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Day 1 AAFCO July 2018

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  1. Marshall Boprey

    Thank you, Susan, for keeping us informed in the unique way that you do!

  2. Vicki Pearce

    They are letting you attend this year? Go get ’em.

  3. Bob Milnover

    So what are these people’s full names? Where do they live? Can’t they be picketed? Are there no wannabe coming up through the ranks investigative journalists in the national papers who would like to make a name by looking into this “fake” organization and those who empower them or don’t enforce their own government regulations?

  4. Hope

    Geesuz Susan, how do you control your anger and frustration while you are sitting there observing and listening to these bloated corporate money grubbers who don’t give a damn for animals whatsoever beyond profit? Thank you!

  5. Anthony Hepton.

    Susan, You are a brave lady to stand among a group of feed producers who continually push their own agenda with little of no concern about the welfare of our pets.We, the pet owners, are the consumers. We make the choices and we have the responsibility of doing the best we possibly can for our pets. The manufacturers continue to reduce our options with buyouts and mergers and their ultimate objective is that we all buy from PURINA. We must not let this happen and you have our continued support.

  6. Julie

    Go get’um, Susan. Glad you’re there!!

  7. Diane Timmons

    Bless you, Susan, and all you do for our precious pets.

  8. Karrie Kamke

    My cats and I send you our wholehearted thanks!

  9. So sad -we need to clone you and have you storm the gates of pet food hell, please be safe out there. we love you and all that you do. When i tell dog owners about you-i get teary eyed. You are such a brave and good woman.

  10. Patty Hoffman

    Thank you for staying passionate and pressing on. Just know your advocacy is appreciated. I’m noticing awareness, rather than blind trust, is getting some traction among the younger pet owners especially.

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