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Hired Pet Food Promotion

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  1. Mollie Morrissette

    I have always had a real problem with this. If a pet food reporter wants to remain credible, unbiased and trustworthy they cannot ever align themselves with any segment of the commercial pet food industry. As tempting as it may be, to remain unassailable they cannot ever accept compensation from a pet food company. Which is not to say there are not good pet food companies worthy of endorsements, albeit only a small handful, but the risks would be too great and anyone who did so would be starting down a slippery slope:

  2. Ann

    I have read a number of bloggers who claim to feed their pet the recalled China chicken jerky treats and to criticize those of us who blog against feeding it. I have always suspected that they are one of two things; either a paid promoter by the pet food industry OR
    just plain stupid. I don’t know which of the two categories is worse.

  3. Tammy Baugh

    I outgrew Soap Opreas once I hit about 23 years old, I could see that only in Holly Wood would anyone say and do such things! What a complete waste of my time! I was wasting my time watching others pretend to live, only it was all fake, much like the bloggers you are mentioning! So now if it isn’t factual or actually educational I won’t waste my time with it. After all who wants to be fed a pack of lies?

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