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If People Food was like Pet Food

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  1. Nina Wolf

    You kill me. Your sense of humor just slays me. The funniest part is: IT IS ALL TRUE!

  2. Brenda

    Just a matter of time. It will happen and people will not be allowed to have gardens on their property. No more tomato plants on their decks, unless inspected by authorities.

    1. Dianne

      There was a time in Britain when people were not allowed to have small gardens for their own use. If we end up in the world Monsanto envisions, I can honestly see that happening again.

  3. lili

    If people food were like pet food, Big Food would be allowed to put hyper-processed chronic disease-causing ingredients into food, as long as it was cooked to death. Indeed, this food would be deemed “superior” to fresh food. I’m afraid this is already the case for people food. As long as we continue to feed ourselves the processed crap that Big Food markets to us, then our pets will get the waste products of our nutrient-poor food chain.

  4. Kathryn S

    Actually, I’m not so sure how far away this is from the truth — what with Monsanto and GMO fish, vegs and fruits contaminating our crops and soils and killing our bees — there are lots of fruits and veggies that absorb incredible amounts of pesticides and chemical contaminants from the soil, air and water – not to mention that these products are fed to animals that subsequently end up on our tables.

  5. Lori S.

    Sadly, human food used to be exactly like this. Milk and meat used to be adulterated, diluted with other things, spoiled. There were no truth in labeling or advertising laws. That is precisely why the FDA and USDA were created. Not to mention the FCC and even OSHA, as food manufacturing was highly dangerous. The problem is that pet food has not kept up, and that is what we are fighting for.

  6. Sherrie Ashenbremer

    All this is really scary

  7. Sage

    Agree with NINI – very funny article!

    SOME human foods may already be in the FEED category!

    Always thought Hot Dog ingredients were dubious… then saw this USA Today article: Human DNA FOUND IN HOT DOGS! s

    Gotta wonder what’s in hot dogs when HEBREW NATIONAL Brand (owned by conglomerate Con-Agra Foods by the way) boasts on the front of the package: No artificial Flavors, No Artificial Colors, No Fillers and NO BY-PRODUCTS – NO By-Products??

    If this label is honest and correct, which brands DO contain By-Products? Hmmmm

    1. Sage

      Typo – Agree with NINA !

  8. Paula

    Human food not in the outer aisles of the store is pretty bad – all sorts of processed crap. Much of our meat and fish is questionable if purchased from a grocery store. Chemicals are still on our produce unless we buy organic. In the summer 90% of my food is from a CSA share at a local organic farm. The rest of the year the pups probably eat healthier than I do – Orijen freeze dried, Orijen dry and Fromm grain free. Treats of equal quality – and CSA goodies in the summer. Until people fully embrace healthy people food guessing we face a huge uphill battle for the pooches.

    Thank you for your efforts!!!!

  9. barbara m.

    Brilliant post, and a good laugh. To Sage: News flash – Hot dogs are byproducts with 10+ nasty additives AND the FDA permits certain levels of “natural contaminants”: 200 or so bug fragments, fifteen fly eggs, a maggot, one hundred itsy bitsy bug bits and a rodent hair. Thanks, FDA, for keeping our people foods safe.

    1. Sage

      Ha Ha – definitely FEED not Food!

  10. Teresa Johnson

    In response to Lori S. When you think about the hidden ingredients in today’s foods (thanks largely to corporations like Monsanto) it seems we are headed, or maybe already reached, full circle.
    As I began to read this article my mind just yelled “Soilent Green! Soilent Green!” Very scary stuff indeed.
    Thanks for the work, and the humor Susan.

  11. Anthony Hepton

    Susan, The sorry part of this story is that while human food may be trending in the direction of pet food, pet food is already there and there is no concern on the part of the regulatory authorities, or the manufacturers, or the research institutions, or the press who are scared they might loose out on advertising dollars. Our legislators who oversee the regulators have bigger fish to fry, so it is left to us, who have social media available to us, to spread the word about the corruption that surrounds us so we can cut into the obscene profits of the Purina’s of the world.
    We may need another round of legal intervention if the class action suit against Purina continues to drag on with no effective date in sight.

  12. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

    Yep! You got it that right Susan!

    “It is easier to fool someone, than to convince them that they have been fooled”
    (which is a sad state of affairs!)

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