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How the ‘System’ Works Against Pet Food Consumers

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  1. Cynthia J

    Don’t forget…..MARS now also owns VCA, another large chain of veterinary hospitals across the country, who also has their own proprietary medical lab as well.

  2. b

    I watched a recent documentary on line called The Truth About Pet Cancer. OMG it was an eye-opener, and addressed many of the things you mentioned in the article above.

  3. Becky Rao

    Sorry, hit the wrong button: I watched the recent documentary on line called The Truth About Pet Cancer. OMG it was an eye-opener. It addressed many of the things you mentioned in your article; plus had testimony from mostly Holistic Veterinarians.

  4. paponypal

    It’s so overwhelming, I don’t know how you can sort through it all. but the circles explain how deep they’re all intertwined. And changing things will be an uphill battle. But you already know that. I applaud your persistence.

  5. Amy

    It’s dizzying how interrelated it all is. And scary. Big brother is here. Thank you for putting this together!

  6. Jan

    Susan, you do an extraordinary job! Thank you for your hard work! It is deeply appreciated.

  7. Linda Horn

    Great concise explanation of the entire sorry sordid pet feed system! I have several cat owner friends who practically worship I had no idea Chewy was owned by Petsmart! I’ll be sure to let them know, and point them at this article.

  8. Jessie Frederiksen

    Susan, and to all that reads this,
    Jordan Maxwell said “The world doesn’t work the way we think it works.)
    I’ve been doing research into the inner workings of our government, laws, corporate industries including the medical field,pet food industry etc etc. there is a darker force at work here a deception so vast that nobody would believe it even if it was revealed to the public. We have been so programmed with useless disinformation that people believe Things that were once good are now bad. The powers that be have got theirs fingers in every piece of the pie and it’s disgusting.
    As I continue to delve deeper into this world we think we live in, I have to say with all honesty…
    The world doesn’t work they way we think it works.
    And if the people of this world don’t wake up sooner rather than later we’ll we are going to be in more trouble than we think.
    For the sake of our pets and everything good that is still left in this world I hope that more people with the passion, determination, will come forward like you have Susan, things can get better.
    Thank you again for all that you do to get the message out.

    Thank you

  9. Pet Owner

    Hard to believe that this much convolution is required to turn garbage into pet food.

  10. Peter

    The relationship between the manufacturer and consumer is an adversarial one, abetted by our own government, and with AAFCO as a bridge to “Provide a level playing field of orderly commerce for the animal feed industry.”

    And what else can the consumer thus expect, when a company like Mars Inc. holds a patent (US 7,575,771 B2) for a procedure to process offal (dictionary definition: “garbage/refuse/rubbish” and: “waste or by-product”) into pet food.

    Remember that when consumers found stiff plastic shards (“wires”) in Pedigree (10.9% of the market!) Mars closed out the controversy in its statement that “… natural fibers from meat and bone meal, like pig hair… is completely safe for your dog to enjoy.”

    As if “Meat and bone meal” (so-called because it is from un-named animals) was something better than among the lowest quality ingredients that can be in a dog food.

    Mars may define ingredient sourcing different than many consumers would expect—or, that federal law defines—declaring that dogs should actually PREFER “garbage”: “By-products are the clean, internal organs, including liver, lungs, intestine, etc. In fact, when eating in the wild, dogs naturally gravitate toward the internal organs as their first choice of food. One reason may be because organ meats are a more highly concentrated source of essential nutrients, as compared to muscle tissues (meat), thus providing more nutrition to the dog.” Mars also carefully describes “artificial preservatives” as “essential” and that “filler (ingredients)” are appropriate because they have a “specific purpose” in their products.

    So “by-products” are “clean” and “filler(s)” are good as long as they have a “purpose,” which Mars decides upon, not the consumer. A “purpose” that satisfies “Least Cost Mix” protocols is OK, then…

  11. T Allen

    Another fantastic piece of work Susan! This will help getting the word out for sure!

  12. Dawn McLaughlin

    Thank for your work in putting this in a tangible form. It is difficult to understand how this all works but your article helps immensely.
    What is really scary is the fact that our modern medical system for people works the same exact way! We are so misled and manipulated so a few at the top may benefit with profit and power.
    There were a few surprises in your charts for me. I do use because I live in a very rural area and my choices are very limited. 9-Lives is not on this list anywhere but when I looked at the tiny print on the can label it said “distributed by Big Heart Brands!” 🙁
    I have used this for several years to feed barn cats. It is shocking how corrupt the system is when you can see it laid out like you did for us readers.
    It is an uphill battle for sure. I don’t think I know hardly anyone who cares about any of this OR feeds their pets species appropriate diets. It is usually an issue of cost and convenience. I do try to talk to anyone who will listen. I actually feed raw diets (cats/dog) other than what I supplement with the 9-LIves.
    I watched TTAC’s docu-series on pet cancer as well. Awesome series chock full of information that every pet owner should know.

  13. Linda Kelly

    Thank you Susan for your exceptional research on the depth of corruption and the relationships of each entity that was identified in your charts. It is truly overwhelming regarding the extent of commingling of corporations, government and veterinarians and the lack of regulations to prevent this from occurring in the first place. Hopefully the public will become educated and have higher expectations and stop the “collusion” of corporations and the government.

  14. Lisa Marie

    The tentacles of big pet feed … thank you so much Susan for all you do, this is highly informative, I am paasing it along to every pet parent I know.

  15. Jen

    Just to clarify the parent companies…
    Nestle was acquired by Ferraro 01/2018 so Purina is now owned by Ferraro, still a candy company though.
    Hill’s Science Diet is owned by Colgate-Palmolive.
    Mars Petcare is a subsidiary of Mars Inc,, the candy comoany.

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