          1. Poodle Parent

            No, I don’t think you’ve strayed off topic. We’re talking about a culture, questionable manufacturing principles, and unethical behavior. The government isn’t promoting a “festival” of dog torture. People are. The same people who want to make a buck off of anything. Yes, we all indulge in Agri-business, and we’re not strict vegetarians. But livestock management is purposeful and designated. But using a convenient source of domesticated “pet” protein is insanity! Yes, it is good for us to post our views and comments, even on this site, so Chinese manufacturing gets the point. We will avoid it at all costs! And Social Media can be very powerful!!

            As to labeling, I think we won’t have to worry that much. Because the existing companies who can vouch for their Made in the USA products will be more than proud to designate that slogan on their packaging. Also the Pledge to Quality and Origin is available. For newer Readers, the Petsumer Report has a lot of information as well.

  10. Valerie

    Over my freaking dead body would I ever buy one of these “made in the pit of hell” dog foods. But I check food very carefully and feed mostly raw. I’m worried about the dogs whose people are clueless.

  11. Jane anderson

    Thanks for the heads up please keep us posted. Even if by some miracle anything from China checks OK now that will not be the same in the future. China has a horrible ugly reputation of starting out making products good and then they start compromising quality to make more profit. This has happened over and over and over again with anything they make. Pet owners have to be aware they have to be vigilant. The very lives of our little friends depends on it. May God help us all

    1. Batzion

      Amen Jane.

  12. Susan Thixton Author

    Strangely enough – found this in my SPAM folder today…
    Dear Sir/Madam

    My name is Shawn from Hebei ShouEn Trade Co.Ltd in China. We are a manufacturing company in the dry pet food industry.
    All our products are made from natural ingredients, they are safe and healthy for cats and dogs.
    All ingredients are available by request

    Adult dog pellets start at US $1061 / MT FOB China
    Protein: Min 24%
    Fat: Min 5%
    Fiber: Max 9%
    Ash: Max 10%
    Moisture content: Max 10%

    Puppy pellets start at US $1143 / MT FOB China
    Protein: Min 28%
    Fat: Min 8%
    Fiber: Max 9%
    Ash: Max 10%
    Moisture content: Max 10%

    Cat pellets start at US $1143 / MT FOB China
    Protein: Min 26%
    Fat: Min 9%
    Fiber: Max 9%
    Ash: Max 10%
    Moisture content: Max 10%

    If you are interested to learn more about our products, please contact me and I will forward you a Catalogue with our complete range and pricing.

    Yours sincerely,

    Hebei ShouEn Trade Co.Ltd

    1. Dianne & pets

      Oh by all means, take them up on their offer of a catalogue, before they figure out who you are.

      1. Dianna

        Yep. Hide that cape of yours, Susan!

        This is such bad news all the way around. No one will be held accountable, no way to track anything. These “globalists” make me sick – literally.

    2. Dianne & pets

      Oh, and I googled the company. They only started this year.

    3. Pacific Sun

      Dear Mr. Shaw,

      Here is the official AAFCO definition for “natural” as the term relates to pet food: NATURAL – A feed or ingredient derived SOLEY from plant, animal or mined sources, either in its unprocessed state or having been subjected to physical processing, heat processing, rendering, purification extraction, hydrolysis, enzymolysis or fermentation, but NOT having been produced by or subject to a chemically synthetic process and NOT containing ANY additives or processing aids that are chemically synthetic except in amounts as might occur unavoidably in good manufacturing practices.

      If the Hebel ShouEn Trade Company (and I assume they’re still monitoring this site) can really claim “natural” good quality, then they should be able to showcase all ingredient resourcing, production practices, manufacturing facilities, staffing, nutritional analysts, testing, and on-going quality control! (Yes, Mr. Shawm, we’re an educated group. Fancy brochures won’t be enough!) And right now, we’re particularly focused on whether 4-D protein is included in rendering.

      We invite your Company to complete the TAPF “Pledge to Quality and Origin.”

  13. Sandra

    This is incredibly disturbing news. I just read an article in Forbes about the worst of the drug-resistant bacteria showing up in a patient in the United States, then followed a link to a 2015 article about how the Chinese are the biggest users of the most last-ditch of any antibiotic available – colistin – in their agriculture “industry.” When are U.S. regulators going to wake up and stop this river of contaminated human and animal foods from China? I think it all goes back to the horrible treatment of animals in industrialized agriculture on the one hand, and from primitive, uninformed farming practices on the other. They’ve got a lot in common. Deepest thanks, Susan, for the alert.

    1. Dianne & pets

      I just looked it up. Says that it is hard on kidneys I wonder If anyone checked for its presence in jerky treats.


    What is safe anymore?

    All marketing sucks, as do American manufactures who can’t be trusted.

    The only answer seems to be to not have a domesticated dog or cat as a pet.

    Opinions are like you know what. Everyone has one.

    Is a goldfish safe?
    Are parakeets safe? No. Birds are born to fly as wildlife throughout the world.

    No because why should a fish live in a bowl rather than a body of water called a lake.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Chuck –
      It wasn’t my goal to cause fear in consumers – so much that anyone would ever consider not having a pet. The goal is awareness of the tricks of pet food in order to protect our pets.

      Just how there are good farmers that don’t factory farm animals or don’t pollute the ground or food with glyphosate – there are good pet food companies that do the right thing. Education helps pet owners learn how to find those good companies. That’s the goal – teaching folks to be aware and know the tricks.

  15. Terri Janson

    I feed 3/4 homemade but set out kibble for a back up. I am feeding Orijen. Does this mean I will need to check the label on each bag for “Made in China” as well? This is just awful. How far are they going to push up? 🙁

    1. Terri Janson

      Opps…supposed to say How far are they going to push US!

  16. barb w

    The big companies buy up the small organic food companies in the States and Canada. You don’t know
    any more who owns the small company labels. You’d need to study the stock market and the business section
    of all the large newspapers to know. Once the big companies have purchased an organic companies’ products
    or a product that satisfies either pet or humans’ nutritional needs, the large company changes the formula to
    make it cheaper.

  17. Amy

    They might as well label the cans “Dog” considering that pets to us is food to them, no? No idea what’s going on but consumer ignorance is really annoying. So sick of repeating myself to family/friends but luckily my mum listened and her cats are onto the good (well, better) stuff. Really sick of how impotent the US (and Europe) is on this matter. Makes you wonder what they sweep under the carpet where human food is concerned, too.

    The only reason I ever looked into pet food ingredients was after a backlash in my home country (UK) when horse meat was found instead of beef in certain foods. Don’t know how the industry gets away with all this — it all sounds more like maffia than business, to me. FDA has no conviction and unfortunately most big hats care little for our health let alone our companions. You want to make profit you have to make cutbacks and I suppose some of the profit goes to the FDA or someone who turns a blind eye. Soulless.

    1. Dianne & pets

      Sadly, food fraud has become an organized crime enterprise. Look up olive oil. Believe it or not, sand is also a target. It seems that it is an ingredient used in pavement, concrete and cement. There is an awful lot of building and we are actually using sand faster than it can be replaced. At the moment I can’t remember the name of the city in North Africa but they used beach sand and did not treat it first. One of these days, all their buildings will collapse. I recently learned that we are causing considerable environmental damage using microfiber fabric and all those face scrubs and the like that are using those tiny little beads.

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