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Next AAFCO Meeting

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  1. Cannoliamo

    Maybe get AAFCO to modify and add the “approval” criteria for labels. Instead of simply “complete and balanced,” add a) none of the ingredients in this food have been associated with an increased risk of chronic disease or specific organ failure in the pets / animals for which it is formulated, b) there have been no recalls on record for this food or foods containing these ingredients from this manufacturer, c) pets / animals eating this food / these ingredients have no increased risk of known food allergies resulting from digestive disorders, intestinal inflammation or dysbiosis-related illness, d) although not necessarily meeting nutritional requirements, this food is perfectly safe for human consumption.

  2. Cindy

    Will we be able to listen to the “human grade” meeting? I’ve been concerned that it will be the next thing they ruin.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Yes – that is during the Pet Food meeting, the agenda for the Pet Food Committee session (linked above) has the information to listen. Starts at 3 PM ET

  3. Dianne & Pets

    They should be wary of changing the name of ingredients, when consumers realize what happened they will be wondering what else is being hidden.. Also, when they all stress the importance of gradual changing food, they will either have to give warning or admit the ingredients are actually the same. Let’s not forget when Royal Canin changed their sensitive stomache formula from chicken to pork with no advance notice. A lot of dogs started throwing up.

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