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Needed: Golden Retriever Puppy

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  1. Nina Wolf

    I’ve put the word out…hope we can help.

  2. ChicagoDenise

    Petfinder is the way to go! Thousands of dogs in need of a home. Lots of Goldens & Golden mixes available on Most dogs from the rescue groups are fixed and u.t.d. on all shots.

  3. Susan McFadden

    GGRAND in Louisville, KY is a great Golden rescue, they are on Facebook. Good luck! Goldens are the best!

  4. Ellie

    I understand wanting to help a dog that needs a home but I hope they will be very careful. After what they have gone through they don’t want to get a dog that may have genetic issues like hip dysplasia. They have suffered enough and don’t need to see a dog that they love suffer through such a thing. A Golden Retriever rescue group that is really reputable may be the best bet. A good rescue would have the puppy or dog checked out before placing the dog. But always make sure ahead of time. I hope they find the perfect pet to help heal the wounds of the past.

  5. Marsha

    We have a Golden rescue here but I live in Florida. So I would not be much help at this time. Best of luck, praying for the familyl

    1. Ellie

      I know there are some kind people who set up transports for dogs that have been rescued. Don’t know if they work in NYS though.

    2. jennifer

      If you have the golden; can people not get together to get it from florida to where was it NY? I’m in montana and grew up in NY. NY to Florida and visa versa if not a long trip if people would be willing to do different legs of the trip. We do that in MT all the time with rescues. I think you would be surprised! Like I said people, she has the Golden; please help here get it to them. Ellie sounds like you might be the gal to get the ball rolling 🙂 Golden mom of two, Jennifer Good Luck 🙂 all the best!

      1. jennifer

        I’m having a hard time believing that with Susan’s GREAT site, that we are the only people that have commented! There are lots of great ideas thrown out there; hopefully someone will come up with something…… many dogs, Goldens, in need of homes; it breaks my heart 🙁

  6. vicki

    I’m just wondering if this family would be willing or able to travel to adopt a Golden from other area Rescue’s?

    I ask because here in Detroit area MI our local DDR(Detroit Dog Rescue) specializes mostly in bully breeds, but often do take in other breeds as needed. I’m most fond of GS – and have found them with several needing homes, as well as husky’s lab’s and Golden’s.

    So, if you can, let us know if travel is an option for this dear family. We all want the best for them and their new fur baby!

  7. April

    This page has lots of groups that rescue Goldens in NY. When one pup is placed that creates space to rescue another.

    This link is from the website called: founded by Jeff Gold who also rescues dogs.

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